Summary; Edward is the new teacher at forks, and has his eye for someone :) Tanya comes into the picture, and things might get messy. Bella is reluctant to admit she has a thing for her english teacher, but some big event might just make her go where she never wanted to.

Disclaimer; I don't own anything to do with Twilight. I just like to fuck around with them, and make them do wat I want them to :)


"Bella," I heard the husky voice calling from a far distance. All I wanted was for it to go away, but it kept yelling my name. 'go away,' I wanted to yell, but I couldn't move my lips.

"Bella, wakey wakey," It said again, and I felt my eyes flutter open. I rubbed my eyeballs from the sleep trying to grip me again, and I saw the husky annoying voice in front of me.

"Emmett, get out!" I yelled, throwing my pillow at him. I turned over, and slid the covers over my head. I let my sences take over, and wanted to fall back into the deep sleep. Before I could do so, I felt the breath get knocked out of me.

"Fuck, Emmett! Get off me!" I yelled, trying to push the huge guy off my back.

"Get up, before I fart," He started to chuckle, and I knew he would never lie about that.

I pushed him off me, and threw my lean legs over the side of the bed. I stretched my arms above my head, and felt a poke at my side.

"I miss Rosey," Emmett whined, falling back onto the bed.

I turned over, and cuddled up to his side. I started to poke at his stomach, and he kept flinching. He always denied that he was ticklish, but only I knew it. Maybe Rosalie, but she neverliked to see weakness from Em.

"She'll be back this weekend," I said, reassuring him that his girlfriend wasn't off fucking a hot male model, but noone could top the Cullens. Well, the ones I knew atleast. I never met their youngest brother, Edward, or their father Carlise. They seemed to always be busy with work, or something.

"Do you think i'm sexy?" Emmett asked, pulling his shirt up showing his tight abs, and toned stomach.

"Hmm, do YOU think I'm sexy?" I asked, lifting my shirt to show my bellybutton, and he started to laugh.

Emmett was the best big brother I could ever ask for. He may not be blood related, but ever sence I met him & Alice, we've all been inseperable.

"We have school, we can't just sit around and sleep all day," Alice said, skipping into the room, and jumping on the bed.

"Mmmmm," I mumbled, not wanting to move from the warm spot next to Em.

"Fine, i'm leaving. You two can tend for yourself," Alice said, giggling, and stalking down the stairs.

"I don't feel like tending for myself, so i'm gonna get ready," I sighed, leaning up and walking to the newly stocked closet. Ever sence Alice moved in with me, she re-stocks my closet every month. Barely anything gets worn more than twice.

"You know Edward starts teaching today," Emmett said, leaning up from the bed.

"Really? I have a enlgish class, so maybe he'll be my teacher," I said, looking through the colorful shirts. I pulled out a blue tanktop, and grabbed some regular ripped jeans to take to the bathroom to change.

"I'm gonna be so lonely without Rosie today," Emmett said, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Oh, suck it up," I said, laughing and walked to the bathroom. I pulled on a green pullover, and put my hair into a messy ponytail. I rubbed on a bit of foundation, and slid my pants on.

"We're going to be late,Bella!" Alice yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"One minute," I yelled back, walking fast to my room.

"Emmett, go do something with Jasper, and i'll be home later, to play video games," I winked, walking to him and giving him a slight hug.

He grabbed onto my waist, and pulled meonto the bed,"DONT GO! SAVEEEE ME FROM BOREDOM BELLYBOO!"

I started to die laughing, and I had tears from laughing so hard,"Emmett, I gotta go," I said sliding out from under his arms. He rolled his eyes, and I closed the door behind me. I ran down the stairs, holding onto the side of the banister, trying not to fall. I grabbed a poptart from the kitchen, and saw Jasper cooking.

"See you later, Jazz," I said, waving over my shoulder.

"Bye Bells," He yelled after me, when I shut the front door. Alice was waiting impatiently in her yellow porshe, and I was a bit scared to get inside.

"You are abusurd," She said, pulling the car out of the small driveway.



"Mr. Cullen this is your room," The principal pointed to a small room, with a wooden door.

"Thank you sir," I said shortly before I entered it. The smell of pinesol flamed through my nostrils, and I noticed the dull white walls. Typical classroom, I muttered.

I sat my bag beside the desk, and took out a few folders to place on top. I noticed all the empty chairs, and a few butterflys started to broil inside of me. I prayed all the seats wouldn't be filled, and I wouldn't make a complete ass out of myself. Being 21 and just graduating college, is a bit skeptical. The way all the male teachers looked at me, as if I wasn't ready to teach a class that i belonged in. The females were a different story, stareing at me with oggling eyes, and puckered lips. It sent shivers down me knowing they all were 40 and above.

"Mr. cullen?" A short younger teacher walked in, carrying a notebook. I stood up to shake her hand, and she took it shortly letting go.

"I am your assitant, Tanya," She smiled up at me, extending the papers to me.

"Hello Tanya, call me Edward," I said smiling down at her flushed face.

I turned around to place the papers on my desk, and made a spot for her to put her items.

"So your new?" She asked, sitting down at the chair beside my desk.

She was pretty, and younger than all the other teachers I saw here.

"Yes, I take it as you are?" I asked, chuckling at the clear nervousness appearing on her face.

"It's that obvious?" She asked, her face looking a little swuabble.

A bell suddenly went off, reminding me of my highschool years. Being late to class was a regular thing for me, and the teachers soon started to forget all about me. I heard the door start to open, and a few students started to pile in, taking the time to gawk at me on their way to their seats.

"Here goes nothing," Tanya giggled beside me, and I smiled back at her. I moved the paper she brought me in front of myself, seeing it was a attendance sheet.

The bell rang, and the last of the students came in. I looked up when I heard the familar voice of my sister arrive, and saw she had a petite brown haired girl, trailing behind her. She looked at me, and smiled huge, like she knew me. I smiled back, and her cheeks turned this amazing crimson color. She had on a navy blue vneck shirt, that showed off her colorbone and shoulders. It made her skintone shine, and she had on a pair of ripped jeans. It remined me of Alice, and I knew right away she probably bought those clothes for her. The only thing about her that didn't look like Alice's work, was her hightop converse.

"Okay, good luck," Tanya whispered beside me, snapping me out of the trance the girl had put me in. Focus Edward! She's a fucking student! Focus!

I shook my head to fade the thoughts, and looked up beaming at the class. They all stared at me in shock, like i was a snake with two heads. I suddenly felt bad for all the teachers I had put through hell.

"Good morning class, i'm your teacher, you may adress me by Mr. Cullen," I smiled, standing up and walking in front of the desk.

"I'm Tanya, i'll be helping you guys," She said, waving swiftly from behind me.

"I'm sure you all have some questions, so we want be doing any work today," I said, and heard a few 'yeahs' and 'yays' from the back of the room. "2morrow is a different story," I said, and the enthuisiam quickly turned.

"How old are you?" A blonde headed girl asked from a few seats away. She was stareing at me chewing her gum , trying to be sexy, but it didn't work.

"21," I replyed, feeling a tad bit embarased. A few of their mouths dropped, but I expected this.

"How is that possible?" Someone else asked.

"My father hit a few strings for me," I replyed, chuckling.

"Dear brother?" Alice called from the back of the room, with a huge smile on her face. If she trys embarassing me, i'll kill her later.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"Do I get a few extra high grades for being your favortie sister?" She asked, with wide hopeful eyes. The beautiful girl I noticed earlier, started to crack up in her seat.

"I wouldn't say Favourtie," I replyed, not taking my eyes off the girl.

"Okay, how about I hand out books? Would that make you guys happier?" I asked, laughing at groans I heard. I turned around to the desk, and Tanya had them stacked up for me ready to hand out.

"I'll call your names, and you come and sign them. The rest of you can talk amongst yourselfs," I said, sitting down at the hard black chair. I had to fix that, and buy me a swivel chair, much comfier.

"hmm, Angela Webber?" I said loudly, and saw a average girl, with glasses walk towards the front.

She bent down and signed the book, and took it in her arms, "Thanks Mr. Cullen," She said, walking back to her desk.

"Michael Newton?" I asked again. A lanky blonde haired boy made his way to my desk, taking a long stare at Tanya, who seemed to have blushed at it.

"It's Mike," He replyed rudely, signing the book and walking back to his seat. 'jerk' I muttered under my breath, hopeing that Tanya didn't hear, but she was to focused on looking at his ass. What's up with the teachers longing for the students now? Or has it always been this way?

"Uhm, Isabella Swan?" I asked, looking up to see the beautiful girl getting out of her seat. Isabella? Such a unique beautiful name, I thought. She walked swiftly to down the aisle, and I noticed the very many boys looking at her, as she did so. She caught her foot on a side of the desk, and almost fell. I felt the need to catch her, but she straightened herself up, before I could.

"Hello, Isabella," I said smiling up at her, when she walked in front of my desk.

"Hello,Edward," She smiled, perfect white teeth at me, and small dimples popped up. Wait! Did she call me Edward? I didn't mention my first name.

"Excuse me?" I asked, lifting my eyebrows.

"Oh, sorry. , I mean," She corrected herself quickly, and grabbed the book to sign it.

"How did you know my name was Edward?" I asked, watching her sign her name gracefully.

"Emmett, he's my bestfriend," She replyed, and pushed the book towards me. She turned on her heel, and glided back to her desk. She sent me a smile, that drove me crazy. Thank god at that moment, the bell rang, and I was free of her intoxication.

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