Hey i hope you like this story!!! This story was actually inspired by a dream I had over the summer. Well enjoy all you Harry/Hermione lovers out there! Peace Out O.o


"Harry, are you sure you to leave?" Ron said as he led me inside the London airport. I just sighed and replied, "Ron I have to. There's nothing here for me anymore. I'm sorry, tell everyone I said goodbye okay?"

Ron nodded and replied, "Fine. But, Bulgaria? Really Harry you could have picked a better place to run away to. How about Paris? They have the hottest girls there according to Bill. I heard that they sunbathe topless there, too. You can definitely find something there." I glared at Ron and said,

"For the last time Ron, I'm not running away. I'm just…. I'm just looking for new things, which doesn't mean girls." I sigh. "Okay fine I am looking for someone but that someone isn't in England. And I'm not going to Paris no matter how many hot girls live there and, I really don't think they sunbathe like that Ron. Plus, nothing's wrong with Bulgaria. You just hate it because that's where Viktor Krum is from."

Ron opened his mouth then closed it again realizing what I said right. Ron was one of Krum's biggest fans until he found out that Krum and Hermione were going out in 4th year and had had a snogging session according to Ginny.

I couldn't help but laugh at Ron's reaction and said, "Well, this is goodbye. Tell Hermione I'll miss her. Oh and give her this too eh?" I handed Ron a slip of parchment. Confused, Ron said, "What is it?" I sighed again and replied, "It's my new address. Tell her to write, too. Ron?"

But Ron wasn't paying attention to anything I said. He was looking over my shoulder. He probably was watching some girl he thinks is hot again. He has a habit of doing that especially when his family goes on vacation at some beach. He'll see a random girl he thinks is a "goddess" as he refers them to, starts watching her every move, and zones himself out of the world completely.

It's actually quite amusing to watch him do this. A hurricane could be coming and he wouldn't notice. All of this usually lasts until either his mum slaps him in the face or the girl herself slaps him. He's gotten a fair few of those believe.

Finally he said, "Why don't you tell Hermione yourself?" I looked at Ron and replied, "Huh? What do you mean?" Ron pointed in the direction behind me and said, "I mean she's right there. Why not tell her now."

I turned around and saw two girls; a blond girl and another girl with long, flaming red hair. But, they weren't any random girls either; it was Hermione with Ginny at luggage check- in. Oh god, I thought, what the bloody hell are they doing here?

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