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"You have half an hour miss Swan." I was informed, I sighed, I still hadn't picked between the blue or the pink dress. They were both equally nice, they both came a little above my knee but were conservative enough for an inauguration.

That's right my dad, Charlie Swan was going to be inaugurated today. I would soon be the first daughter. And because of that I had to get up at five in the morning to be primped and ready for the long and boring day ahead. So back to my dilemma: pink or Blue?

"Miss Swan?" my personal assistant asked, well she wasn't really my assistant more like a nanny that my dad had hired to make sure I didn't get in to much trouble and was on track.


"Miss Cullen is here to see you." She informed me. I wracked my brain for who she was. "It's the vice president's daughter." Oh now it hit me. Mr. Cullen was going to be my father's vice president, I hadn't heard much about his children because they had been sent off to some privet school in Sweden, all I knew was that his two sons where always in the tabloids for some scandal or something. They must be back for the ceremony.

"Oh Yah sure let her in." I wrapped my bath robe around me a little tighter. I was a little nervous to meet her, I didn't know much about her, I was scared that she would be stuck up and wouldn't like me very much. My dad had been a senator and had only recently been taken seriously for his politics; he was a fairly new name in this world. But everyone knew the Cullens, they were like the other Kennedys.

The door opened to revile a short girl with short black hair that stuck out in different directions but still looked styled and well taken care of. She had a beautiful sprit like face with a huge smile; myself esteem took a big hit. She danced towards me, I say danced because walking just didn't cover it.

"Hi." She said before wrapping me up in a big hug, well I guess I didn't have to worry about her liking me.

"Hi, you must be Alice." She let me go and gave me a nod.

"Yup and you must be Isabella."

"Bella actually."

"Oh okay," she paused taking me in, I felt a little awkward but she broke the silence, "I'm so excited to finally meet you, weird that it took this long though, I just had to finish up my term in school before my dad let me come over."


"So are you excited?" I shrugged, I was excited, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be in front of all those people and getting my picture taken. I didn't have to ask if she was, she could hardly stay in one place from how much she was hopping up and down.

"Well what are you wearing?" she asked. I looked to see what she was wearing and frowned, great I was never going to look that good. She was wearing a pink dress that had little diamonds trimming the top and small floral designs all along. It clung tight to her body and came mid-thigh, the spaghetti straps were covered by a small short sleeved jacket that was the same color pink. She was wearing heals but even so she was still way shorter than me.

"What's wrong?" she asked, "Do I have some thing on my dress?" she started to sound panicked.

"No, no nothing's wrong I just realized that I won't look half as good when I'm standing next to you today. She smiled.

"Yah right have you checked yourself in the mirror, You worken' that up-do." She laughed.

"I still don't know what to wear though." I whined.

"Why don't you just wear the blue dress, that why we won't both be in pink." She did have a point. If I was going to have to stand next to her and be judged it would at least dull the blow if we weren't wearing the same thing, that would only lead to a 'who wore it best' section in the next US WEEKLY. I went into the bathroom to change, I came out and Alice gasped.

"Bella you look great!" I rolled my eyes. "No really look." She brought me over to the mirror; I did actually look pretty nice, not too bad.

"Ladies!" My nanny warned us.

"coming!" I yelled back. "God she is so annoying."

"Tell me about it." We both rolled our eyes and decided we should probably get going. We went out into the main room where my nanny was waiting with the secret service, both mine and Alice's.

"Hey do you want to ride with me and my brothers?" she asked as we were getting out coats on.

"I can't sorry, I have to ride with my dad." I really did want to go, Alice was really nice and I was excited to have made a friend in all this mess, what with moving and all the attention and the no freedom thing. It was nice to have someone who could show me the ropes.

"Oh yah, well I'll see you soon." She waved good bye and got into her car, I couldn't see but I could make out four other figures in the car. That must have been Mr. Cullen and his wife and two other sons. Now that I thought of it, where was my dad?

"Bells you ready?" I heard him ask right as I turned around. He looked really nervous but still dashing in his suit.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I gave him a small hug.

"Yah." He said shakily.

"You'll do fine, I'll be right there if you mess up." He gave me a stern look. "Not that I think you can't get through this without messing up." I back tracked.

"Sir your limos here." Man in a black suit, glasses and an ear piece dangling from him announced, saved by the man in black I thought. We were ushered into the back of a limo, I was starting to get jittery, I could only imagine how my dad felt.

We had to pick up the current president and his wife and then we would head off to the actual inauguration. I frowned there were already cameras everywhere, my every move was being broadcasted to the country and maybe even world right now, wonderful. Just another average Tuesday morning for a girl.

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