Note: I'm so sorry this is taking me so long to update. I want to get all of the stories I started finished. I just...lost interest in writing this one after my father died in 2009 but he always told me to finish what I started. So I'm finishing this story for him.

RIP Daddy

I love you always

Chapter 8: If I said no…

I sat at the table, my eyes on the frozen foods in front of me. Ice fist swam in little glass bowls. By my side was the ice prince with a satisfied half grin on his face. Lavagirl and Phoenix were still looking into each other's eyes lovey dovey like as they ate, running their hands across each other's faces. It was shocking how fast she moved on. I dared steal a glance at Sharkboy, my heart throbbing in my chest as the anger started to boil again. He didn't even look at me as he bent his fork with his right hand. He didn't even notice I was there.

"I would like to give a new toast to our company, for I have finally found a bride." Shiva smiled tapping his spoon against the crystal glass at his side.

"What? So soon brother?" This announcement was enough to cause both Lavagirl and Phoenix to break eye contact, looking up at the ice prince.

"Yes, I feel that after looking long and hard for a bride, finally one has come into my midst with promising qualities." I looked down at the table, my heart racing. What was I going to say? I wasn't ready to become a bride let alone become a queen. I didn't even know what to do about Sharkboy at the moment let alone agree to a marriage!

"Then who is the woman?" Phoenix sounded skeptical about it as if he was hoping it wasn't me.

"Miu." The prince looked down at me, his hand on my shoulder. His flesh was cold to the touch, causing my eyes to close. I knew that that was going to happen, and I wished liked never before that he hadn't meant me.

"This cat?" Phoenix pointed in my direction. I looked up at him hurt. It seemed as if it was turning into a running habit of being called a cat and nothing else.

"Yes. A creature of beauty, cats are. Strong, instinctual, and able to survive harsh weathers. How else would I be able to touch her? She is indeed a creature of great standings." He sat back down, going back to eating.

"I supposed cats are strong."

"Not to mention but they're great pets." Lavagirl smiled at Phoenix. He smiled back nodding.

"Yes they are, they are wonderful pets." I couldn't stand it.

"Excuse me." I stood up, pushing the chair away.

"Where are you going?" Shiva looked at me, his forehead crinkled.

"It's…a bit stuffy in here. I need some air" I lied. Nodding he turned and clapped his hands. A pink ribbon like path led the way from the table do the doorway and down the hall.

"You may follow that path to the Atrium if you desire, I find that that is a good area to sit and breathe." His smile stretched across his face in a warm way. I stared at the smile for a moment. Though it seemed sincere, I felt in my heart that it was fake. Fake and easy to shatter like the ice around me. Turning I made my way from the room. The moment the doors behind me closed I ran. I didn't know where I was going, but I needed to escape. The fear and some other emotions inside of me pushed me on. I was running from something unknown. Something I didn't understand.


No, I don't think it was fully fear that caused me to flee from the room.


No, though I was over flowing with sadness, I don't think it was fully that.

It's betrayal my dear. An echoing voice rang off the walls. Gasping I pulled to a stop and looked around. Nothing. There was nothing in that hall with me. I panted my heart racing. Perhaps there was something in there? Perhaps there was someone in there, hidden in the ice and fire? No no darling, it spoke again. Not among the ice or fire. Not among the light or dark.

"Who are you!" I screeched, that unknown emotion taking over again.

Who am I? Suddenly the lights flickered. Darkness filled the room. The air in front of me shuttered like heat rising in the cold. A dark cloud filled the space, a pair of piercing red eyes staring into my eyes. It took a solid form. A girl with black curled hair, cat ears, a fluffy tail and grey skin with a black tattered dress. Around her neck was a collar that said upon the tag 'Malis.' Who am I? I am you. She spoke her voice haunting, black veins crawling across her grey skin. I gasped, taking a step back. She followed me, taking a step forward to close the gap.

"What do you want with me?" I whimpered.

Me? I wish to be happy. The only way for me to be happy, is to make you happy and I doubt you know how troublesome that is. She crossed her arms, letting her head fall to the side, her neck crackling like the sound of rocks tumbling across each other.

"Well…" I stopped, shaking. Her presence was intimidating. "I… guess it would be…very troublesome." I looked down.

You think? She sniveled at me. As she spoke her lips never moved. It seemed as if she didn't need to open her mouth, speaking with me through her thoughts. Her eyes were large, almost lidless as she looked around the room.

"What kinds of things do you like?" I questioned, feeling slightly sorry for her. She wasn't allowed to be happy because I wasn't. Stopping she looked at me, her lips pulling into a grin.

I like money, and attention, and boys. She sneered, her teeth baring, red fangs under her grey lips. I like fire, and Ice, and heaven and hell. I love it all, happiness, and sadness, death and life, darkness and light! I want it all, but you! She slammed a finger in my direction. I stared at her. You like nothing! You don't like boys, you don't like fire, or ice, you fear the dark! You hate the light! You are abstinent from happiness and avoid sadness! You feel Heaven is beyond your reach and you fear hell! You couldn't care less about money, but there's one thing you and I share. She stopped, her grin switching to one of cruel hatred.

"Wh-what's that?" I squeaked, backing away from her again. She followed me.

Attention, so, what do you say we give you what you want! She shrieked, vanishing into a black cloud. Screaming I whirled around and made my way down the hall, running as fast as I could, fear engulfing me but it was too late. The shadow enveloped me, black tendrils wrapping around my arms, waist, neck and legs pulling me to a stop. I shrieked, thrashing, trying to get away from her. A sickening crackling noise filled the room as the tendrils forced themselves into my nostrils and down my throat. My vision flared red as I choked, my lungs heaving. I tried to scream but failed. Agony flowed through me like a stick through water. Hitting the floor I thrashed, my eyes rolling back in my skull. Everything flashed white, then faded to black as the air about me became cold. The pain dissipated, leaving me in silence and darkness.