What if the G.I Joe has to fight their loved ones when Cobra has made a new weapon which makes Scarlett, Cover Girl and Lady Jaye fall under the control of Cobra?

I don't own G.I Joe or any rights to it some things may be a bit miss spelled and charters may be a bit OOC which means out of character.

'Thought' Snake eyes sign language "talking"

In Cobra Lair South America

Dr. Mindbender was busy working on a new project for Cobra commander which he was very pleased with since he was on the very final stage of it 'thehehh now those Joe's will see what happens when you miss with Cobra not when you have to fight someone close to you' while he was just about to put the final touches on the project he was interrupted by Cobra Commander on the Screen "Dr MINDERBEANDER have you finished the project yet am getting very impatient wait for you to tell us of your so great plan you have for the G.I Joes now" The Commander yelled through the Com Link. Mindbender began to speak as he replied to the Commander Voice "Aww yes Commander Yes I was about the project I am done and ready to show you what I have created Cobra Commander" the "Good be ready to show us what you have created for us Mindbender And it better be good or else I find someone who can actually do something use full here" replied Commander "Do not worry Cobra Commander it will defiantly please you as to how My new plan will work out for us I will see you and everyone else very soon." 'That i foul doesn't know what he saying hah well I show him"


Elsewhere at the Joes Place

Road block was once aging having his famous ribs and burgers at his Aunt and uncle's resterant and all the team was there having fun and celebrating a well deserved rest while he was cooking away. Shipwreck was busying himself with Polly who kept whistling as any Pretty Girl past by making him the subject of many slaps and glare winch was not helping him in getting good with the ladies "dang Polly Would you stop doing that like I have restrain order cause of you bird" "quawnkkkkkk Polly thinks it funny quakkkkk funny" Polly replied 'now my own bird hates me' thought Shipwreck as he went over to his sent in shame as Polly kept tormenting him "quawkkkkkk".


Over by the beach sand our very own lovely Scarlett was sitting by herself well not exactly by herself she did have Timber who was busy soaking up the sun as the little fan Scarlett brought for him cooled him off. She was just about to settle down when a shadow appered out of now where Timber immediately jumped up in fort of her….

Lioness of the fire

What has happen to Scarlett who the shadow appearing out of now where

Find out next time