Sense Of Contradiction

Chapter One

By. Grapenut01 and Pandora Spocks

My first multi-chapter fan fiction written with another smexy lady, with Amy portraying Mrs. Lovett and Kaylara portraying Mr. Todd. Both of us have collaborated our smut-filled minds in order to write this. Enjoy ^^

It was an average day on Fleet Street and Mr. Todd was enjoying a small glass of gin as Mrs. Lovett cleaned up her pie shop. Occasionally he would look up from the rim of his cup and watch her as she bustled around the kitchen.

She was cleaning the table in front of him when she suddenly knocked his glass over, causing it to fall onto the floor. She gasped and bent over picking up the little shards of glass covering the floor. "So sorry love, didn't mean to disturb ya." Mrs. Lovett said looking up at him from where she was kneeling on the floor.

"S'alright," Mr. Todd grumbled as he lent down to help her, at first annoyed until he was greeted by her massive cleavage.

She smiled at him, "Thanks love." She murmured as she finished picking up the glass. Mrs. Lovett quickly stood up and threw it out, before going back to cleaning in silence.

Mr. Todd sat and tried to overcome the sudden surge of curiosity that shot through his body, what else was concealed beneath the many layers of her dress?

Quickly she finished cleaning and went to leaning against the counter watching him.

He was just sitting there staring into space again. Mrs. Lovett cleared her throat and went and sat in front of him. "Mista T?" she asked. "What are ya thinking 'bout?" she asked as she tilted her head to the side holding it in her hand which was propped up on the table.

Mr. Todd didn't realize that he was staring at her until Mrs. Lovett's voice brought him out of his trance, "Hmm?"

She chuckled lightly. "What is on your mind love?" Mrs. Lovett leaned forward. making sure he focused long enough to answer this time.

"Nothing." He mumbled quietly, shaking his head.

Did he just take a gander at... Mrs. Lovett?! This couldn't be she was his accomplice, he couldn't think of her that way.

She sat on her legs and leaned closer. "Come on love, you can tell me." She whispered, smiling faintly at him.

It was like she sensed what was going through his mind right now. His body was suddenly taking control and he felt himself move closer to her.

Her eyes flickered over him quickly, her heart began beating faster as he came closer to her. Before she knew it he was right in front of her. Softly she closed her eyes and waited for what she hoped would be coming.

"The judge." Mr. Todd said plainly, trying to stop himself from doing what he was just about to do. Mr. Todd knew right then that he had disappointed her, although secretly he was disappointed as well.

Mrs. Lovett opened her eyes and frowned sitting back down in her seat. "Always harpin' on the bloody ol' judge." She spat disappointingly. "We could have a life us two, maybe not like I dreamed, maybe not like you remember, but we could get by." She said softly staring at him with love in her eyes.

The affection he saw burning her eyes only made him want her more, Mr. Todd then stood up and looked at her sadly.

Her head followed him. She sat there waiting for him to say something. Anything.

Her waiting didn't pay off, it just made him stare deeper into her warm brown eyes. Kneeling down beside her he moved the stray curls from her flushed cheeks and stroked her perfect face.

Mrs. Lovett leaned into his touch, sighing softly. She then brought her hand up to his and held it there.

Feeling her hand caress his awoke something deep within Sweeney Todd that he had never acknowledged remained before. Something that has been asleep for so long, need. Need other than revenge.

She continued to stare deeply into his eyes, she could easily lose herself in them. They were a beautiful deep chocolate, almost black. Mrs. Lovett brought her other hand to his cheek and stroked it gently.

Mr. Todd then put her hands down and held them on her lap.

She frowned and looked into his eyes. She was confused by this. What does he want from me? She thought.

His eyes read hers. She was confused, as was he. Sweeney continued to hold her hands down until he began to trace her plump cabernet lips.

Mrs. Lovett parted her lips softly and sighed. She almost let her eyes shut from his touch but kept them fixed on his. She couldn't stand the tension, "Mr.T." she said so softly that he almost didn't even hear it.

"Hush pet." He whispered gently before taking his hand from her face and moved his lips to brush across her cheek.

She gasped and her eyes closed before she could stop them. Mrs. Lovett then turned her head and gently captured his lips. Kissing him softly.

It was a stolen but wanted kiss. The only woman he had ever kissed was Lucy, but this was foreign to him still. Mr. Todd stood frozen for a moment as he pulled an inch away from her lips. Their gazes locked on one another's before Sweeney returned her kiss, tenderly at first.

She moaned into his mouth when he kissed back. Her lips pulled into a smile as a few tears fell down her cheeks. Mrs. Lovett wrapped a hand around his head and pulled him closer. Running her tongue across his chapped lips.

He moved with her, leaning back in the booth and wiping the tears from her face before he wrapped his arms around her petite back.

Mrs. Lovett lost her fingers in his hair as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. She explored his mouth hungrily, he tasted so heavenly. She laid back on the booth and hesitantly wrapped a leg around one of his.

His tongue danced with hers as he moved his arms from her back to suddenly lift himself up and stare darkly into her now open eyes.

She stared up at him in worry. Had she done something wrong? Why did he pull away? Was she in trouble now?

Seeing the look of fright in her eyes he lent back down and kissed her quickly before getting up and pulling her with him.

Mrs. Lovett relaxed as he came back down. But that relief was replaced with shock as he pulled her up with him this time. She gasped into his mouth but didn't move from him as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

He continued to kiss her as he walked toward the door, locking it quickly before returning to her lips.

Mrs. Lovett wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling herself close to him. Sweeney Todd was like something forbidden to her, something she needed but knew she shouldn't have.

Her lips tasted sweet, the smell of flour and blood emanated from her person as he picked her up into his arms.

She gasped and quickly wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him tightly. Oh god, she wanted him so bad, Mrs. Lovett parted lips with him and gasped for breath. Her head thrown back as a few pins fell from her hair

Not wanting to drop her he pressed her back against the wall and began to send heated kisses down her neck.

She moaned loudly. Oh he could do whatever he wanted to her. Mrs. Lovett no longer cared what he did, as long as it was her. She quickly reached down and began unbuttoning his shirt.

His hands fell to her back as he unlaced the strings of her corset, his hands then traveled along her bare skin before pulling the rest of her corset off.

Shivering against his cool touch, she ripped off his shirt. She could always buy him another. Mrs. Lovett shifted so she could tug on his belt impatiently. "Mista T!" She moaned loudly.

Her porcelain breasts were exposed to him now, his bare chest covered her hard nipples as he moved his hands up her stockinet covered legs, through her skirts and finally to her bare thighs.

She moaned his name again, "Mr. T!" She said it breathlessly. Mrs. Lovett leaned in and gently bit his ear while pulling hard on his belt again, she couldn't get the damn thing off while she was so closely pressed against him.

Noticing her struggle he stumbled over to the counters and frantically pushed everything off before laying her on top of them. Quickly he pulled his belt off and joined her on counters.

Mrs. Lovett smirked as he placed her on the counter and came up over her. She impatiently grabbed his pants and almost ripped the button off in her haste.

He leaned down again and kissed her chest, her neck, and her lips before pulling away.

She looked up at him with wide eyes. Mrs. Lovett frowned and leaned up capturing his lips again in a soft, loving kiss.

"Is this a good idea?" The words escaped his lips before he knew he was even thinking about them. Since when was he the master for determining what was a good idea and what was not?

"What?" She asked, frowning. "I love ya Mr. T, always have and always will." She kissed him again and brought him back down with her.

Her kiss reassured him. What did he have to worry about, after all, they already baked people into pies and murdered their customers for a living.

Mrs. Lovett wrapped her leg around him and pressed up against him. "Please love, I need you." She whispered to him huskily.

Nodding he rubbed his nose against hers playfully before pushing up the rest of her skirts and pulling down her undergarments.

She giggled, his fingers were so fast they felt like feathers on her skin.

He readied himself at her throbbing entrance, he lent down and whispered in her ear, "Pet?"

"Hmm?" she looked up at him with lust filled eyes, "What is it my love?"

"Ready?" He breathed hotly nipping at her hardened nipple.

She almost chuckled at that. "Do ya even have to ask?" she said lightly. Pressing herself against him, letting him feel exactly how much she wanted him.

Suddenly he slid himself inside of her.

Mrs. Lovett moaned as he entered her. "Oh god love!" She said huskily before moaning again.

Breathing in her cries he moved faster, feeling her walls clench around him.

She dug her nails into his back and began nipping at his shoulder. "Ya taste so good." She murmured. "Just like I always imagined ya would." As if in a trance from the amazing being that was the body of Sweeney Todd.

His heart beat quicker, his movements more vigorous, this was the very thing he had needed all along. It had been a long time for the both of them, too long.

Mrs. Lovett gently bit down on his shoulder, before biting hard enough that she tasted his blood. It tasted so good. Everything about him was utterly marvelous!

Mr. Todd felt her teeth sink deep into his shoulder, he would have stopped from worry that he was hurting her. But he was too caught up with what was going on that all he could do was kiss her neck and move with her against the counter top.

She pulled away and began licking and sucking the blood from him.

"Mmmmmhhhhmmmmmmmm." She moaned against his skin. Vigorously she moved her mouth onto his chest and bit again.

Feeling the tension build up where they were attached, he moved quicker, finally he managed lean down more and nibble her ear.

Mrs. Lovett gasped and met him thrust for thrust. His blood dripping down between their bodies. She could stay like this forever, it was bliss.

"Mrs. Lovett..." Sweeney sighed heavily as he ran his trembling hands down her body.

"What is it love?" She said as she wrapped her other leg around him to give him a better angle.

She whimpered in pleasure waiting for an answer.

"What's happening now... never happened." He said quickly, still too focused in their sex to look at her.

"W-what?" She froze beneath him looking up into his eyes in confusion. "What do ya mean by that love?"

He suddenly stopped moving and both were now awkwardly staring at one another, "We can't mention this, it never happened." Mr. Todd practically stabbed her with his words, although he did have to admit that it did feel right being inside of her.

"And why not?!" She exclaimed pushing him off of her and sitting up on top of the counter.

He fixed his trousers before frantically looking for his shirt, which he had just remembered was practically torn to shreds. "Because-"

Her brows furrowed together as she shifted uncomfortably on the counter, still in need to feel relief wash over herself. "But why?!" Mrs. Lovett almost hollered at him.

Why?! Was the woman that daft? He thought, he had many reasons why, she was his accomplice, he loved Lucy and most importantly, "I don't love you, Mrs. Lovett."

"W-what?!" she just stared at him in shock. "B-but ya kissed me back. I felt ya! Ya have to!" She exclaimed hysterically.

Indeed he kissed her back. He didn't want to admit that he had felt something. Something that he recalled to be Indian territory. Mr. Todd did nothing but shake his head, he didn't know what he had just felt. Lust? Need? He knew those were somewhere in his actions but, he knew deep down that it was something more.

"No! I know ya did! Ya let me touch ya! Ya can't hide the marks on both of our bodies!" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed.

"They don't prove anything." He whispered to her before turning and unlocking the door to her shop, he shot her one last glance before leaving her in her heart break.

Mrs. Lovett angrily grabbed a bottle of gin off the shelf and threw it at him. "They do too ya bastard!!" She hollered after him.

He heard the bottle of gin crash against the door as he continued to return to his shop.

Mrs. Lovett then hopped off the counter with tears in her eyes and began to redress herself.

Maybe the day wasn't so average after all.

To be continued…

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