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Sakura woke up slowly, her body felt heavy and sore at the same time. The sun was shinning into her eyes, it must have been past noon.

'How could I have forgotten to pull the curtains last night?'

She made a habit of closing the dark green curtains before she went to sleep since they were adjacent to her bed. Sakura simply turned around away from the sun and buried her face into the solid warm male chest.....'WOAH wait a minute, hard male chest?

Her hand came up and she felt the muscles underneath her finger tips, Sakura peeked a glance at her bed partner. His peaceful face, mouth slightly open, one arm wrapped securely around her naked waist and the other waywardly splayed on her bed reminded her of all that had transpired on her bed the night before.

Sakura promptly turned the shade of her hair and started hyperventilating.

'OH my GOD! OH MY GOD I slept with NARUTO! I HAD hot sex with UZUMAKI NARUTO, shit shit double shit!'

When Sakura's ever sharp mind began to replay some of the finer details of the night Sakura turned red.

'I did that to him....then he...OMG!'

Sakura peeked another quick glance, the guy was still in deep sleep, and Sakura began to relax, Naruto always was a deep sleeper. Sakura sighed heavily and moved around to find a more comfortable position in Naruto's arms. Once satisfied the cogs in her brain started to churn.

'What do we do know? What will our friends say? How do we act? Who moves in with who? Are we an official couple? Are we going to date? I don't mind going out with him last night was nice. The sex was great? Will he always expect sex from me? Is this going anywhere? Do I want it to go anywhere.....yeah I do, I always want to be around him, wait does that make me clingy, because I am anything but clingy! I don't want him to think he's all that now that I have had sex with him, I better keep him in line. What if he's not interested in me after a while....Nah this is Naruto were talking about....but what if he leaves....What if he...'

"Sakura-chan stop thinking so much it can't be good for your brain this early in the morning."

Startled out of her inner musings she gave him a confused look, Naruto only grinned back, he leaned down and kissed her lips, it was a soft touch.

"Good morning beautiful, sleep well?"

His voice was deep and laced with sleep, he sounded utterly sexy and Sakura almost swooned. Naruto looked gorgeous in the morning after a night of pleasure. His hair was messy his eyes bright, a light dusting of hair covered his chin and a lazy grin graced his lips. Those lips which had been pleasuring her all night, and whom looked a little swollen.

She continued to stare at his lips and Naruto noticed.

"What Sakura don't I get a kiss and good morning?" That seemed to have pulled her out of her stupor.

He wanted a kiss did he? Well he was going to get one alright. She brought his head down to hers and tugged his lips open before she slid her tongue in.

Now this is what he was talking about. Naruto instantly became an active participant. Sakura found his body pressing hers into the mattress and his hardness jabbing against her inner thigh.

'Oh boy.'

A part of her wanted to have sex with him the other part wanted to talk things out, where they going to go on from here?

Naruto must have sensed her hesitation because he pulled back and looked at her troubled eyes. He took a deep breath and lay back down on the bed.

"If there is something that's bothering you Sakura-chan, you know that you can always tell me."

Sakura turned her head to look at him, but he was staring at the ceiling.

"Hold me?"

Naruto snapped his eyes back to her form, she had sounded so lost and he knew it was something that needed to be fixed now.

Naruto pulled her into his arms, her face against his neck, he ran soothing hands down her back trying to comfort her and him self.

This was real him and Sakura , together, it was a hard concept to grasp, but real.

"Come on Sakura, tell me what's bothering you."

'Oh come on Sakura stop being such a chicken the guy is being sensitive and understanding, just talk to him.'

Sakura steeled her nerves and opened her mouth.

"I'm just confused Naruto, where do we go on from here? Are we officially together, if so then what, what comes next? Where will we be in three years, five years down the road?"

Naruto didn't quite understand why things were so complicated for his team mate, they were so clear from him.

"Its simple really Sakura-chan." Sakura raised an eye brow and looked him in the eye as if to say 'oh really?'

"Don't give me that look Sakura-chan. I'm serious, look, I love you and I want to be with you today tomorrow, I see my self with you in three years from now, five years from now, hell in 20 years from now I still see my self in love with you. Sakura I want you and just you. I know it won't be perfect we'll fight, I'll shout you'll cry but in the end we'll make up and have hot sex. Right now we'll take each day as it comes, and yeah were official. I'm going to announce to all of Konoha that your my girl." He snickered then continued.

"Although I'm pretty sure this block knows by now, exactly who you've been having a good time with." He waggled brows and Sakura promptly bumped him on the head with her fist. He only kissed her cheeks in response and hugged her close.

"Don't worry about it too much Sakura-chan, we will take it one day at a time, together." He laced his fingers with her and Sakura started at their hands, when did Naruto's hands get so big? They seemed to have swallowed hers.

"You won't leave me will you?"

'Oh so that's what she was worried about. Stupid teme I'm going to find him later today and beat the ever loving shit out of him.'

"Sakura I'm not Sasuke," when he felt her tense he knew he had hit the nail head on. "I'm not going to leave you Sakura-chan. In fact it will be you who will be telling me to leave you alone."

Sakura let out a small giggle that was probably true. Alright she was feeling much better, she felt she could take on anything as long as she had Naruto with her, and Naruto was the most loyal person she knew.

"Hmm Naruto, I love you, you know, not the friend kind of love, the guy girl kind of love."

"You mean the I love you, as in I love having sex with you love? Or the I love you, I want to spend the rest of my days with you? Or the I love you as even though there are something things that I do you hate? Or the I love you I can't breath with out you?"

"All of the above." She answered with out missing a beat, and Naruto just started at her in shock.

It took him a moment to gather him self, but when he did gather his wits Sakura found her self pinned under him, an intense blue gaze looking right in to her soul.

"Say it again Sakura." His tone had lost all its playfulness.

"I love you Naruto."

"Demon and all?"

"Yes demon and ramen obsession and all."

"Show me?" It was request and demand.


She knew the nine tails issue was still a sore spot with Naruto no matter how many people accepted him. Sakura made up her mind, she was going to spend the rest of the day in bed with her Naruto, and screw everything else.


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