Basically the summary says it all. Jasper and Emmett make a bet that Bella can't get Edward to sleep with her in one month. The family becomes aware of the bet. Major chaos from all sides. At the very end of Eclipse, before Edward says he's ready but after Bella propositions him. And after she agrees to marry him.

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Codename: S

The Bet

Emmett's POV

I leaned against the wall in the useless kitchen, rolling my eyes at nothing. I felt like I was being ripped apart. I had to do something, I was being overwhelmed with the demon which had plagued teenagers and the undead alike for centuries. The evil filling me up at this moment. It's name: boredom. The family was gone. Rosalie was hunting, and I longed for her. The only one left was Jasper, who had hunted the day before. He was in the living room, beating his head against the wall. It had a sizable dent in it now. Even Bella and Edward were gone, as Edward was off hunting and Bella…well, with no Edward, who knew where she was. Probably thinking about Edward. That girl seriously needed some action with her man. If I were Edward, we'd be totally beyond those sad boundaries he'd put up. Knowing Edward, they probably wouldn't do anything until she became a vampire. Sad, sad boy. He had so much to learn. I thought about it for a moment. If they were going to get married in August, then they probably wouldn't do anything until a month or so after they got married. I saw opportunities. Evil opportunities.

"Jasper!" I ran out into the living room. The wall now had a Jasper shaped dent in it and a few cracks. Esme would make him pay for that later.

"What? He groaned. I'd met corpses with more energy.

"Come on, Jazz. Don't be like that." I moved over next to him. "What would you say to a little…wager." I said suggestively. Jasper couldn't resist a good bet.

"Oh? What's the bet?" He asked, his curiosity poorly masked.

"I'll bet you one-hundred dollars that Bella can't get Edward to sleep with her in one month." I said simply. Jasper considered for a moment, then smiled wickedly.

"Fine. But I don't like your stakes. Let's say…loser is the other's slave for one week." He said, completely sure of himself.

"Slave, huh? We'll I could use a slave…"

"Haven't you got Rosalie for that?" He laughed.

"Rosalie doesn't do whatever I want. And ew." I grimaced at the thought of Jasper as my personal love slave.

"You know what I meant."

"I know. Alright, deal. Loser is the winner's personal slave." I held out my hand and we shook firmly.

"Well, then, so if Bella and Edward are both still virgins on this day, June 30, next month, July 30, then I am your slave for one week. Is that correct?" He chuckled.

"Yeah, Jazz!" I laughed at the thought of the trouble we would cause.

"Operation Seduction has commenced." He smiled at the supposedly genius name he'd given the bet. I chuckled.

"Operation S." We shook again, and the games began.

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