A Hiccup in Time

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Author's Note: This story is a step away from what I usually write. It will be a de-aged story where Sam is outwardly transformed by a demigod into a three year old, but still retains the mind of a twenty-two year old. The story takes place right after the episode Salvation and John will be an integral part of the story.


As Dean and Sam followed their dad in his black, two door 1986 GMC Sierra Grande pick up truck, they contemplated the hunt ahead. They were on their way to Wintonville, Georgia to investigate the possible sighting of a Kupua demon who had been terrorizing the small town. Upon doing some research, Sam had found that Kupuas were considered to be demigods who had cruel and vindictive spirits. These demigods were also known to be tricksters who enjoyed tormenting their with utmost satisfaction before consuming their bodies at a later time. In the last year alone, the Kupua they would be hunting had supposedly tortured and killed eleven people. While that in itself meant the thing had to be taken care of, Sam was worried about another aspect he had found while researching. According to a couple of articles, Kupua's at one time had the power to manipulate time to their advantage. He had mentioned this to his dad, but John just shrugged it off as hearsay since it had never really been proven.

"Dean, I'm not so sure about this one. I think we should call Bobby and see what he thinks. Something just feel off about this hunt to me" Sam said after reaching over to turn down the radio. He had a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach over the last few hours and he just couldn't seem to shake it. He wasn't sure why, but he just knew something would go wrong with the hunt.

"Everything is off about you little brother" Dean smirked a he reached out to pat Sammy on the knee. He couldn't help but feel that Sam's nerves were getting the better of him. Things had been a little tense after their last hunt in Salvation, especially after their dad had learned about Sammy's visions.

"Come on Dean, I'm being serious here" Sam stated as he rolled his eyes at Dean's playful banter.

"What's got you upset Sammy, did you have another one of those freaky visions in your dreams?" Dean asked knowing that Sam had slept for half of the journey. He hadn't noticed Sam acting restless in lumber and hoped he hadn't missed anything where his brother was concerned.

"No, it's not that. It's just that I have this feeling, sort of like you know something is going to happen but you don't know what or when" Sam replied as he fiddled with a hole in the knee of his jeans realizing just how stupid he sounded.

"Sam I'm sure nothing's wrong, but if it will make you feel better I'll talk to dad about calling Bobby when we get to the motel."

"Thanks Dean" Sam replied as he returned his focus to the road ahead. At least Dean had been willing to listen to him, now they just had to convince their dad.

Focusing on the truck ahead Dean turned on his right turn signal and followed his dad's truck off of the interstate just outside of Atlanta. They had been on the road for the better part of twelve hours and needed to stop for the night. As his dad pulled off the road and into a motel parking lot, Dean groaned at the sight of it. The outside of the building looked like it hadn't been painted in years and half of the lights in the vacancy sign didn't work. "Great, looks like dad has picked another fleabag motel. I bet the beds will have lumpy mattresses with the springs poking through"

He watched as his dad returned from the motel office and followed him down to the end of the building where he parked in front of door 118. He and Sam climbed out of the car and stretched as their dad got out of his truck.

"Here Sammy, go unlock the door" John said as he tossed him an actual key instead of the keycards that newer places used to unlock their doors. "Dean will get your things for you."

"Gee, thanks dad" Dean groaned tired from the long drive as he walked to the back of the Impala to get his and Sammy's duffle bags along with the weapons that needed cleaning.

Upon walking into the door, Dean was surprised to see how nice and tidy the room looked. Glancing over to the beds, he noticed that they were both queens and that they actually looked like they were in pretty good shape. He walked over and placed his duffle bag at the foot of the bed furthest from the door knowing his dad would want the one beside the door. "I call dibs on this bed" Dean replied with a smile as he looked over at Sammy with a smug look upon his face. "Sorry bro, but it looks like you get the roll-away this time.

"Sorry Ace, but they didn't have any roll-aways and since there is no way Sammy will fit on the couch over there, it'll all yours for the night"

"That's just frigging great" Dean replied with a pout thinking about how uncomfortable his night was going to be.

'It's alright Dean, I'll take the couch" Sam replied as he shrugged out of his jacket and placed it over the chair by the wall. "I probably won't get much sleep anyway."

"And that's just why your taking the bed kiddo" John said as he lay on hand on Sammy's shoulder. "Don't think I haven't noticed how little sleep you've gotten over the past few nights. I need you fresh for this hunt and that means getting a full night of sleep, something you won't get if you're too cramped on the couch.."

"But dad, I can…"

"No Sammy, dad's right. You do need your rest kiddo since you're beginning to look like a raccoon around the eyes. Why don't you go get first shower while dad and I talk." Dean encouraged his younger brother.

"Yeah, okay" Sam said as he pulled a clean pair of sweats and boxers from his duffle bag before walking into the bathroom.

After he watched his brother close the door, Dean talked to his dad about Sammy's concerns. In the end, they both decided that the lack of sleep probably played a huge part in the way that Sammy was feeling, but John promised to consider making the call tomorrow morning. Deciding to call it a night, they shed their jeans and was just getting settled when Sam came out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam.

"Time for bed son" John announced watching as Sam rolled his eyes before quietly slipping into the empty bed on the left bed. "G'night boys" John whispered before turning out the light and setting in for a good night's rest.

A few hours later however, John was instantly awakened by a rustling sound. He threw the covers off of his legs as he sat up on the bed, He could see the shadow of someone moving silently across the room and slowly reached under the pillow on his bed to grab his pistol.

"S'okay dad, it's just me" Dean whispered as he walked over towards his baby brother's bed where Sam was moving restlessly about. "Sammy's been having trouble with nightmares ever since I picked him up from Palo Alto. "Relax tiger, you're safe" Dean said soothingly as tried to ease Sammy back into a deep sleep before he could awaken fully.

John rubbed a hand across his face as he saw Dean sit on the edge of Sammy's bed and card his fingers through Sammy's hair. He heard him whisper words of encouragement and felt slightly out of place watching his oldest care for his youngest in a way he should have been doing himself.

"Go back to sleep dad, I've got him" Dean said as he smiled at his dad in the dark not knowing if he could see it. Sam had always been his responsibility and he saw no reason for that to change now that their dad was back in their lives. Dean sat beside his brother and comforted him until he heard the sound of deep even breathing indicating that Sam had relaxed fully into sleep once again.


Early the next afternoon found the Winchesters on the outskirts of Wintonville State Park where the last attack had been reported. The park encompassed five hundred acres of dense foliage providing plenty of coverage for the Kupua demon to make its attacks. Grabbing the gear they needed for the hunt, John and his boys set off on foot following the west end hiking trail where most of the bodies had been found.

As they made their way further into the park, John began to notice intermittent demonic symbols carved into the trees. "Watch your backs boys" John whispered as he ran his fingers over what appeared to be a centaur's head with symbols that he didn't recognize. Taking lead position once again, he followed the path of broken branches and trampled grass hoping it would lead them to the demon's hideout.

They had hiked approximately ten miles when they happened upon an open area surrounded by large boulders that seemed out of place. On the boulders, John noticed what at first appeared to be graffiti but on second glance appeared to be demonic incantations. "Shit" he whispered as he realized his big mistake upon recognizing a few of the symbols--he had just led his boys right into a trap in his eagerness to find the creature quick. The demon had protected it's habitat making sure all who entered would pay.

"Let's get the hell out of here" John shouted just as a lightning bolt appeared out of the clear blue sky and struck a tree causing it to fall and hamper their escape. He watched as his boys dove for cover in different directions before taking shelter himself behind the nearest boulder. As he heard the creature chanting, he yelled to check on his boys. "Dean, Sammy, are you boys okay?"

He was relieved to hear the voice of his oldest call out that he was fine and waited for Sammy's to confirm that he was also okay. Upon hearing no sound, he became anxious. "Dean, can you see your brother?" he hissed as he heard the Kupua finish the incantation it had been voicing over the past couple of minutes.

"No Sir" Dean stated as his eyes scanner the area where he had seen Sammy dive for cover. He wondered if Sammy had accidentally hit his head on something and knocked himself out. He was just about to make his way over to the area when he heard the demon begin to speak.

"And so the mighty hunters have arrived thinking they could take on the majesty of all that is me. You hunters should no by now that no good comes of all the time you spend chasing us demigods down. Since you seem to have so much time on your hands, I give you something to fill that time." The demon stated in vain satisfaction as it snapped it's fingers. Suddenly a child of approximately three years of age appeared naked in the middle of the clearing sitting on his little behind.

"What the hell did it mean by that?" John questioned as he looked at the child when suddenly he realized just how familiar the child looked with his curly brown locks and expressive, puppy dog eyes.

"No way, that can't be" Dean stated as he looked the child over intently. "It's just not possible. His suspicions however were soon confirmed as he heard inappropriate words for a three year old coming out of the child's mouth.

"Son of a bitch, I knew something would go wrong with this frigging hunt" Sammy yelled in a toddler's voice as he glanced at his tiny hands and feet. He pushed himself to his feet and put tiny hands to his hips as he glared over at his father and Dean. "Now what in the hell are we supposed to do?"

TBC I am not sure if this is worth continuing or not. Please give me your honest opinion about whether or not you would like to see more of the story. I plan to add some humor as well as angst while John and Dean try to take care of a toddler sized Sam with an adult sized attitude. But if you think it is awful, I will delete the story.