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Hinata was a goner, no doubt about it.

Hinata had her back pressed to a tree while 3 men with kunai advanced toward her, prepared to kill her.

She'd already taken down 7 men but unfortunately, these three had managed to get past her. She was tired. Taking down 7 men was a lot of work.

Everyone else was off fighting their own battles. Kiba was trying to hold off 3 separate men with 3 separate kekkai genki (?). Shino was facing a similar obstacle. He was fighting a man who used genjutsu.

She'd gotten the "easy" ones.

As one man rushed her, kunai suddenly flew, taking him out of commission. The three of them turned to look and see who'd taken him down.

It was team 7.

Sakura, who was right in front of her, turned to her and said, "It's okay Hinata. Why don't you rest over there? We've got this under control." She smiled sweetly.

Hinata smiled back then went a little ways to the left, away from the battles, and sat down at the bottom of a tree.

Suddenly, she heard a loud, "Fhew," come from her upper left. She turned and looked up. What she saw amazed her.

There was a woman that had blond hair and brown eyes. Her bang almost covered one eye but stopped below her eyebrow. She had a regular nose that had a small dusting of freckles across it and pink lips that were naturally pouty. She looked to b about 5 feet and 5 inches, about 4 inches taller than Hinata. (1) She was wearing a red hot tank top that showed off her tanned skin. She was wearing skin-tight black leather pants and ankle black boots.

Of course, that wasn't what caught Hinata's eyes. No, it was the two, large, white, feathery wings protruding from her back.

Also, the crooked golden halo.

The angel (that's what Hinata thought she was) said, "That was more difficult than I thought. I'm such a quick thinker. Man she's so- ewe." The girl's eyes widened as they landed on Hinata's face.

She smiled widely as she said, "Hi. I'm your daily hallucination. This usually wouldn't last so long but I was a little late in getting here. So..." She smiled even though her eyes shifted uneasily. Her eyebrows went up when she got an idea. "I'm needed somewhere else so bye. She smiled again and poofed away.

3 days later, Hinata was still thinking about that angel. She even got to see her again. And even meet someone new.

Hinata was training by herself mainly because she hadn't wanted to find her teammates. She was sweating profusely. She knew she had to stop but she didn't.

Suddenly, she passed out. No warning, No sign the ground was coming closer. She just blanked out.

When she woke up, she saw white feathers. And she heard someone mumbling.

"Stupid girl continually hurts oneself. Seeking stupid oblivious boy. Such a lovely couple. So much stupid."

Hinata blinked as she tried to place the familiar voice.

"Honestly, how stupid can one guy be? You would think he would've noticed by no but nooooo. He doesn't notice. Now she's hurting herself to get him to notice her."

"Hinata recognized it. It was the angel.

"Stupid idiot Naruto. Always messing up. You don't want to mess with an angel. Especially considering who said angel's arch enemy is. The bastard minion of the devil. Oh I'm so angry. She's my charge and she always hurts herself. Why? So that loud mouth idiot would notice her. And he doesn't.! Oh I'm gonna-"

"Don't hurt Naruto."

The angel whirled around and glared down at Hinata. "Why not? He's evil. He causes you so much pain. And he complicates my job!!! That's not a good thing!! I want to-"

"Don't think horrible thoughts. That's my job."

The angel closed her eyes and scrunched her mouth. When she opened her eyes, she looked up.

"It's him again. What do you want now Katashi?"

"Just thought I'd drop in and see how my charge is doing."

"You're charge? Excuse me, she's my charge. I'm supposed to protect her from you."

Katashi laughed. "Yeah. Why do I think you're failing your job?"

The angel growled.

Hinata looked at the new man confused. The angel hated him for some reason.

He was at least 6 foot 4 and he had dark hair and even darker eyes. He had a straight nose and full lips that looked sinful. His white t-shirt was close fit and showed off all his muscles to perfection. His dark jeans molded to his hips. If you'd thought Sasuke was hot… whew. He had nothing on this man.

Especially considering the large black wings protruding from his back.

The man, angel, thing, Katashi looked own at Hinata. Hinata's eyes widened and mouth fell open when she gasped. That dark gaze seemed like it could see through her soul.

"Hello Hinata."

Hinata nearly melted. His voice was like melted chocolate. Smooth and dark.

The angel growled again.

"Oh Hikari. Not angry that she likes me are you?"

"Shut up Katashi. Go away."

"No. I like messing with this girl."

"You won't mess anymore."

"Why? It's so much fun." He took a step closer to Hinata.

Hikari jumped in the way and said, "You'll have to go through me." She took up a defensive stance.

Katashi laughed a sick twisted laugh. He smiled evilly, showing off a pair of fangs. "GO through you?" He licked his lips. "That means I'd be able to pluck all those white feathers… one by one."

"If you can."

Katashi took a step closer.

Suddenly Kiba's voice could be heard "Hey Hinata!! Where are you?!"

Katashi and Hikari looked at the direction Kiba's voice came from.

They faced each other again.

"Until next time." And Katashi vanished.

The angel stood there unmoving for another moment.

When Kiba's voice could be heard closer, she turned to face Hinata. She knelt down and said, "I'll see you, later, Hinata. I'll be here to protect you from him. I promise."

"Te-tell me who you are."

"Later. I can't be caught. Until later Hinata." And with that, she was gone.

Hinata was in her room, getting ready for bed when a loud flapping could be heard from outside her room.

With a confused look on her face, Hinata opened the window and her eyes opened wide in fear and shock.

It was the angel. Flapping her wings so that way she'd stay parallel with the window.

She asked, "Can I come in? Flapping these things too long hurts me."

Hinata nodded and moved back from the window so she could come in. Doing weird gymnastic, contortionist movements she got inside.

She stood there, her wings folding in to lie close to her back. She looked at Hinata inquisitively. Her head tilted to the right as she examined Hinata.

Then her face split into a large wide grin that showed off all her teeth.

Hinata was a little dumbstruck. A little bit by the wattage of that smile. Even Lee's smiles weren't that bright and also because this weird creature was staring at her.

The creature asked, even as she continued to smile, "Got any questions for me?"

"What are you? And why are you here? Why me?!"

The smiling creature stated, "Those are easy to answer. I'm your angel because you need protection from a lot of stuff."


The angel's face fell. She looked down at the unconscious form on the ground.

She looked around briefly then asked to no one, "Where's a stick when you need one?"

With difficulty, Hinata opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling, thinking about her dream. She said to herself, "I have some weird dreams."


Hinata's eyes widened. A few seconds later, she sat up and looked up at the angel who was rocking on her wings. The angel smiled. The angel asked, "Will you stop fainting now?"

Hinata, who was just a tad traumatized, replied sarcastically, "Oh yeah. I can control that."

"Ohh. Sarcasm. Anger's best friend. I would know." She pointed up at her halo. (2)

"You know you're halo is crooked right?"

The angel, Hikari, closed her eyes in agitation. She opened them and righted her halo.

A second later, it was crooked again.



Hikari made a gurgling sound in the back of her throat and tried to right her halo again. Yet again it popped back into crookedness.

With more anger in her motions than last time, she tried to fix her halo again. Yet again…

About 5 tries later, she gave up.

"Goddammit!!! This stupid thing's like a cowlick. It won't stay put."

She yanked it back down.

A loud snap was heard.

Hikari slowly pulled her hand down. It still held the broken piece of halo.

Her face fell and her lips pouted more. "He's going to kick me!!"


Hikari gave Hinata a 'are you serious' look.

As if a light bulb clicked on, "Oh."

"Yeah." She gave a sarcastic smile. "This is the 3rd halo I've broken. And he said the next one would be around my neck so he could tighten it 'till I died!" She looked up at the ceiling and shouted, "Make it straight for once!!"

A bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and struck Hikari.

Hinata's eyes widened as the lightning disappeared and Hikari collapsed face down onto the floor.

A little smoke curl came up from her head. She said into the floor, "I'm sorry. It's perfect crooked. It describes me. Different."

Hinata blinked. Her angel just got shocked by lightning.

Hikari stood up and shook like a dog. A second later, there was a pile of black dust on the floor.

Hikari smiled and asked, "Got anymore questions for me?"

"Yes. Why me? Why doesn't everyone have an angel? And what is that guy, Katashi's, reason for messing with me?"

Hikari rolled her eyes. "Honestly? These are easy questions. Okay. As you know, The Big Man Upstairs watches over everyone. Well, he got tired of watching out for you so much. You always fainted and complicated His job and stuff. So I got the wonderful task," (sarcasm at its finest) "To watch over you. Protect you since you're so nice and good. That answers both questions I think. And Katashi's problem is that he's an angry demon who-"

"You're talking about me? I always knew you liked me."

Hikari glared at Katashi as he folded his glorious black wings into his back.

Hinata nearly swooned. He was still hot, even though she liked blondes.

"Ah Hinata, looking gorgeous as ever." Katashi smiled a charming smile at her, showing off his dimples.

Hinata sighed dreamily.

Hikari looked between them and got upset. (Take a wild guess why)

"Hinata are you okay? I forgot to ask you earlier but are you okay from your heat stroke?"

Hinata looked at the door when she first heard Neji's voice.

"Well, I guess we got to go. Bye Katashi." Hikari gave him a sickly sweet smile that showed how much she wanted to hit him.

Still smiling, Katashi said, "Alright. Goodbye Hikari." He turned and floated to the window. He stopped right before he reached the window.

He looked down at something on the floor.

He bent down and picked up a single white feather.

Katashi turned and faced Hikari. His eyes went from pitch black to blood red. He stroked the feather in his fingers and whispered, "It's softer than it looks."

Hikari gulped in fear. He was a demon. He could kill her. She couldn't kill him.

She turned and looked at Hinata, showing her fear.

Hinata understood her look. "Goodbye Katashi."

Katashi blinked and his eyes returned to normal. He shakily smiled and said, "Goodbye Hinata." He whispered, "Hikari."

He disappeared out the window, taking the feather with him.

Hikari, physically, relaxed.

"Why were his eyes red?" Hinata timidly asked.

"It happens to demons. Whenever they feel strong emotions, their eyes turn red. You just don't know what emotions they're feeling."

"Do yours change?"

Hikari shook her head. "I'm an angel. Not a demon."

"Hinata what's going on? Let me in."

The doorknob rattled as Neji tried to get in.

"I have to go." Hikari quickly made her way to the window.

"Wait! I don't know-"

Hikari turned to Hinata and smiled. "Don't worry. I'll be back. Later tater." And she disappeared out the window as well.

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