Well, It's been soooo long sense I've even logged onto my fanfic. Which saddens me, because I would write something almost every day!

Some of you use too read my Journal on here, which I think I deleted, I don't remember though. So many things have changed!

Anyway, your probably thinking, "what the fuck is she doing on here after almost a year or more.."

Well, now that my life has settled down alot, I would love to be back!

Back to writing, and nagging about the stupid, yet awesome things in my life that have happened!

I am praying most of my fans are still on here, and will accept me back!

If so, i'll get straight to updating my profile page, and get to writing some stories!

My grammar still sucks, I may be just as stubborn as I were before and not invest in a beta, I may still do some edward/bella stories, but I do have alot of newer ideas!

I'm still into the cold, machestic, sexual stories too! :D

Well, tootles for now!

Hope to hear some swell claps from you all!