Umm… hi (author's note only):

I'm so sorry everyone. I'm just letting everyone know that I'm not quiting on my stories for whatever reason. My teachers decided to overload me with homework since Christmas Break and I'm just now recovering. Now this is important, for no apparent reason whatsoever will I quit any of my stories. I will finish all of them!!! This note is posted on all of my stories and will later be replaced by the chapter so don't get too hyped up or angry at me. Only my classmates who read my stories know about my promise for all of my stories.

Another reason that I haven't been able to update lately is because I'm thinking about creating another account. But in NO way am I deleting or handing over this penname to ANYONE. The only basis for me creating another account is the fact that I was experimenting with this penname to see if I could amount to even the slightest bit of a good writer. The other penname will have more serious stories with a twist of suspense, humor, and romance, unlike some of my stories under this penname.

I would truly appreciate it if you all could give your opinion on my writing. I do realize that my writing starts out extremely simple with almost all of my stories, but in my own defense, I feel that I've improved since when I had started out in the beginning.

Thanks for being so patient you guys! And if you haven't been, then I don't really know what to say to you but to not track me down and kill me.


Sorry again,