Katashi started his search for the elusive Naruto in the most obvious of places. He went to the ramen stand, Team 7's training grounds and he had even spied on Sasuke for a bit, hoping the dark haired male would lead him to his target.

No dice.

He sighed and had decided to just return to the clearing where Hikari always dragged them to, but before he could, he ran into someone.

Katashi smiled charmingly, expecting some stranger buy his smile changed to an evil smirk as he saw it was Naruto.

"Hey Naruto. How are you?"

Naruto blinked in confusion as he looked at the stranger he bumped into. Oh. This was Hinata's friend. She was sweet so she wouldn't hang out with anyone dangerous.

He smiled. "Hi. Um…Katashi right?"

Katashi smiled as he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and lead him farther into the forest. "Yeah, that's right." He squeezed his shoulder as he stopped walking.

Naruto frowned. He didn't like this. He chuckled uneasily as he tried to remove himself from Katashi's hold. "Dude…Um, let me go."

Katashi chuckled. He squeezed Naruto's shoulder harder, effectively holding him still as he slipped his hand under Naruto's shirt and placed it over the seal on Naruto's stomach.

Naruto gasped in pain as a burning sensation began in the swirls of the seal.

Katashi spun his hand to the right and pushed in then rolled it to the left them pulled out.

Naruto growled a second before he slumped unconscious.

He blinked his eyes opened. He looked around himself at the little clearing he was looked up at Katashi and growled.

"Morning Kyuubi."

Letting a growl loose, he stood up. He hated this bastard.

"Long time no see."

"What do you want Katashi?"

Flicking a speck of dirt from his fingernails, Katahi answered, "Visiting old friends."

Kyuubi rolled his eyes and stood up.

Naruto looked the same except…There was something off about him.

Instead of his clear blue laughing eyes, there was now hard red eyes. His blond hair stayed the same. In fact everything looked the same. Yet he was completely different.

Kyuubi asked, "What do you really want? I know you wouldn't see me unless you absolutely had to."

Katashi looked at the trees for a moment. He licked his smiling lips the turned back to Kyuubi.

"Let me buy you a drink."

3 days later…

Hikari and Hinata were lounging on training grounds 8 when Katashi rolled up.

Katashi was slugging along, holding his head. He was wearing the same clothes from when they had last seen him.


"Shut up," he fiercely whispered. "No one talks."

Hinata stood so she could help him sit down.

"Nor move! Ow." Katashi clutched his head in pain.

Hinata looked at him concerned, while Hikari disregarded what he told her.

She walked right up to him and yelled I his ear, "What's wrong?"

Katashi's hand shot out and grabbed her throat and picked her up off the ground. Hikari's eyes shot open in panic and she began clawing at his hand.

He looked at her with red eyes. "Hikari. I put up with your shit normally. Today I'm so f-in hung-over that my brain is dead. I might kill you so back the hell down before I hurt you."

Hikari quickly nodded.

Katashi pushed her way.

Hinata quietly asked, "Why are you hungover?"

"Kyuubi can drink anyone under the table and he normally does." Katashi gently settled on a rock.

"Did you find out?"

"I don't know. "After the third bottle of tequila and the second full glass of vodka, everything get a little fuzzy. However, I do faintly remember getting everything on tape. The only question is where that tape is."

Hikari stared in confusion. She shook her head. Still confused. "So, just to be clear, you got drunk, disappeared for 3 days and allowed the information we needed to get lost. Is that correct?"

Katashi mulled it over. "yeah, pretty muh."

Hikari nodded. She said sadly, "You win Katashi. I give up. You were right. Hinata and Naruto will never be together. I have failed. Now I have to go nd return the wings. Congrats Katashi."

She turned away from him with slumped shoulders, prepared to poof away when a rustle was heard in the trees.

Everyone looked over and saw…

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