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As Dawn got off the bus, she went over to the group of people. Looking at Giles, she nodded her head back to the bus.

"Giles... Buffy's still on there".

Sighing he looked back, "Okay, I'll go get her".

Walking back to the vehicle he grimaced at the thought of what his Slayer was going through. No one could understand why she was upset. They had won. She had been all right until Xander had asked what had happened. Collapsing to her knees, she had cried. Buffy... their Slayer... the one who never showed her friends her grief had cried. Picking her up Xander and Giles had managed to get her back on the bus. Then they had driven here.

Reaching the top step Giles looked to the back seats. There curled into a small ball sat Buffy. Dried tear tracks stained her cheeks and she looked out of the window lost.

"Buffy", Giles said as he walked towards her. Not getting any response, he lifted her hand and pulled her up.

Feeling someone tugging on her arm Buffy's head turned. Her eyes were still glazed slightly but she was regaining some form of control. As Giles pulled her into a hug, she buried her head in his chest. The pain she was feeling was unbearable but she had to be strong. For a few minutes, the Watcher comforted his Slayer. Hearing a disturbance from outside Buffy snapped out of her trance. It seemed that once again she was not being allowed to grieve. Breathing deeply she did what she always did in a breakdown... shut herself down. Lifting her head and unwrapping her arms from Giles, she gave a small smile.

"I'm okay... I'm fine".

Watching the shutters once again go down over her, Giles nodded his head... later he would make her talk to him but for now, it seemed they were needed.

Turning, Giles followed Buffy off the bus and over to the group surrounding the poor motel owner. In his hands, he had the keys to all the rooms. Unfortunately there was a large debate going on about who would share with who. There was not as many people as there should have been. Rona and Principle Wood had been taken to hospital in a car Faith had seen on the roadside a few miles back. That in itself should have made splitting the rooms easier... apparently that was not the case.

Storming over to the group Buffy pushed her way through the crowd and with her arms crossed, she shouted,

"Shut up".

Halting, everyone blinked rapidly not quite believing who they seeing.

Stepping towards her sister Dawn touched her on the arm,

"Buffy are you... "

Lifting a hand to stop her Buffy turned towards her,

"I'm fine."

At the back of the group, Giles sighed as she repeated her personal catchphrase. It seemed like they were the two words she used most in her life. He definitely needed to talk to her... the question was after what he had done would she listen.

"I'm fine", Buffy repeated at the unbelieving look Dawn and her friends were giving her.

Hands now on her hips she tilted her head at the man behind,

"What's the fuss about anyway"?

At this Andrew raised his hand and stepped forward,

"Nobody wants to share with me", he whined.

Rolling her eyes, she looked at Xander who was shaking his head furiously. He had lost Anya and would need someone to take his mind off her. It was decided then.

"Xander please... share with him".

"Fine", he grumbled stepping back. He had no energy left to argue. He was tired and wanted to sleep... he just hoped Andrew would get the point and shut up.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder Buffy turned to look at the man.

"Sorry", she said indicating the others with a nod of her head.

Shrugging his shoulders, he introduced himself,

"Name's Howard, Miss."

Smiling slightly she introduced herself,


Hearing her name Howard stepped back and looked at her pensively. As if a light had gone on in his head, he clicked his fingers,

"I know you".

"Huh", she replied.

"Yeah I know you... you were here before."

Shaking her head Buffy looked at her friends who were turning their heads between the two.

Looking back at the man and then the motel behind Buffy reeled back.

Seeing her discomfort, Howard nodded and smiled,

"Yeah it was you... with that man... a while ago now, blonde... what was his name?"

Hearing the debate going on Dawn stepped forward,


Turning back around Buffy looked at the questioning gazes of the group and felt unease settle within her. She could not deal with this now. She could feel her walls slipping again and her throat was closing up. Her eyes welling she breathed in deeply, turned and snatched a key from Howard's hand. Looking at the number, she ran off and slammed through the door of the apartment leaving a group of incredibly confused people in her wake.