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On the outskirts of LA, an old, dusty motel sits in the bleak horizon. There are no customers there so the Outsiders Motel cannot live up to its name. There are 10 cabins all together but they have not seen a living person for months. Inside the small office, a scruffy bearded man takes a nap. With a cap pulled down to partially cover his eyes his head rests on his chest. He is the owner, the cleaner; the receptionist all rolled into one and goes by the name Howard. With his chair lent back on two legs the man's asleep holding a sawn off shotgun close to his body. Both motel and owner had seen some strange things in their time... it was better to not take chances. Dreaming of somewhere hot he reached a hand up to swipe at a fly on his neck. Resting the hand back on his shotgun he mumbled something incoherently and began snoring.

The sound of an engine backfiring startled him and his chair toppled backwards, resulting in Howard landing in a heap on the floor. Gun going off he looked up at the hole in his wall emitting a dusty smoke.

"Crap", he muttered as he slowly got to his feet. Limbs aching from hours of sleeping in a confined space he stretched slowly. Hearing the loud bang again, he picked up his gun sharply and began a slow walk to the door. Howard had learnt quickly that sometimes around here it was better to be cautious. Using the tip of the gun to poke open the door he stepped through ready to shoot anything he deemed strange.

There in the parking lot sat a bus... a school bus to be precise. This was definitely a sight he had not counted on. Walking forward now aiming at the vehicles doors, Howard squinted his eyes as the blazing suns rays made it awkward to focus.

Nothing could be seen through the window as they were all covered in soot. Hearing the engine turn off he readied himself for a potential battle. The doors to the bus slowly opened and an older man started down the steps. Seeing the gun aiming at him the man stopped and raised his hands. Nodding his head to the side, he stuttered his words.

"Please, we need help... and shelter."

Lowering the gun slightly Howard tilted his head,

"Not gonna make any trouble are you?"

Shaking his head the man stepped off the bus and pointed back at the entrance,

"No... No trouble. We just need a place to stay".

Slowly nodding his head Howard let the gun drop to his side and stepped forward.

"Okay come in".

"Thank you", the man replied heading back up the steps and shouting to its passengers.

Mouth open slightly Howard stared at the sight of 17 injured people stepping off the vehicle and walking towards him. Turning back to head into his office he decided that once these people were settled in he was going to find his bottle of scotch. He looked set to be in for a long day.


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