IMPORTANT NOTICE: for years I've been receiving reviews and PM's to continue updating this story and maybe I have given an answer simply because" I don't have the motivation to continue writing it" the truth is I've been wondering why I was feeling that way. Until recently after almost 3 years since I haven't updated this story. First of all I am truly grateful and happy that so many people have like this story hell over 1K of reviews it's the one story to received so many also so many favorites and follows and C2's communities. It brings me joy to my heart that so many loves this angsty very dramatic story, at least in the beginning. Now I know what you're thinking" Hey Graven if you're feeling that way why the fuck don't you update this story?" and my answer will be the following.

I lost motivation to continue writing it and the reason for it, because of the fandom and this shipping war that has been going on for YEARS. I am SICK of this pairing wars between NS, NH and SS. I am a NS fan but enough is enough this war has become so stupid, childish and just plain immature that its only giving me the impression that it's been cause by pure retards with the IQ less that 10. I lost interest with the lengths they are willing to go for and the best example of this is the latest manga chapter (630). NH and SS fans were angry and were panicking because Sakura was finally getting some screen time after a long time since we last her. She gives an encouraging speech which reflects" perfectly" on Naruto's words but some fans ignore that she was there and other grew angry saying the usual bullcrap" she's a bitch, she's weak yatta yatta blah blah". But if it was Hinata who's speech in 615 WASN'T original in the slightest because all she said is EXACTLY what Itachi told Naruto, and Neji repeated, then she repeats for the third time and EVEN Kurama gave him a pep talk that same thing that killed his parents was actually trying to cheer him up.

Now Minato arrives in the battlefield and they are growing to desperate. Wanting for Hinata to go to him so he notices her and I know exactly what they're thinking" Minato approves NH" WHY they want the Mina/Kushi pairing to be a parallel of Naru/Hina again why? Maybe because they know the truth that the pairing is the perfect parallel of Naru/Saku. They used to believe Mina/Kushi was no parallel of Naru/Saku and still to this day they believe that Kushina meant the" weird one" is Sakura instead of the girl Naruto called" weird" when he introduced her at the chunin exams. Another thing they believe Sakura wasn't the same as Kushina but it's Hinata and when they didn't believe it they went saying Hinata is exactly as Minato all I have to say is EPIC FAIL. Another thing that has me to a boiling point is the strong hatred for Sakura I am sick of it there are fans who wants her to die. There are still fans who to this very day STILL believes that when Sasuke arrives at the battlefield she's going to abandon Naruto and ran to the Uchiha's arms. Fans this BLIND are completely ignoring and disregarding Sakura's character development since part 1 they still see her as a fan girl. When it has already been proven she has become a very loyal comrade, friend and a close person to Naruto who she trusts more than Sasuke, that is a fact shown by her development in the manga.

Now I don't hate Hinata I am happy she was finally getting some development and acting like the true leader of the Hyuuga clan. This is why I believe this will be her ending to her character. She will be ruling over her clan and she will be the one to change it for the better as she was inspired by Naruto. Her happy ending doesn't have to include her getting together with him but about having some confidence and faith in yourself. I know she will be the one to get rid of the bird cage seal the same thing which it was a curse to Neji and his father as well to the branch members. She will do it to honor his memory I also think she will be the one to end the hatred between branch and main branch members. She will unite the clan into one. I can see all the hate PM I'm going to be receiving because I said this I just imagine rabid NH fans will say" bullcrap she has to end up with Naruto because I don't want her to be with that bitch Sakura or Suckura" that's how they call her which I think really immature to be calling a fictional character names in fact having so much hatred for a non-existent character its truly the lowest of been immature. Hell Kishimoto himself wrote the story and directed the Road to Ninja movie which is basically is a Naru/Saku movie why he couldn't make it a NH and SS movie? It's true it may not be canon with the manga story but it has "author's intent" in which this is exactly what he wants with the Naru/Saku bonding the bonding with Naruto and his parents etc.

Point is I am NOT writing another Naruto story ever again unless it's a crossover that's it. If you have notice I've been writing more Naruto/crossover stories than regular stories. I am very sad and angry at the same time. I love writing fan fiction but I love writing Naruto fan fiction even more because I love Naruto and the manga not the anime (it sucks big time Pierot are a bunch of Hinata fan boys giving her healing abilities WTF reallly?). I am getting emotional as I write this because I really love this story "Am I worthy to love you" I actually enjoy so much writing the story of Naruto having his own team of kunoichi why they will grow close together as they fight for what is right (keep in mind I'm a NS fan, I was willing to write Naru/Ino and Naru/Hina too) I didn't saw a problem this story was perfect to blend these pairings in. I am sorry I can't continue this when I had so many ideas and before I could even write the lemons and even the foursome I just can't write about this anymore when there's a stupid war of pairings that has gone overboard and they are taking their hatred on a fictional character in which Kishi has claimed he's fond of Sakura and an original character he created. So when you say you hate Sakura you're basically saying you hate Kishimoto too. When you wish you want her dead it's like you're saying you want Kishimoto dead too.

That's all I have to say and shedding tears now. This story was the best Naruto story I have ever written and now I can't even write 30 words for it. I am truly sorry to all the fans if you want to blame someone then blame the fandom who has destroy the entire series and turn it into Twilight pairing shit. Will I ever update this story? That seems like never. Thank you for taking your time in reading this.

Gravenimage has walked out of this story putting the hiatus sing in it.