Skipping Out on Child Support

Fang felt a surge of relief as he glided down to the outstretched branches of a bare, high altitude tree, the battered bark free of leaves. He huddled into the trunk and looked out over the sweeping valleys beneath him, the mountain height making his surroundings clear to him. His eyes searched the sky for the shape of Max or one of the others but nobody approached.

One moment he sat there, cradled against the tree's solid strength, the next he was hurtling to his death below. He jerked to a stop in mid-air and was slowly pulled up by his ankle firmly grasped in a stranger's pale hand.

"Are you an angel?" the stranger asked. Fang stared, dangling from his left ankle, suspended above him by the man who'd captured him. His mind raced, connecting the facts – this guy was not an Eraser. Sure, he looked a little savage, sharp teeth, blood shot eyes, but not really Erasery. No Eraser would be looking at him so ingenuously.

"No… I'm an avian hybrid," he answered, since it was pretty damn obvious he wasn't all human. He tucked his wings in tight against him, "What about you?"


"Sweet," An awkward pause followed, Fang still dangling upside down, the vampire stranger still holding him over the ground, "Uh…" Fang started.

"Sorry; I'm Edward," he said, lowering Fang towards the branch below them. Fang caught hold of the branch and swung himself upright as Edward dropped the ankle he held. "This is my territory, mind my asking what brought you here?"

"Oh, huh… well," Fang bit his lip, "I got my avian-hybrid girlfriend knocked up then slept with my best friend and they're kinda pissed, you know?" he said quickly, looking anxiously over his shoulder into the distance.

"Ah," Edward said. Fang's heart raced, considering whether or not he was quick enough to escape this undead sexy predator, his wings twitched nervously. "I'm in a similar situation myself," he finally said, folding his hands and looking down. "Which is why I'm here, at the ends of my family's range, rather than down there…" he shuddered.

Fang touched the vampire's hand, cold to the touch, "Wow, what a strange coincidence," he said softly, calm now that he didn't fear becoming lunch.

Edward raised his dark amber eyes, "You said you slept with your best friend…?" he trailed off quizzically.

"His name was Iggy… I topped…" Fang shook his head, "I'm not made for a dom, it's not who I am," Fang said emphatically, eyes pleading for this sympathetic stranger to understand.

Edward's hand curled around Fang's, "I understand…" he hesitated, "I top,"

Fang blinked, looking up to meet the taller man's eyes again, having dropped his gaze at some point during his almost-confession. "I didn't tell you my name; it's Fang,"

"Fang," Edward said, rolling the single syllable and drawing it out experimentally. Fang shuddered. "I think, Fang, that this meeting was not so big of a coincidence after all," he pulled his cold hands from Fang's warm ones and laid them against his smooth neck. "This is fated," he whispered and kissed him, long and hard, his slightly prominent fangs bruising against their lips. He lowered his head to Fang's throat, and plunged his fangs through the delicate skin to the racing pulse. He can be mine, forever, and I'll never even have to use a condom, he thought, cursing the inconvenience of women.