All I Want Chapter 13

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"I believe I have some unfinished business to take care of…." I mused, laying my head on his shoulder. Edward turned to look at me, knowing exactly what I was referring to and laughed at my devious tone.

Without a second to spare, he picked me up bridal style, with his keys, hopping into his Volvo, driving at a limit speed to Charlie's house.

(Bella's POV)

There wasn't one word that could describe how I felt right now, and if I had to die right now, I'd die happy.

The smile that was glued to his face didn't come off for one second, always plastered goofily on his face. My smile, either. My eyes stayed glued to his; because of course Edward didn't need his eyes on the road. And I wasn't scared that a truck might crash in to us any moment now, or a dog passed right through the street because he was here, all mine, and I was his, and I didn't need anything else.

I reached over with one hand to place it on top of his, biting my lip. His gaze returned to meet me and he chuckled, "A bit anxious today, don't you think?" I rolled my eyes, reaching over to unbuckle my seat belt and swing my leg over, so I was sitting on top of Edward's lap.

His laugh made me shake as I noticed he stopped on the side of the road. "Bella, I think it's easier for me to drive without you on my lap. Although I do not mind,-" he paused to lean down and press his cold lips to my forehead, sending us both a wave of warmth pleasure- "I think if I drive with you sitting down in your seat, we'd get to Charlie's a lot faster."

I reluctantly pulled my leg over and sat back on my seat, even though the smile never left Edward's face.

* * *

As we drove to Charlie's house, the anxiety got the best of me.

"Edward, you're driving so slowly. You, out of all people, are driving slowly." I put my head on my knees and groaned, "Drive faster."

Edward laughed, humorously and I heard the wheel turn and the car stop, "Geez, what is up with you today? You came back to me all moody and grumpy," He lifted my face and cradled it in his hands, pressing his forehead against mine. "Can you please not hide your face?"

I nodded my face still securely in his hands. His thumb made a circle from my cheek to my nose, leaving a stray of fire where ever he touched.

"I never got over this, the feeling you gave me, Bella. The way I could see through those beautiful eyes of yours, and yet not know what you're thinking at times." Edward's smile faded as he stared intently in my eyes as I closed my eyes, savoring the feel of his words swirling around the air. I sighed quietly, letting my head lean in his touch.

"Please don't close your eyes, love. I've had to bear without them for a while now." He lifted his lips to my eyelids, kissing them softly, and then dragged them down to my lips, hovering over them as a butterfly. My eyes fluttered open, revealing a pair of beautiful topaz orbs, staring at me. And there was no word for the look in his eyes.

The feeling that went down my spine as his arms went around my waist to pull me closer sent a warm feeling down the back of spine and I shut my eyes in pleasure. When I opened my eyes again, I was greeted with a more than welcome feel of lips on my mouth, completely letting loose, he carried me onto his lap, my arms finding their way around his neck, waiting for more.

"Bella," he whispered between my desperate, open-mouthed kisses. I held my hold on his arms, bringing myself closer. My head was spinning with the delicious scent of him, swirling around on my tongue.

Edward pulled away gently, letting me regain my breathing rhythm. "You are one dangerous creature, love." he whispered, grinning crookedly.

I smiled wickedly and pecked his lips softly, letting his hand run down my back. I started into his eyes, those familiar topaz eyes staring straight into my soul, and sometimes I thought he could read my mind. Edward leaned down, with me still on his lap and whispered, "Were here." My eyes popped open, narrowing my eyes as they fell upon my house, the light coming from the kitchen, illuminating the features of Edward's smile, pressing against my shoulder.

My gaze landed on the empty driveway as disappointment clouded my face and I frowned. Edwards face was in front of me in an instant, smoothing my frown into a smile.

"He's not here." My voice broke.

"Of course he's not here, love." he chuckled. I lifted my eyes to his, confused. He continued, that familiar smile creeping on my lips once again, "You didn't think we were going to talk to him right away, did you? We have some stuff to talk about, too, you know." His fingers slowly, but gently, hovered over the space on top of where the white bandage once covered my wound. I winced, remembering those long, restless nights as I cried over the pain, Edward not being able to do anything.

"Of course we do." I agreed, letting my lips drag from his ear to his lips.

After pulling away, Edward carried me in his arms at vampire speed to my front door.

Edward set me on my feet as I crouched down to retrieve the key that was lying under the plant pot near the door. The key turned swiftly in the lock, and I was surprised that Charlie hadn't already changed the lock with everything going on.

Edward and I made our way up the stairs to my room, making sure to lock it, remembering how we go into this mess in the first place. Edward sat on the edge of the bed as I lay down on the pillow. The space between us was too much, so I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down to me, his arm finding its welcomed entry on my waist.

Edward began by sighing, "You don't know how long I have waited for you to do this." I smiled at his joy. My hands ran through his hair once more, earning another satisfied sigh from his un-moving lips. I turned in his arms, allowing his arms to pull me closer.

"Okay…let's talk."

He groaned, "Can't you just stay here in my arms? I don't care if we left things unsaid; I just want to be with you right now. I don't even think if it's possible to be this satisfied." And with that he pulled me closer, his lips hovering lightly over mine.

If I waited too long, it would be too late, he would already be kissing me, and I would not be able to stop him. The only thing to do was to lean back, and so I did.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't want to leave things unsaid. I have some very important things to ask you and you may want to hear them." His eyes suddenly brightened up. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

He smiled, "Go ahead."

I took a deep breath. The way I felt about him never changed, no matter the space, time, or effort someone put to break us apart. While I had amnesia, I had never stopped loving him, and it doesn't matter that I did not know him, I just felt it in me. He and I were not able to stop this thing that connected between us. And no matter what it took, I would want to make him happy. Letting out my breath, I reached over and unlocked my sock drawer. I reached my hand all the way back and pulled out the small blue box.

I turned back to Edward to see his face concentrating on the box in my hand. His topaz eyes widened when my fingers reached and pulled the latch, opening the little blue box. Edward's long pale fingers stopped my hand as it was about to reach for the ring. He took my face in his hands, searching for anything that might give away anything. Fortunately he found nothing.

"Is this deal still applicable?" I asked.

"You have better not be agreeing to this because you feel sorry for me," he warned. I shook my head, where it was still griped in his strong grasp. He said nothing.

I shook my head again at his bewildered expression, "I want to make you happy. And the only way that is possible is by agreeing to…this," I swallowed silently, looking down at the blue box on my lap. As he let go of me, I gently, so softly, it felt like it was going to break, I took the ring out of the box and held it up in the sunlight. I watched it shimmer under the bright light coming from my window. The light glistened off the window onto my face.

"I still can't get over how beautiful it is…."

"I wouldn't use that word, not while you're here in comparison." Edward took the ring out of hand, lifting up my left hand to his face. His eyes held mine, waiting. By force of habit, I bit my lip, closing my eyes shut and nodded.

The next thing I felt was the cold touch of the ring being slid onto my ring finger.

Edward let out a breath and when I opened my eyes I all but died. His face was lit up; the edge of his mouth was turned up, his gaze fixated on my hand in his lap.

"If I'd known you'd be this happy, I would of agreed to this many months ago…." I teased. He chuckled, his hand stroking the tip of my hair.

"Would you of had?"

"It would take some getting used to…but, of course. There is nothing I would not do to make that beautiful smile stay on your face," I smiled up at him, pecking him softly on the lips. He rolled his eyes. "You are so human, Bella." but then he smiled, staring intently into my eyes.

When the door opened downstairs, I head Edward growl. "Charlie is home." he stated. And as soon as he said that, my breathing stopped.

What would he say? Would he listen to what I had to say? Of course he wouldn't, he's Charlie after all. Would he hurt me? Of course not, I had Edward with me. So why was I scared all of a sudden? I knew nothing would happen to me…I knew Edward would never let that happen to me, but I knew my father was just being protective of me because he loved me. Or so I thought.

"I can hear your heart. It's beating very fast, are you alright, love?" his concern washed away my worry and tucked it in a small box in my head. I mustered the best smile I could and looked up at him. "Never been better."

He chuckled silently, "I couldn't of said it better myself." And then he reached down to kiss me.

This kiss was different. It had a different edge to it, something he was holding back from me. But this kiss, the way he let loose, relived my idea of giving me up at such a young age, even though I knew he was all I ever wanted, without a doubt. It just seemed rather hard to find him as my husband. But as he continued to kiss me, I could see it played out in my head.

Us, together.

No Charlie, no Jacob, his family and us. And nothing could stop me. I had him, miraculously, for all eternity, and he was mine, as I would always be his.

I could see myself, in a few years, living among naturally. Living normally as a happy couple, aside from the fact that we were absolutely different from the rest of the humans out there. I could see Edward saying 'I do' in the beautifully covered church. And the rest of our future never rejected its play.

Edward and I living in our own house, Edward turning me into a vampire but most importantly, he was with me.

Not even a few seconds past before Edward pulled away, noticing that I had not reacted in my usual way. He started at me, his eyebrows coming together, "Is everything okay?" And without hesitation I replied, "Everything is fine."

Before I knew it, we were walking down the stairs, into the living room. The first thing I noticed was Charlie's eyes bulge out from their sockets, he stopped walking and his brows came together in confusion. I almost let him figure what is going to happen, except I thought of my future I want with Edward and I automatically forget giving him a chance.

"Hello, dad." A small smile appeared on my face, making his eyes widen more. His eyes narrowed between us, at the sight of our hands intertwined.

"Bells….what are you-" Was the only thing he got out before I spoke.

"I think you'd like to sit down for this, dad. We don't want you falling, now do we?" I smiled kindly. I him heard him gulp and his eyes looked past me to the door. Unwillingly he walked to the couch, sitting down.

"Charlie…..I want to remind you that Bella is at liberty to leave you, she has considered many times to leave, but she doesn't want to leave you alone. She is too nice for her own good."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

I interrupted, "That means…..what you do to me is illegal. What you make me feel, should be illegal. The things you make me think should be illegal. It's not something mom would like to know about, now would she?" I didn't give him a chance to answer, I kept on going. "And you know what? I'm going to make you pay. I won't let you get away with what you did. What you're doing to me now."

Edward leaned down to whisper in my ear, "He's not thinking very nice things about me. Maybe should give him time to comprehend this." I shook my head. There was no way I would let that happen.

I let go of Edward's hand and walked up to Charlie, "Look what you did to me," – I picked up my hair and showed him the back of my head. I found the stitches with my hand and turned around so he could see- "Does that look pretty to you?"

He blinked several times but said nothing.

"Does this look pretty to you?!" I said louder.

Edward walked up to me, putting a hand on my shoulder and the other on my waist, "Bella….Calm down, please."

"I don't want to give him satisfaction, Edward. He deserves everything he's about to get, every last bit of it. "

He sighed, letting go of my shoulder, but keeping contact with my waist.

I turned back to my dad, "First off…..why do you hate Edward so much? Has he hurt you physically, mentally, emotionally?" I questioned him.

Charlie barely blinked. It was rather funny how scared he was. "He hurt you, Bella. When he left you—"

I didn't allow myself to remember the past, "Dad, he hurt me. He has never failed to disappoint you and what's gone is gone. So that's a dumb excuse, move on." I encouraged him, tensing my jaw.

He swallowed and fidgeted with his zipper jacket, but said nothing.

"I thought so. "

Edward smiled at me, and I all but fought the urge to kiss him right then and there. "Would you like to add anything Edward?"

Edward smiled wickedly. Of course he had something to add, didn't he always?

I couldn't help laugh at Charlie's reaction.

"Chief Swan, I fully respect your instinct to protect Bella from danger, from anything that might put her in harm, or anything that might make her uncomfortable. But the next time you set her up with Jacob, I will personally put you in danger. You have no idea what Jacob is. What he does to Bella. That makes her uncomfortable, puts her in danger, or in harm."

I smiled at the authority in his voice and a wave of warmth washed over me.

And I was worried Charlie would hurt me. Pssh. That seemed so childish, with Edward here; I was actually offended of thinking such a thing.

Edward continued talking without showing any emotion, "Would you like to apologize to her, Charlie?"

Charlie widened his eyes, "Excuse me? I will not. I have nothing to apologize for, if anyone is going to say sorry it's her. That little bitch--."

Edward let go of my waist in a milli-second, standing not an inch from Charlie, "Call her that one more time, and I swear to God you'll be looking at your arm detached from your torso."

To my surprise, Charlie answered back, "Oh, you ripping my arm off? Listen, Edward, I have been working with little punks like you for as long as I can remember, I can call her anything I want--"


I snapped my eyes shut in disgust. I couldn't bear to watch who had gotten hurt, even though Edward getting hurt was impossible; I just had to look away. A growl deep in Edward's chest burst from his lips and Charlie muttered something unintelligible, cursing under his breath.

"You were saying, Charlie?" Edward sneered.

Without thinking I opened my eyes and stared at the sight in front of me. Charlie was maybe three inches off the ground, hanging from a death grip by Edward's physically powerful hands.

"Edward, I'll just call the cops, you don't have to go through this." I rushed automatically to the kitchen, yanking the phone off the wall.

I punched in three numbers and waited for a split second before an operator answered.

"FPD, what's your emergency?"

"My dad is abusing me, please come."

"Your address please."

"184 north west 54th street. Please hurry." I turned my head back to the living room frantically wishing nothing happened.

"Police are on their way, don't hang up please."

I nodded, knowing well the person on the other line couldn't see me but I didn't care. My pulse was racing just as it had that one night Edward and I got caught. I swiped my hand across my forehead, shaking off the beads of sweat forming on my clammy skin.

Walking back to the living room was more difficult than I thought.

"You bastard. How dare you talk to me like that? She is my daughter; I have every god damn right to call her that."

"Charlie, you out of all people should know that is not true, you're involved with the law, and you're telling me you have a right to call your daughter a bitch?" That was the first time I had heard Edward curse, and it didn't surprise me it would happen tonight.

I ran up to Edward, ignoring my dad, "Edward, the police will be here any minute, please let him go. Let them take care of him."

Edward didn't move, though. His eyes still staring right at Charlie, his jaw taught and tense. I pulled on his collar, "Come on!" I yelled, nudging him one last time before there was a knock on the door.

Edward looked, well, glared is a better word, at Charlie once more and walked to the door with my hand in his.

When the door opened, Edward rearranged his expression, "Hello gentlemen."

The cops walked in nonetheless invited, and walked right up to Charlie, their hands on their gun holster.

"Is your name Charlie Swan?" the short one asked, stepping forward.

Charlie's nostrils flared, "Yes."

"You're under arrest for the murder of Giselle Bloomingdale. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, an attorney will be provided at no expense to you. You have the right to not answer questions at any time and request an attorney be present before any questioning continues. Do you understand these rights?"

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