I'm a huge fan of Geoffrey x Elincia, and think that they should get more attention. So I started toying around with ideas, and this came up. This fic would, I suppose, take place near the beginning of Radiant Dawn, but does not follow the plot line of the game. Special thanks to wolfraven80 for beta-ing this even though it's a mass of angst XD


Back then, he was a young boy with earnest blue eyes.

"I'll be your knight, Elincia. I'll protect you."

Back then, she was a young girl with a ready smile and a trusting heart.

"Of course, Geoffrey. We'll travel the world and see everything and have great adventures!"

She spun around, taking in all the world beyond the confines of the villa with a sweep of her arms.

Back then, they were only children, believing in their fairy tales.


She's not a typical damsel in distress, that much is clear. Still, she is a fair lady that is in dire need of help.

They're not dragons, either. In fact, Geoffrey would rather deal with dragons.

Still, he is a knight in shining armor, and his queen needs him. But his lance and warhorse won't aid either of them in this fight.

This is a fight of subtleties, of painted smiles and speeches flowered with hidden thorns. And while Bastian may thrive on this battleground, Geoffrey feels defenseless here.

That shining armor doesn't stop words.


Now, they're older.

He's grown into a handsome man, but a grim one.

"Your Majesty…"

She does not smile much, now. And when she does, like now, it is filled only with sadness.

"I know, Geoffrey. But what would you have me do? Crimea needs me."

They both look over at the white, frothy sweep of her wedding gown on the dressmaker's dummy.

It is Geoffrey who looks away first.

As a girl, she'd declared that she'd never marry for anything less than true love. As a queen, she'd been forced to leave behind such fanciful notions.

Even if it meant leaving behind her knight.

"Geoffrey…you remember those fairy tales we used to read? You know, all those books that you and I and Lucia pored over?"

He nods.

"If this was one…I would have had it end…"