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This is the continuation of New Beginnings. This story will delve into Starscream and many other's past, and give light onto what really happened before Optimus came into the picture.

Hopefully this one is better than the rest! So, enjoy!

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Starscream made his way from the corridor of his quarters near the rec room. He didn't even look into the room when he stopped by the threshold and listened to the others talking amid themselves.

No one noticed him standing there at first, but they all stopped talking, looking at each other curiously before they had even turned to see what had caused a strange sensation to run through them. It was as if his presence alone was invoking a foreshadowing that caused trepidation to run through the sparks and guts of all present.

Thundercracker and Skywarp both turned simultaneously, looking at him before any of the others had. As if they had heard him call to them.

Skywarp cringed at the feeling that overcame him and crept into his own spark, "Are you alright, Starscream?" he asked. Everyone else turned to look at Starscream after Skywarp had announced him being there.

"I am functional," Starscream replied evenly, his green optics glancing at everyone whose attention was now on him. He tilted and turned his head and headed for the main exit without another peep. Before he got outside, he suddenly heard a familiar voice call him, "Starscream, wait!"

"What is it, Thundercracker?" he didn't even look at him.

"Well, I uh," Thundercracker was at a sudden loss of words and he could not figure a reason why, "will flying help you?" He asked stupidly.

"Nothing but waiting will help me, Thundercracker,"

Well that had to be one of the more unusual things to come from Starscream's vocal processor, "Waiting? What are you waiting for?"

Starscream turned his head slightly to peer at his wing mate from the corner of his optic before his head righted itself and he leapt out the door, transformed and disappeared into the sky without a word.

"What was all that about?" Skywarp stepped up behind Thundercracker.

"I don't know," the bluish colored jet answered, "he's acting really bizarre,"

"You're telling me! He walked into the room and he was like giving off this vibe," Skywarp tapped his chin in thought, the soft clank heard in the silence of the main room, "as if the Unmaker himself had overcome him,"

"Maybe we should have Ratchet check him," Thundercracker peered toward the door where their wing mate left them.

"You ain't kiddin', TC. Something is really off beam with the twerp," Skywarp put his hands on his hips as he followed Thundercracker's line of sight.


Back in his office, Optimus stared at the data pad he had yet to even turn on. Too many things about his encounter with Starscream earlier had his mind reeling. What was the youngling going on about? Why was he acting so cryptic? Why did he leave this feeling with him when he left, like a forewarning he could not construe?

The sound of his door opening made him break away from his thoughts as he looked up, "Can I help you, Wheeljack?"

"Actually, yes, I was wondering if you have cleared Starscream as of yet?"

"No, Wheeljack, I'm sorry, something has come up," Optimus looked down again, his thoughts going back to the previous hours. Wheeljack could sense that something was wrong with his leader, "Is everything okay, sir?"

"Wheeljack," Optimus started to say something, and then he sighed, defeated. There was no way he could possibly put into words what had happened in Starscream's quarters, "Never mind," he didn't even look up.

"Very well, Optimus," Wheeljack frowned slightly with disappointment and headed for his own lab. He wanted to ask Starscream what those vibrations were that he was emanating, but figured it could wait.


In the sky, Starscream broke the sound barrier as he flew. Going over his memories, he couldn't believe he had actually died so many times. Remembering each death was such a painful thought, but in the end it showed him he had no reason to fear it. Hopefully it wouldn't go to his head.

He continued to file memories away as they flooded him, showing him everything he had apparently been forced to forget, including that tyrant Megatron. As he watched his memories, he was curious at himself as to why he stuck around him. After all, Megatron was never kind to him as far as he could remember.

Why did he follow him again? Why had he joined with the Decepticons in the first place? Maybe it was that promise of power, one he, at the time, truly believed belonged to him.

Not now, though. Now, he knew where power lied and knew he held a match in the wind of a hurricane in comparison to the powers out there.

That only brought him back to his questioning. Why had he followed Megatron, remaining practically by his side through all of that torture, even going so far as staying his Second in Command? Was it some kind of deep programming in his spark? Perhaps it was a better way to keep an optic on him, because he was the Lord High Protector of the Allspark and Cybertron. He spun barrel rolls in the clouds as his thoughts drifted, deciding to do a search into his memory for everything that had to do with Megatron. He figured to find his answers, he would have to root through them all and hopefully get a lead.

He didn't have much information on him. Only as much as he had seen him or been around him. He searched though all of his downloaded data, seeking anything that could help him. He did find out one thing, and it wasn't all that surprising. Megatron was old as dirt, 'That makes all of us,' he thought to himself as he flew on, hell, Megatron was older than Optimus himself was.

And come to think of it, Optimus was someone to look into also, but not right now.

He snorted, trudging deeper into his memory files as he searched for answers, leading back to before Optimus was Prime. Before Sentinel Prime. Each time, Starscream had been watching him or been by his side.

It was around that time that made his wing dip as he flew, watching the memories about the Lord High Protector. What he saw made him gasp, his engines sputtered.

'No! This can't be!' he hissed and quickly he dipped sideways, his rudders pulling harshly as he turned himself around, making his way back to the base. He couldn't tell anyone any of what he had learned. He already knew they knew nothing of their very own past, so telling them would be moot.

With this new information, he needed to formulate a plan and he set himself a plot. It didn't make any sense to him as to how Megatron was who he was, and how he managed to escape, although it did answer some questions about his betrayal and possibly why he wanted the Allspark for himself.

There was no doubt in his mind that if things went the way he feared they could, then things would get very hairy, and knowing Murphy's Law, which wasn't unheard of in some form on Cybertron, it would.

"Primus, my Liege, where are you now?" He asked to no one in particular. He decided that he needed to get back to him. Perhaps some answers could come from Primus himself, given the Cybertronians hadn't destroyed him in their war.

Back at the base, the thunder of engines filled the air as Starscream landed hard on the ground. Everyone who saw him wondered what seemed to be so… off about him. One minute, he's like a walking reaper, the next, he's ignorant as he started past people, the look on his faceplates was more of frustration than anything.

He was on his way to his creator's office, he knew needed to talk to him immediately. He pushed past people without a thought as he nearly ran, knocking a few of them out of the way. The door opened on it's own accord, yet Optimus didn't have to worry about who had opened it. Starscream found Optimus deep in thought. The leader looked up solemnly, "Something wrong, Starscream?"

"I need to go back to Primus," Starscream suddenly muttered as he shut the door behind himself, making sure no one else heard.

Optimus hiked an optic ridge. That had to be one the strangest comments thus far, "What do you mean 'back to Primus'?"

"I keep forgetting about the way you all were taught," Starscream looked away as if thinking, then looked back, "Cybertron,"

"Cybertron? Why didn't you just say that?" Optimus asked, "Why would you need to go back to Cybertron?"

"Primus – Cybertron, Cybertron – Primus, it's all the same slag thing!" Starscream's personality seemed to take on a whole different person, as if he was suddenly the mech that was working for Megatron again, "I cannot grasp how… how much you all do not know!"

The Leader was curious as to Starscream's outburst, but didn't question it, feeling there had to be a reason behind it, "Then tell me," Optimus offered, "here and now, spill it all," his voice took on a demanding tone.

"None of you are ready for it," Starscream looked to the side in frustration, away from his creator's intense stare.

"You are hiding something Starscream," Optimus accused.

"So what if I am?" Starscream shot back, his green optics meeting his creator's, "It's not like there is anything any of you could do about it! Hell, I can't even do anything about it!"

"Maybe talking about it wi-"

"No," Starscream said simply, cutting Optimus off.

Optimus furrowed his optic ridges in slight anger and disappointment, "I am Prime, you don't have to hide it from me,"

"Don't flatter yourself, I'm hiding it from everyone."

"I see," Optimus said slowly with heightened suspicion at Starscream's attitude.

"I've decided that I'm going back to Pri – back to Cybertron," Starscream leaned on Optimus' desk with his hands, hanging over his creator, the look in his optics were serious to a fault.

"Maybe we all need to go back," Optimus suggested.

"What? Are you crazy? Listen to yourself! How do you plan to get back there? Walk? Good luck on that!" Starscream scoffed, his optics never left Optimus'.

"There's nothing left on Cybertron, Starscream, it's destroyed. Why go back? We don't even have the Allspark to bring it back to it's former glory,"

"That," Starscream's optics turned angry, "is where you are wrong,"


Starscream stood up and walked towards the door, but by the time he got to it, his demeanor suddenly took a summersault, which Made Optimus' optic twitch, "None of you know where the Allspark came from, and now there is a possibility to get it back," His voice even went back to it's cryptic tone.