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Summary-When Edward goes over to Bella's house after Charlie goes to work, neither of them are expected to what happens after Charlie get's home early!

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(Bella's POV)

Isn't it ironic how you ask for something but always forget to ask for something else. For example, when I was six I wanted a bike. When I got my bike I was ecstatic. But unfortunately I didn't have a helmet and couldn't ride it until the next day.

And that story is similar to what happened the other day with Edward and I. Edward usually sneaks in my room after he drops me off and when Charlie is sleeping.

Emmet, Rosalie and Alice had got him a whistle for his vampire birth date. I don't think it is really necessary. Alice calls it the rape whistle, because she thinks I will jump him or something, just because Edward cant handle being that close to me. So every now and then he blows the whistle when I get too far.

Stupid whistle.

Anyway, like I was saying, he came over one day, or you can call it night, whatever. You see Charlie doesn't like Edward that much,or at least not enough to let him stay past nine thirty.

When Charlie had a night shift at the police station, Edward came by to stay the night with me. And I remember it like it was just yesterday. Huh, funny thing is, it was yesterday.


"Edward." I whispered into his shoulder.

"Yes, love?" It's funny how I hear his voice every day and yet it still makes the hair on my arm's stand up.

"Is it still hard for you? Being close to me I mean." I questioned, and I swear I could see that gorgeous crooked smile of his in the dark, but I just thought It was my mind playing tricks on me again.

No, I wasn't imagining it, I could hear it in his voice. "I'll answer yours if you answer mine." He mumbled in between kissing my hair.

What is it with him and my hair he likes so much?

"Fine, shoot." I told him, shifting my body so that I was facing him but still cradled in his arms.

"You ask that question every night I stay and what is the answer always?"he asked chuckling darkly. As if it's funny. Humph!

"Well I don't know, I keep thinking you'll change your mind. But you never do." I frowned and he noticed and took the opportunity to give me a kiss.

And anytime I want to take it further he just pull's away and say's something like, 'Now Now, love be reasonable.' Or like, 'Not tonight Bella'

Something like this...5...4...3...2...1...

What? He didn't pull away. Does this mean he changed his mind. Eeeeeeek! But just to make sure....

I pulled away breathing heavily. "You changed your mind?"

"Not completely, and one of the reason's is because I hate seeing you sad." He then snaked his hand down my arm and around my waist, clutching me closer. Probably making my heart thump faster against my chest than it already was.

I wonder If he can not hear my thought's but my heart?

But while kissing him I didn't think of this after I unbuttoned his shirt. I knew I wouldn't be the one to stop us if we actually did, because I was in love with him and that I knew to be very true. Even though he already knew that, I couldn't say it enough for him to believe me.

So this is where irony comes in. I got what I wanted but forgot the most important thing. Protection.

We didn't have protection. And I knew that Edward didn't have any because he was always the one saying he didn't approve of me stashing condom's in my drawer's for safety purposes. So I threw them out, and now here I am, about to have sex with my boyfriend, while my father is out.

Gasp! What if Charlie walks in on us. Oh you see this is where you don't have to worry when you have a mind reading boyfriend and your best friend is a psycic.

It actually comes in handy.

His hands made invisible circles on my back making my shiver under his touch. I still wanted to make sure, in case he regretted it after.

"Edward" I asked.

"Love I'm not forcing you to I'm just informing you, and you know that." He said to me.

"So you're completely sure. 100 % positive because then I don't want you to say It was wrong--" I rambled on and on until I felt his cold lips on mine.

"I am just trying to protect you Bella." He whispered.

"Stop saying that! I don't want you to protect me anymore. I just want you. All of you, right here, right now. Forever." I couldn't believe how dumb Edward could be sometimes. Protect me! Ha ha! And look who's the one with the rape whistle! He's the one who needs protecting.

"Please." I whispered again, for he had his eyes closed.

"Give me a minute." He said gently careful not to hurt me with his words, but he had already hurt me, by not giving me what I wanted. And that was very simple it wasn't much. Was it?

"I have one condition if you don't mind?" He whispered bringing me out of my thoughts.


"You will and can not argue with me here." He warned and waited for my response. I just nodded I think a little too quickly. Then he continued." I get to be in charge."

OK either he was crazy or he was just joking!

"What? That is not fair--." I argued back but got interrupted bu Edward's cold hands on my lips sezieng me from speaking.

"You promised." He whispered back blowing his sweet smell in my face. Darn those evil delicious lips of his that made me give in!

"Fine but you have to let me take over for a few minutes." I told him, and it actually sounded like I was asking.

"Alright, deal?" He asked in between kisses.

"Deal." I agreed back.

And before we knew it we were at it. Not to fast, not to slow but perfect. It was absolute pleasure. Hearing him moan my name made me feel so wanted and loved.

After a couple of minutes, He was back on top of me, being careful of his weight, managing the activates. But who cares if he was crushing me? The closer he was to my body, the easier it would be the next time and the next time and the next time...

Get a grip girl! Just think about Edward and ONLY Edward. From this point on you are forbidden from thinking of anything but him and his muscular abs and enormous biceps that were holding me firmly down, and his soft luscious lips, and that hair! Oh that hair that I could just spend all day touching.

That's more like it Bella.

"Edward." I moaned, as he gently sucked the bottom of my throat. He knew just what to do to make me go wild. And it was just driving me nuts that he was the one in charge.

Screw our deal, I flipped him over and as soon as I was on top of him, started to take my time, saving his lips for last, admiring him.

"Bella please stop, just hurry." he moaned again.

We took our time savoring every part of us, until it was time. We had saved the best part for last.

Edward positioned him self on top of me and looked into my eyes. His eyes were a softer color, a golden butterscotch, the lightest I had every seen them in the last 2 years with him.

He had a good hunting trip I assume.

" Are you sure Bella?" Edward asked me.

" I've never been surer than anything in the world. I told you I wanted you. Always. So why not start not." I confessed.

"Alright but if I even hurt you in the slightest way you--"

"The only way you'll be hurting me is if you don't hurry up!" I yelled, not that loud, I didn't want to scare the poor guy, or sound eager. Not that I was ahem.

He smiled my favorite smile and pressed himself closer to me and gently went inside me.

"Edwa-." I managed to choke out before the voice I hoped I wouldn't hear came into my thoughts

"Isabella Marie Swan!"


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