Hello everybody. I'm new to Fallout fanfiction, and I must say, the stories here are awesome! Sorry to anyone if I steal your thunder. I have no idea how this story will play out. I will try to make this story as good as possible, and give more importance to NPCs, put a couple OCs, and put my own little twist in here and there. Here I go anyway...

Deep in the charred ruins of civilization that was Washington D.C., there was a vault, a place of refuge, a new start for a small bit of humanity. And in that vault, lied a vault dweller, known as Jason Lee…

"Well Jason, 92 degrees… you seem fine to me. You're perfectly healthy 16 year old boy. So that means you'll have to take the G.O.A.T. test today."

Jason nodded at his father James.

"Alright Dad. Any thing you should point out about it?"

Well, whatever info I can tell you is pretty much common knowledge. And there really is no right or wrong way to take it. Be sure to take it seriously however. I wouldn't want your mother's ghost haunting me because her son became a garbage burner."

"Hey Dad, can we talk about Mom for a bit…?"

"I suppose so. She… was beautiful. She was a well respected doctor, like myself, and she was very passionate about her work. The only thing she cherished more was you. If only she could see you now. Well, enough of my ranting, go on now. You've got an exam to take!"

"Dad, can you tell me the answers you gave so I can be a doctor?"

James looked a little unsure and uncertain.

"Well… son I think its best to see what you're made for. You might not be fit to be a doctor. Don't get me wrong. You've done your studies very well. Your dedication to medicine is admirable. Besides… I think they might have changed it a bit since I… last took it. Now go on. Make me proud."

Jason proceeded to see Jonas walking in. Jonas was always a good friend. A fellow student in medicine, Jonas has been a family friend since he could remember. Jason quickly said hi before leaving to class. Along the way, he saw a group of people known as Tunnel Snakes harassing Amata, one of Jason's best friends. Jason had nothing against these guys, and sometimes, Jason even hung out with them. But messing with his friend is something Jason doesn't take too lightly.

"Butch what's going on here?" Jason said.

Their leader turned to look at Jason, clearly showing he was annoyed.

"Yo Jas'! What the hell do you want? Shouldn't you be tendin' a rice paddy or something? "

"Leave Amata alone. You answer to me!"

"Whoah tough guy! You her boyfriend or something? Try acting tough again! See what happens…"

"Butch, leave her alone before I kick your ass."

Butch started laughing, and he gestured his fellow Tunnel Snakes to laugh with him.

"C'mon Tunnel Snakes. Let's teach this tough guy a thing or two about ass-kicking!"

"Seriously Butch, three against one? Are you that much of a wuss?"

Wally Mack's intervention caused Butch to snap.

"Come on Butch. You've got balls don't you? You don't need our help. Kick his ass!"

"Quiet Wally, you're not helping!" Amata cried.

Butch immediately swung his fist at Jason, but he quickly dodged it. Butch was very reckless, while Jason was very planned out. He would quickly dodge Butch's punches while Jason countered with his own. Jason knew he was winning. The more Butch missed and got hit, the more agitated he became. The bell rang for class, and Butch finally gave up, as he rallied his Tunnel Snakes around him.

"You got saved by the bell Lee. Come on guys. He ain't worth our time."

Jason looked over to Amata.

"Are you okay? They hurt you?"

"No, but thanks for getting rid of them. Assholes."

Jason and Amata entered the nearby classroom and took their seats. Mr. Brotch, the Vault teacher was getting ready to start class.

"Well now. Since everybody is here, let's get started. Question 1: A frenzied vault scientist goes up to you and says, 'I want to put my quantum harmonizer in your phototonic resonation chamber!' How do you respond?"

As Jason took the G.O.A.T., he started to think at how ridiculous these questions were getting. Especially the last one.

"Hmm… I don't know… I'm stuck between A and C." Jason thought sarcastically.

"Okay class. It's over. The infamous G.O.A.T. Be sure to turn in your papers when you're done. You don't want to know what happens to those who 'fail' the test. Feel free to take the rest of the day off to celebrate… or pray for your future."

After waiting behind the other students, and hearing in on what the other's jobs will be (most amusing of all Butch), Jason finally was next to see what his future occupation would be.

"So Mr. Brotch? What will I be? Pharmacist? Physician? Junior medical officer?"

Brotch was looking uncertain, but tried to remain the slightest bit cheerful.

"Well let's see what it says… Well looks like we have ourselves a new maintenance technician. We've needed one since Old Man Palmer passed on. I'll be sure to send Stanley the notification."

"Wait… Maintenance?" Maintenance!?"

"Well, yes according to the test results. Listen. I know that you've always wanted to be a doctor. Following in Dad's footsteps and all. But you're an intelligent young guy. They might put you in any position and you could make wonders for the vault. Maybe maintenance is the best choice for you."

"Fine… I'll report to Stanley tomorrow."

Jason grudgingly walked away. He met up with Amata along the way.

"What's wrong?"

"I got stuck in Maintenance of all things."

"Oh… that's too bad. Don't worry, I'm sure you might find it interesting. Come on, let's go get some lunch."

Jason walked over with her to the diner.

Three years later…

It was a Saturday morning, and Jason was sleeping, dreaming about the story of his life.

His name was Jason Lee. His parents were Katherine Lee, and James Mathews. Jason bore the name of his mother, due to the fact that his parents never married, and to honor her and carry the family name. From what Jason understands, Katherine suffered extreme stress and pain delivering him, and she died suffering from cardiac arrest. She used to be a skilled scientist, enveloping all her time to her studies, until she was pregnant. At least that's what his father said. Something about James talking about Katherine is a subject that he speaks in a way that seems… doubtful. What does it all mean? It probably doesn't really matter now. Since then, James has had to raise Jason all by himself.

Since he was a kid, Jason had always dreamed of becoming a doctor just like dear old Dad. He dedicated most of his spare time in childhood studying in scientific pursuits. However, following the G.O.A.T. test, Jason's dedication was discouraged… but not stopped. He then for the next three years, worked on machines and computers, as well as doing most of the vault's manual labor for volunteer work. When he wasn't working, he was usually catching up on his studies for medicine. He made his Dad proud, but because him keeping booked schedule most of the time, he sometimes feels isolated from his friends. "My friends…" Jason thought.

Jason had a decent amount of friends. He would spend time with them often, but usually was alone, not because he wasn't sociable; far from it. He was quite the charming guy; but he just keeps himself busy. His best friend needless to say was Amata Almodovar. He and Amata have been best friends since as long as he could remember. Her confident, modest attitude was admirable. Some people wonder if Jason and Amata are in a relationship. Jason knows he doesn't like Amata like that, though his mind has wondered about "what-if" moments. Their bond was brought together by the common misfortune of having not known their mothers, and is almost brother and sister like. Jason is still uncertain if Amata has any true feelings about him.

Next, were the Holden twins. Tom Holden is a great guy who works at the diner as a cook, while his sister Mary is the waitress. Jason is a regular, and often spends a lot of time there when not studying, and enjoys their company. Tom is a real stand-up guy, while Mary is a somewhat soft-spoken, yet sociable young woman. They display classic behavior of sibling rivalry.

Next on Jason's list of friends was Freddie Gomez. Freddie was probably one of the more sociable people from Butch's band of miscreants. He was a good guy, and not half bad; he merely hangs out with the Tunnel Snakes because he likes the approval he gets from them. That, and there's not too many guys his age around. Jason and Freddie are probably associates at best.

Last but certainly not least was Christine… Christine Kendall… Jason's crush since the age of 15. She was a kind young woman, but is often verbally abused by her father. She's recently shown curiosity of what's beyond these concrete walls. She too got stuck in maintenance and the two were forced to work in the same maintenance department. Over time, the two developed a unique friendship. Over time however, Christine found out his true feelings, and kept him at arms length. Its not that she didn't like him, but she merely didn't feel like having the stress of a relationship. Over time, Jason soon realized that it wouldn't work out, so they've stayed just friends.

Jason's mind found itself reflecting on the young man he had become now. Even though he is still a maintenance technician, he found it somewhat interesting. He still wish he were a doctor. Some people say that his eyes show the sparkling kindness and charisma of a doctor, and some say the toughness and wisdom of a Chinese soldier. However, some of the more simple minded people, such as Butch, say Jason's Chinese-ish mustache makes him look like a grizzled samurai. Jason is quite annoyed when people can't tell a difference between Chinese and Japanese. Samurai is Japanese, dumbass!

As his thoughts continued wandering, Jason could sense some outside disturbance waking him…

"Jason! My god, Jason, wake up!"

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