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Chapter 16 Road trip.

The next morning Melinda awoke with a whole mix of feelings in her stomach. She was now engaged to the most wonderful man she had ever met which was amazing but there was so much they hadn't done. She hadn't met his mom, which could be problematic if they didn't get on. Then there was Melinda's mother who would almost definitely have something to say about Jim and the speed at which she had gotten engaged to him and then there was the ghost business. Sure Jim knew about the gift but she knew her mother was not going to take any of it lightly. This was not going to go well.

Jim still slept soundly whilst Melinda got herself into a mini panic over meeting the parents, mainly her mother's reaction then Carrie appeared to her.

"I was beginning to think you'd crossed over." Mel whispered when she saw the familiar ghost.

"Not happening until he gets put in prison, he's got another girl, I tried to stop him but I'm dead and throwing objects really doesn't seem to be doing anything." Carrie said seriously.

"Look I can't just go to the police and tell them that a killer is on the loose, he's kidnapped a girl. They'll ask me where I got my information and I can't exactly tell them that my dead friend told me." Mel replied, still speaking quietly so she didn't wake Jim.

"I know and for the moment you don't need to go anywhere near a police station, I know where he's keeping her but It's a long drive. I have an idea though." Carrie said hopefully.

"What?" Mel asked rolling her eyes. This time she forgot to whisper and Jim did stir.

"A road trip, you could get some antiques for your store, there is this guy selling a whole garage of stuff at a good price. You can rescue the girl, call the police and visit your mom too." Carrie exclaimed, she had definitely thought this through and yet Melinda knew in the back of her mind that the whole thing was dangerous.

"A road trip." Mel said aloud as if to confirm the idea in her mind.

Carrie nodded and Jim lifted up his head and gave Melinda a very confused look.

"Mel who- Did you just say road trip?" He asked changing his question half way through knowing she was talking to a ghost.

"Erm yeah I guess I did." She replied giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"So you'll do it?" Carrie asked pleadingly.

Melinda sighed, Jim smiled and Carrie looked at Melinda with puppy dog eyes.

"Jim I think we're going on a road trip, and then you can meet my mother." She said glumly. Carrie disappeared and Mel headed to the laptop to sort everything out for the trip. If they wanted to catch the guy it was going to have to be tomorrow.

"Wait why are we suddenly going on a road trip and what about the store?" Jim asked as Melinda started typing frantically on her laptop and clicking her mouse.

"I'll tell you when we get there and don't worry about the store, call Andrea and get her to cover for a few days I'm sure she won't mind now just give me a moment, I'm about to get us a truck." She replied hoping that the task of calling Andrea would stop him from asking any questions about the road trip, she did not want to tell him about the killer just yet.

Jim opened his mouth to reply but then just shook his head and smiled. He gave Mel a peck on her forehead and went to call Andrea whilst Melinda worked her magic. They were going to have to leave tonight if they wanted to get to the sale by tomorrow afternoon.

"Okay all we have to do now is pick up the truck and then we're all set." Mel said as she clicked one final time and closed the lid of her laptop.

"We're leaving tonight then?" Jim asked a little bewildered by the whole situation.

"Yup, I'm going to pack a few things up can you get directions to the sale, and then we can sort out driving arrangements." She chirped then pecked Jim on the cheek before running up stairs to pack the bags. Jim wasn't really sure what the hell was going on but he did as asked and before they knew it, it was time to go and pick up the truck.

The couple drove in Mel's Jeep to collect the huge removal van and then split up to drive both vehicles back home. They parked the Jeep safely in the driveway and then loaded their things into the back of the van, Melinda kept a small bag in the front with her which was apparently full of surprises for the journey.

Melinda let out a large yawn and Jim took the keys from her almost instantly.

"I'll drive there you get to drive to your mom's since I don't know the way then we'll toss a coin for the last stretch." He said playfully causing Melinda to roll her eyes but she was secretly glad that Jim would be driving first as she was exhausted.

Being the gentleman that he was Jim opened Melinda's door for her and helped her into the van before getting in himself and once they were all buckled up they set off on their first road trip.

The radio was playing quietly in the background as Jim drove on into the night, Melinda wasn't asleep yet and was rifling through the blue bag she had insisted go in the front.

"Mel what are you looking for?" Jim asked, eyes still on the road ahead.

"Just a minute.... aha!" She exclaimed as she pulled out a box of cards.

"Trivia cards, I thought we could play a game since we were stuck driving along a road that doesn't even have enough scenery to play a bad game of I-spy." She joked nervously.

"Okay then how does it work, do you ask me questions randomly or can I pick categories?" Jim asked as he continued to drive along, a smile spread across his face.

"I think I'll just read the cards in order, when It's my turn to drive you can do the same." Mel replied sweetly.

"Alright then Mel, shoot and make sure you keep score so I can bask in the glory of winning." He said smugly.

"Oh really, we'll see about that Clancy." She replied with a huge grin and then proceeded to ask the questions.

A while later and Mel's persistent questioning seemed to deter as her eyelids became heavy and her head began to droop. Jim chuckled to himself when the card that was in her hand fell to the floor and she finally gave in to fatigue, he leaned over and placed a jacket around her shoulders before returning his gaze to the road. They only had a couple more miles to go and they would be at their first stop, a small hotel about a 10 minutes drive from the garage sale. Jim had decided that there was definitely an ulterior motive for this trip, if it was just about antiques there were plenty of other places that they could have gone. He would ask Mel about it in the morning he decided as he pulled the truck into the hotel parking lot and woke up his sleeping beauty.


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