A Hiccup in Time Ch. 38

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Previously:"Whoa there kiddo, you're body has got to get used to being adult sized again." John stated as he wrapped an arm around Sam's waist in support. "Just take it easy and let me help you."

As time slowly passed over the next two weeks at Singer Salvage, John and Dean had started putting Sammy through the paces of training to build up his energy and muscles once again. They had started out with the simple exercise of walking a couple of miles since they didn't want to overexert Sam to begin with. A couple of days later, they had him step up the pace a little by jogging. Dean set the pace with Sam jogging beside him while John drove the Impala behind them to make sure his youngest had a place to rest if he needed it. By the middle of the second week, Sam had graduated to running laps and doing calisthenics and was now at the point where he was sparring with his brother once again.

Sitting at the lunch table later that afternoon, John watched as Sam and Dean walked in after having just finished another round of sparring. He couldn't help but notice how much more healthier Sam looked now than he did just a few short weeks ago. Watching as the boys washed up, he wondered what Sam would think about getting back into the hunt again. Now that things had returned to normal, he was feeling that old familiar itch to be burning up the pavement as they set off to find another hunt. As he watched his boys take their place at the table, he decided he would approach them later this evening about taking on a small hunt to get them back into the hunting mode. "So how did the sparing go boys?" John questioned as Sam sat down opposite of him while Dean took the seat beside his brother.

"Sammy did great." Dean offered as he picked up his steak knife and began to cut a small chunk of the mouth watering meat. "The kid damn near kicked my ass."

"What do you mean damn near kicked you ass. You know I got in quite a few good hits." Sam stated as he sipped on his glass of iced tea.

"Only because I let you dude." Dean answered only to feel a sudden pain in his shoulder as Sam slugged him with his fist. "Ow, what the hell did you do that for?" Dean questioned as he rubbed his aching shoulder.

"To show you that you don't have to take it easy on me Dean. I'm a big boy now and I can take care of myself. You don't have to watch over me anymore." Sam answered with an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah, well, it wasn't so long ago that you were toddler sized kiddo. It's gonna take some time for me to get used to you being able to take care of yourself once again." Dean stated with a wistful sigh. "But whether you like it or not Sammy, I'm always going to be there watching out for you. I've done it my whole life and can't change something that comes as naturally as breathing to me."

"Yeah, I know you will." Sam replied with a smile knowing he had the best big brother that anyone could ask for.

"Well, if you two idjits are finished with your little chick flick moment, you need to git to eating." Bobby said with a smirk after having witnessed the tender moment between the brothers. "I slaved long and hard over those steaks and you're going to eat every damned bite."

"Yeah, yeah" Dean replied as he cut off a piece and dipped into some steak sauce before putting it in his mouth. It sure felt good to have things back to normal once again.


Later that evening as the Winchesters were working to replace an old engine in one of the cars Bobby had been working on, John decided it was time to see what his boys thought about getting back to the hunt. Reaching out for a socket wrench, he said, "Hey boys, I've been thinking. Maybe it's time we…" He left the sentence unfinished as he heard his youngest groan in pain. "Sammy?" He questioned as he stopped working and turned around to find Sam with both hands clasped to his head, pain lines very evident on his face.

"It's time we what?" Dean questioned from beneath the car as he was working on the bottom part of the engine wondering why his dad had quit talking mid-sentence. Upon receiving no answer, he was about to ask again when he heard Sammy cry out in obvious pain.

Handing his dad the socket wrench, Sam winced as he began to feel that familiar blinding pain behind his eyes. Shaking his head, he tried to alleviate the stabbing pains that were quickly becoming overwhelming causing him to groan. Suddenly, he heard his dad's voice talking but he couldn't make out the words due to the immense pain he was suffering.

"Sammy, what is it, what's wrong?" John voiced in concern for the distress his child was obviously suffering.

"My he-head, it….guh!" Sam cried out as his knees gave away and he started to collapse. He never hit the ground however as John caught him in his arms and gently lowered him to the ground by which time Dean had climbed out from under the car and was now at his baby brother side.

"Dad, what the hell?" Dean questioned as he watched his dad supporting Sammy's upper body against his chest.

"Vision" John stated solemnly as he waited helplessly for his youngest to come out of the scene that was now playing out in his head. Feeling a need to do something, he lightly carded his fingers through Sammy's hairs. "S'okay tiger, you're going to be okay. We're here for you."

Sam however was unable to hear the comforting words as he was watched a morbid scene being played out before him. Sammy watched in bright and vivid technicolor as demons took over an old four story apartment building. He watched as his unconscious father was tied to a bed and beaten unmercifully. Not wanting to watch anymore, he tried to withdraw from the vision but found himself held tight as the yellow eyed demon appeared before him, looking him right in the eye. "Soon my child, soon you will join me." The demon stated before it disappeared from view and Sam was released from the vision.

"Nooo." Sam voiced weakly before his stomach rebelled on him and he lurched out of his father's arms. Stumbling a few feet away, he fell to his hands and knees and began to expel everything he had eaten during the day.

Dean knew immediately that his brother was going to be sick upon awaking from the vision by the look on his face. Something had scared the shit out of him and he could see the fear in his brothers eyes just before that look he always got when he was going to be physically sick. He watched only for a second as Sam stumbled before soon following him. As Sam fell to his knees and began heaving, Dean bent down and began to rub soothing circles on his back as he wrapped his other arm around Sam's waist in support. "Let it out Sammy, I've gotcha." He whispered as he felt the shivers running through his baby brother's body. Once the dry heaves had stopped and Sammy slumped back into his arms, Dean waited for his little brother to tell him about what he saw. He knew if he pushed him too hard, Sam would just clam up and keep things to himself.

Finally pulling himself together, Sam glanced up into the worried eyes of his brother. "M'okay Dean." He said with a shaky voice as he rubbed a hand across his mouth. Knowing that Dean was waiting for him to reveal the details of his vision and would worry about him until he did, he took a deep breath and said, "The demons, they uh, they had dad. He was tied to a bed in some kind of apartment building and they were uh, they were be-beating him." He looked over towards his dad to see a momentary look of shock on his face before his dad was able to mask it.

"Well now that we know what they're planning, we'll be ready to take them on if and when they make their move. No ones taking dad away from us, I promise you that kiddo." Dean stated with conviction as he helped Sam to his feet and guided him towards Bobby's house.

"Dean's right kiddo, they've lost their element of surprise now and we'll be ready when it happens." John said as he took up his position on the other side of Sammy as his boys walked to the house. He had a funny feeling that they were being watched and he wanted to make sure Sammy was safely positioned between him and Dean. Before entering the house, he surreptitiously scanned the yard before closing the door and watching as Dean led his baby brother towards the sofa

Walking into the house, Sam allowed himself to be led towards the sofa where he could lay down and rest since he now had a thunder boomer of a headache. As he lay on his side and closed his eyes, he felt something draped over him and instantly recognized the smell of Dean's leather jacket and smiled. A distinctive aura of being safe enveloped him with the familiar smell and he drifted off to sleep knowing his family was watching over him.


Hearing Bobby's voice coming from the kitchen, John walked in to tell him about Sam's vision only to find him on the phone. By the serious look on Bobby's face, he could tell the man was involved in a heavy duty conversation about some supernatural occurrence. Running a hand through his hair, he traipsed over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of the aromatic brew. Pulling out a chair from the table, he sat down to wait as Bobby finished his conversation.

"Okay, yeah, thanks for the information Randall, I'll get back to you soon." Bobby said as he hung up the phone with a deep sigh. He knew that once he relayed the information he had been given to John, the Winchesters would soon be on the road again and he wasn't looking forward to it. Hell, he knew it was bound to happen soon or later now that Sam had been returned to the man he was, he just didn't think it would be so soon.

"Bobby, is everything okay?" John queried as he saw a sad look cross the hunter's face.

"Yeah, it's just…aw hell John, looks like that yellow eyed bastard is up to something. Just got a call from Randall Cummings. He told me there have been some cattle mutilations and electrical storms occurring in Jefferson City, Missouri.

"I kind of figured you were going to say something along those lines." John informed his old friend with a tight smile. "Sammy just had a vision outside while we were working on that old engine about the demon. It threw the kid for a loop. He's in the living room now sleeping off the headache it caused." John stated as he took another sip of his coffee.

"I guess you and the boys will be taking off soon then to check out this latest information." Bobby voiced with a hint of despair in his voice.

"Yeah, we cant pass up any opportunity to possibly take down the bastard that killed Mary and Sammy's girl." John replied hating the hurt it caused for his old friend. He knew Bobby was going to be upset by their leaving, especially after they had been through so much together over the past month or so. "Bobby, I know it's going to be hard on you watching the boys leave, but we have to kill the yellow eyed demon if Sammy is ever going to have a chance at a normal life."

"Hell John, I know that. It's just that, well, it's going to be kind of quiet and lonely after you and the boys leave. I've gotten used to having you stubborn assed Winchesters around." Bobby retorted as he pulled off his ball cap and ran his fingers through his hair.

"The boys have pretty well gotten used to staying here too." John stated knowing how hard it was going to be on his boys to have to hit the road again, especially Sammy. Hell, if he were honest with himself, it was going to be hard on him too since he got used to the idea of having a place to call home. "I guess I better go break the news to the boys. We'll leave first thing in the morning so Sammy can have a chance to recover from that after effects of that vision." John said as he pushed away from the table and slowly walked to the living room knowing it was going to be a long night.


Leaning against a tree on the edge of Bobby's property later that night, the YED smiled in satisfaction as he felt the sadness emanating from the house he stood watching. He knew the Winchester family was inside making plans to leave in the morning after the vision he had sent their youngest. He reveled in knowing his chosen one would soon be within his grasp and that the family which had plagued him for years would soon be torn asunder, never to bother the demon world again.

The End I want to thank each and every once of you for sticking with me throughout this story and I truly hope you've enjoyed the ride. I have had so much fun writing it and incorporating ideas that some of you asked to see in your reviews. When I first started this one, I never would have thought I could have so much fun with writing. Maxandkiz, I can't thank you enough for challenging me to write a story where Sammy was de-aged….it had been one of the best experiences for me.