Dr. Robert Chase sat in the conference room at PPTH. He had been there, doing crosswords and chewing his pencils, all morning. They had no case and he had already done his and House's clinic hours.

Cameron was helping in the ER. House was in his office being House and avoiding Cuddy. And Foreman was.. well Chase didn't know where Foreman was.

He sighed as he started on his 5th crossword puzzle. They were getting way too easy,

He looked over at House's office. House was sitting at his desk with his feet propped up. He was playing is PSP. Chase could hear the faint sounds of it it through the glass wall.

He watched House for a few minutes. There was something about House that had always captivated him. He wasn't entirely sure what is was. His sarcasm, his jerkiness, his medical genius. There was something about House that gave him a unique sort of charm that made it so people could stand to be around him. It was that very same charm that had made Chase fall for House. He knew it was pathetic, having a crush on your strait male boss, but he couldn't help it. House was just so...hot.

Chase shakes his head and goes back to his crossword. He only works for a few minutes before he hears a loud repetitive noise. He looks over at House. House is throwing the giant tennis ball at the glass wall over and over.

He rolled his eyes. He could just imagine Cuddy's reaction when he breaks that wall.

Chase smiles at the thought of it.

House notices him looking and mouths "Wombat! Get in here." at him.

Chase rolls his eyes and goes over the door.

He dodges the ball aimed at his head as he asks "What?"

"I'm bored. Entertain me"

Chase rolled his eyes again.

"What exactly do you want me to do?"

House got this wicked smile on his face, almost like the look Chase would have imagined him having if he was about to torture someone. Chase unconsciously backed away.

House slowly got up from his chair and limped towards him.

"Wha-What are you doing?" stammered Chase.

House was silent.

Chase's back hit the wall. House was getting closer and closer until he was almost touching Chase,

"House?" asked Chase cautiously.

"Shut-up, wombat" was all House said before his lips descended on Chase's.

Chase was surprised at first but soon he kissed back. House's hands landed on his hips.

House was the first to pull away. He stood back a bit, as if waiting for Chase's reaction.

Chase took a deep breath before asking "What was that?"

"A kiss" said House with a slightly dimmed down version of his normal sarcastic attitude.

"Why?" Chase prayed that House wasn't messing with him. That seamed like something House would do.

"Because. I've seen the looks you give me when you think I'm not looking. Chase, I know you want me. And..." House trailed off there. He pushed Chase back against the wall and kissed him again, harder than before.

"And what?" asked Chase when House pulled back.

"I think I want you too" mumbled House. It was not the normal confident House Chase was used to seeing.

Chase smiled. He pulled House to him and kissed him hard.

House smiled into the kiss.

"Let's leave early today."

Chase looked at him. "You always leave early"

"You don't. And Cuddy doesn't like it when I fuck my employee's in my office"

Chase laughed as House dragged him out of the hospital by his hand.

This day was turning out better than expected.

AN: Yeah, sorry if it sucks. Or if they're out of character. I was talking about plotting someones murder with a pencil freak and a blind kid while I wrote this. I wasn't entirely focused on writing.