Hey everyone I thought it would be interesting to write a story about the couple before the beginning of the show as they have given us snippets of information but not much. The storyline may be slightly AU but I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1 Unexpected encounter

Melinda Gordon sat in Village Java waiting for Andrea to arrive for their coffee date, it was a tradition they had kept since college. Every Friday they would meet at the coffee house and chat about anything and everything that was going on in their lives, but today Andrea was late.

"Can I take your order?" A tall woman asked Melinda.

"Not right now thanks, I'm waiting for someone." Melinda replied politely and smiled.

The waitress nodded and went on to find another customer that she could be of service too leaving Melinda to sit and wonder where her friend was.

After 20 minutes of waiting around Mel decided that she was going to order herself a coffee to go and call Andrea when she arrived home, plus she had a lot of things to sort out since the fire in her building last week.

Mel left Village Java and headed to her Jeep, unfortunately she was so busy searching for her car keys that she didn't notice the unsuspecting man she was about to spill hot coffee all over.

"Oh my God I am so sorry." Mel said as she bumped into the tall man.

"It's no problem, really." He replied, although it burned like hell he was always taught to be polite to women.

When Mel looked up she realised that she recognised the man, it was the extremely good looking fireman who had thrown her slipper at her after the fire in the apartment building. He had also broken her umbrella and taken her for a hot dog. She hadn't expected to bump into him again, especially not like this.

She was about to walk back to her car and die of embarrassment but he seemed to have purposely positioned himself in a place that made it almost impossible for Melinda to walk away.

"Hey its Mel isn't it, I don't know if you remember me from the other day." He said hoping that she would, he definitely hadn't forgotten her.

"Yeah, Jim right? How could I forget you threw my slipper at me and broke my umbrella, all in one night." She replied jokingly.

"Like I told you before I tossed your slipper at you I didn't throw it, and the umbrella thing was an accident." He answered quite seriously.

"Hey I'm only joking I really don't mind, and if I'm honest I think the umbrella was already broken. Anyway I should really be getting home now, still a lot of stuff to sort out and I have to call my friend." Mel said unintentionally giving Jim a flirty look.

"Well you could at least let me buy you another coffee, I did walk into it." He suggested and looked at the stain on his shirt.

"Jim it was my fault, I wasn't looking where I was walking I was in a rush to get home and I swear my car keys and bag conspired against me because I couldn't find them anywhere." She replied rambling slightly. It was something she did when she was nervous, she was a compulsive rambler.

"Hey how about we agree that it was a combined effort of both your missing keys, and my general lack of spatial awareness that caused the spillage. Let me buy you a replacement drink." He asked flashing her his best smile.

Mel was a little apprehensive at first hot guys didn't generally offer to buy her coffee, and on the off chance they might she generally said no. This was because of that little secret that would undoubtedly rear its ugly head and ruin any good thing she had going.

"So what do you say?" Jim prompted pulling Melinda out of her deep thoughts.

"Sure, why not." She replied smiling shyly at the man in front of her.

He did have the most amazing smile and he seemed like a really nice guy, but that wasn't important, he was simply replacing her spilt coffee, that was all. She thought to herself but quickly took her head out of the clouds when she realised that Jim had already started walking toward the entrance to Village Java. Now she had to walk quicker than normal just to catch him up.

"Jim, wait a second you walk really fast." She called after him as the gap between them seemed to enlarge.

"Oh sorry I didn't realise you were so far behind." He replied slowing down enough so that Mel could catch him up.

She has really beautiful eyes and there is just something intriguing about her, what did she mean the other day when she said she'd 'tell me someday'? It's just coffee, it's just coffee. He thought to himself as she made her way over, if only they had been able to read each other's thoughts at that moment, it would have made things just that little bit easier.

Once they reached the shop Jim insisted that ladies should always go first and wouldn't budge until Mel had walked through the door that he was holding open. She was sure that if she had waited in the same position she could have outstayed Jim and achieved victory over the ladies first thing. However she decided that she would have to back down on this one, as she was receiving off putting glares from a man who was also waiting to buy his morning coffee.

"So what are you having then?" Jim enquired.

Melinda gave him a puzzled look, the only reason she was actually in village Java with him was for the replacement coffee, and because he was insanely attractive, but she wasn't going to let him know that she thought that.

"Hello, Mel did you want a coffee or something different?" He asked again, not realising that he had called her Mel instead of Melinda.

Melinda cleared her throat, "Erm could I just have a small coffee." She replied nervously. Not many people called her Mel, it made her kind of nervous coming from him, but she liked it.

"Alright then." He smiled and moved further toward the front of the queue.

Once he reached the front he ordered two drinks, a coffee for Melinda and a hot chocolate for himself.

"That's a woman's drink." Mel teased.

"It is not, besides it's what keeps me sweet." He replied cheekily.

Melinda couldn't help but laugh, something else she liked about him. Not only was he tall dark and handsome, he had a great sense of humour too.

"Jim seriously has that line ever worked for you?" Mel said laughing as she did.

Jim leaned in closer to Mel and lowered his tone slightly.

"I don't know is it working now?" He asked boyishly and yet he was serious enough to let Melinda know that he was definitely interested in her.

"Maybe." Melinda replied with a smile as Jim handed her a container of coffee.

"Oh God I really have to go, I need to call my friend she was supposed to meet me like an hour ago and I haven't heard from her, but here's my number." She smiled and began to scribble down her cell on a napkin.

Jim looked on as Melinda rushed to the door.

"Thanks for the coffee. Call me." She chirped as she left Village Java and headed to her car.

Jim just looked on feeling as though he had been hit by a truck and all the air had been squeezed out of his lungs; she had literally taken his breath away. He picked up his drink and placed the napkin with Melinda's number safely in his inside pocket.

One thing he knew for certain was that he would definitely be giving her a call, he couldn't get her out of his mind.

Meanwhile Melinda was in her flat and had managed to successfully call Andrea; it turned out she had been held up in a really important meeting and left her cell in her office. She hadn't told her friend about Jim yet because she really liked him and she didn't want to jinx anything. All she had to do now was wait for him to call... He was totally going to call, she hoped.


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