A shiver ran down Kermit's spine as he sat in his cell, looking through the glass window to try and see what was going on in the other cells surrounding his own. Observing his friends from the boarding house, as well as neighbors and strangers, pacing around irritably in their mini-prisons while occasionally shouting out their demands to know what was going on. It was a whole new breed of chaos, one that the frog wasn't sure he'd be able to handle.

He was worried, but even more than that…he was scared.

"Dis is insane, d'ey can't do dis to us!" Rizzo screeched from behind the amphibian, while attempting to scrape a hole in the cement wall at the back of the room. Fozzie simply sighed with worry, while Piggy stared at the back of Kermit's head. It was only a matter of time before the other two did the same, looking toward their natural-born leader for advice.

He glanced back at them, but was unable to deliver the sort of supportive and uplifting speech they had come to expect from him when times got rough. After all, the situation they found themselves in right now was far different from anything they had encountered before. Everything was going to be different after this; and the frog wasn't sure how he was going to handle the outcome…how any of them would.

"I'm sure they'll tell us what's going on soon." Kermit finally said after a few moments, returning his worried gaze back through the window in front of him. Hoping to spot a guard that might be willing to give them a clue about the situation, although he couldn't help doubting it that it would happen.

"D'ese guys? Telling us da truth?" The rat scoffed half-heartedly, too consumed with worry to be as sarcastic and cynical as he was normally capable of. He was beginning to let his panic set in, and quickly re-directed his attention back to the wall he was trying to dig a hole in. "I'd get us out of here before we get any info about what da heck's going on from them!"

The others in the cell watched as he resumed his attempts to chip away at the wall with his teeth, each understood how he was feeling. After all, they were feeling it too.

A couple of hours had passed since the soldiers had stormed the town and taken everyone into custody, bringing them to this facility and putting them into the cells they now occupied; four per room. And not once had any of them been given an explanation as to what was going on, why they were there, what was happening to their friend.

They were being left in the dark, and Kermit hated it.

He wondered how all of his other friends were, and if they were all close together. He wondered how his young nephew was handling the situation, and hoped that the child was in a cell with someone he knew. And then, with increasing worry, he wondered what was going on with Gonzo. Recalling how the alien had looked the last time he had seen him as they were all taken away, sprawled on the floor unconscious.

"I hope he's okay…" The frog whispered, and none of his cell-mates needed to ask about who he was referring to. They all hung their heads with equal worry.

Rizzo sniffed, trying to hide his worried tears as he once again put all his efforts back into his escape attempt. "He's gotta be!"