Title - Working Out

Rating - PG13 (at the moment)

Disclaimer - I'm only borrowing them.

Completed - Hell no...

Dr Elizabeth Weir was not one to complain, nor was she one to let others see she was hurting, either mentally or physically. Atlantis depended on her ability as a leader, and until recently that hadn't be an issue. Until Kolya had tried to kidnap her and hold her for ransom during the storm. Never had she felt so vulnerable, dependant on Sheppard to rescue her and free them all from the siege of the Genii.

Clasping the warm mug between her hands she leant back in her chair for a moment, glancing at the mission report she had been reading over. A cold hard account of the facts from Sheppard had been thorough and complete, although Elizabeth couldn't help but feel he had worded things delicately, particularly when he recounted how Kolya had announced he'd killed her. Blowing her nose again she cursed the freezing rain she and Rodney had been forced to work in, more or less with a gun to their heads as they repaired the final grounding station. She'd caught a rotten cold and had battled it for days, now only dealing with the last lingering effects over a week later.

She looked up as John Sheppard entered her office, waltzing through the doors and plonking himself down in one of the chairs opposite her desk as he so often did. He'd actually left her alone for a few days since the incident with Kolya, and she was unsure as to why exactly. They'd both been busy since the storm, relocating the Athosians back to the settlement plus making repairs to the city.

" I've been thinking..." He announced, scrolling through the pages of a something he had written on his PDA.

A thousand quick witted remarks flashed through Elizabeth's mind, but she settled on a simple

" Really?"

" Yeah... really" He replied, keeping the expression as neutral as he could. " We need to talk about getting you some training... in self defence" He put delicately. Risking a glance away from his PDA towards her face. Any embarrassment she may have felt she kept away from her face, a raised eyebrow his only reward.

" I see, and what brought this on?" She replied, keeping her features schooled into a look that was more interest and not hidden shame. Truth be told she hated the vulnerable feeling that had overtaken her during the crisis. To be forced into submission simply because she didn't know how to defend herself at the right moment had nearly cost her her life. If Sheppard had missed....

He looked at her carefully, regarding her expression as she carefully tried to conceal it. He knew the experience of being held hostage had had an effect on her, but he didn't know the extent of it. Rather than play upon her vulnerabilities he decided to lighten the mood somewhat.

" Well the whole business with Kolya could have been avoided if you'd just whacked him one the moment he came onto the base" He quipped, earning a half hearted smile from her. He knew the reality was far from what had actually happened, but the intent was the same. She didn't respond and he knew he had hit home. It was one of his jobs to protect her, but if he was taken out of the picture for whatever reason, it would help if she could look after herself in a tense situation.

He rose and skirted round the edge of her desk, perching on the side closest to her. Flicking back to the original page on his PDA he showed her the small screen, indicating a few items here and there that he thought she may appreciate.

" I want to start you on a fitness regime, I wrote a program that will work on both your endurance and your strength, and in conjunction with that, both Teyla and myself will be giving you self defence lessons" John said, figuring he'd come this far that he may as well blurt it all out.

" You organised this with Teyla without even consulting me first?" She replied with a little attitude, a little miffed that he had kept her out of the loop until the very end. He shrugged, knowing her small outburst would have been coming. If he'd seen Elizabeth first... they wouldn't be having this conversation as she would have talked her way out of it. He handed her the PDA and she flicked through the first page or so.

Elizabeth looked at the first week of the regime that was displayed on the PDA, a mix of cardio, weight and balance training that was more likely going to leave her sore and begging for mercy before it improved her fitness. She did however note that he had left her weekly Yoga class intact, a small mercy perhaps. It was the one piece of exercise she made time to fit into her schedule on a semi-regular basis, and was run by one of the counselling staff. The hour long sessions left her feeling flexible, energised, centred and more often than not sore the next day. Somehow she had the feeling that 'sore' was going to become a regular part of her vocabulary.

She almost wasn't game to flick over to the second week of her so called training, which mixed the basis of the first week with additional defensive training. Hand to hand combat, basic weapons handling and sparring sessions all added to the sense of impending doom that seemed to loom over her. There was no way she was going to fit in all this training PLUS get all her work done, and find time to eat and sleep as well.

" It looks allot more than it actually is" John started to explain, seeing her expression fall as she continued to read. " Once we get your basic fitness up, the cardio sessions will be replaced with sparring session, its just the initial few weeks that are gonna be... busy" He put carefully, flashing his irresistible smile that he knew would get him away with cold blooded murder if he wanted to.

Elizabeth knew this had been coming since the storm, and knew it had been playing on John's mind since then. As much as she hated to admit it, he was right. She needed to know how to handle and defend herself, even if she didn't get off world much. The city wasn't always safe and she'd found that out the hard way.

" Oh well, least I'll be able to eat what I want now" She quirked an eyebrow at him again, lightening the mood that had been shrouding her mind in misery.

" There is that" He smiled, relieved that she had somewhat accepted his proposal without too much of a fight. He would have tried to insist, citing her safety as his main concern, but thankfully he didn't have to play that card. Not yet anyway.

" When do you plan on starting this... tour of hell?" She asked tiredly, running a hand through her hair. She glanced at him, and prayed he wouldn't say anytime soon.

" Tomorrow.. 0600 hours, meet me on the east pier" He said smugly and bailed out of her office before she could reply. Damn him...