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Skywarp had veered off from Starscream, headed to Stanix to find Decepticon stragglers that might have not heard the call of duty or ignored it.

Thundercracker headed for Polyhex. They figured, if anything, spreading out to the cities separately would find others faster.

A few hours later, Barricade had decided to join Starscream and his trine in the hunt for other 'Cons or 'Bots, and thus took off from the growing group in Iacon, determined to gather as many as she could find for their cause. She headed for Vos, knowing the streets all too well from her underground racing days. She figured she would find any that might have been hiding while Starscream searched in Altihex and the surrounding cities there. When she did find others, she sent them to Iacon with orders to follow Optimus Prime or one of the 'green optic mechs'. This is also where she found Sunstorm. She had thought all of the Seekers were back with the group in Iacon, "Sunstorm, why are you still here?" she asked.

"I was waiting for Breakdown and Dead End, have you seen them?"

"No, but I am hunting for 'Cons, perhaps we will find them on the way," She offered.

"Very well," He transformed and followed her.

"Where is the rest of the team?"

"I'm not sure," Sunstorm replied as he flew just ahead of her, "They were supposed to all meet up together in case Menasor was needed in the front lines."

"They aren't a help if their spread out!" Barricade hissed as she drove down the main street of Vos, her scanners on full as she looked for other Autobots or Decepticons that might have sought refuge here.


Back at Iacon, where the war was to take place, the group had gotten into the hundreds. Some doubting why they were even there, but all ready for a fight that they had been told was coming.

"You sure there is going to be a war?" Scavenger had asked, somewhat doubting any war was going to happen in the first place.

"Positive," Ironhide nudged him with an arm.

"With who?" Astrotrain suddenly asked, walking to the two to find out more information.

"Megatron and apparently 4 other groupies,"

"Why are we fighting Megatron again? He's the Decepticon Commander for Primus' sake!"

"Not anymore he isn't," Ironhide reached up and fiddled with one of his cannons, taking aim to check his target speed.

"And we really need all of us to take down 5 simple mechs?"

"I wouldn't use the word simple if I were you." Sunstreaker growled.

"This is ridiculous!" Swindle hissed.

"Everyone, I need your attention please," The Autobot Commander called out. The group started to get quieter, wondering what was up with Optimus. With him stood Vector Prime. He waited until everything calmed down somewhat, "All of you. I know you have all been briefed about the Ancients, and I know some of you still doubt what is going on, but I assure you that everything is true. There are 10 Ancients standing among you all now."

"What do you mean 10? I heard there were 13!" Mirage suddenly called out.

"That is true," Vector Prime said, stepping forward.

"Then where are the others?"

"Well, we haven't found 2 of them yet and Megatron is one of them,"

A round 'What?' was heard and he put his own hand up, "Yes, and he is the enemy. He was the enemy when he betrayed us during our first war. He is in cohorts with Unicron. Do not let him fool you!"

"This is no longer a civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. This is a fight for your planet, a fight from eradication. Be prepared to fight for not only your cities, but your life," Vector Prime looked over the large group.

"Now, what I need now is some cooperation on all of your parts. Everyone will be sent into different groups. All fliers and Seekers, I need you all to take to the skies and circle the parameter of Iacon," Optimus called out.

"All of you without the ability to fly, I need you to stay around here. With all of us working together, they will not have a chance,"

"What about our team?" Vortex asked, concerned for his gestalt.

"Later, Vortex, we need optics and weapons in the skies right now. Starscream, when he gets back will lead all Seekers and fliers. Anything he tells you to do, do it."

"And just why should we?"

"Because you'll end up dead if you don't," Sideswipe nearly growled.


Iron birds of fortune
Adrift above the skies

Sideways, Bonecrusher, Blackout and Brawl were all on the final approach, each of them finding targets as the got closer. This is what they were built for, and they would not let Unicron down. A few more minutes. That's all they would need as they settled their sights on the front lines, "Those are the Ancients! Aim for them!" Sideways demanded.

"How do you know who's who in that mess?" Blackout asked as the four got closer.

"I just do! Now take them down! They will be the hardest to destroy!"

"Very well!"

Cloudy revelations
Unseen by naked eyes

As time got closer, the Ancients moved to the front of the growing group, sensing the nearing of the enemy. Seeing them like this was certainly impressive and others watched in curiosity and awe as each one took a stance next to the other.

Vector Prime pulled out his Rhisling.

Ironhide, who hadn't had the time to synchronize his new weapon systems and HUD only used his massive cannons. Boltax brought out his own weapons, most of them on his arms, some down his body and one large, what appeared to be a rocket launcher over his left shoulder.

Soundwave only brought out his own weapons that he'd been using and set his systems up, prepared to use his deadly ability with sound to take down whoever came near him.

The twins brought out their normal weapons. Each one brought out weapons that, until now, no one even knew they had. A sword appeared in Sunstreaker's hand. It glowed a brilliant red and gold and seemed to be on fire, "hey Sideswipe," Sunstreaker called to his brother as he cocked one of his missile launchers.

"What bro?" Sideswipe asked, looking to Sunstreaker and to the sky.

"I dare you to sing 'Why Can't We Be Friends' during the battle!" his brother replied with a smirk.

"I accept that challenge!" Sideswipe cocked another one of his weapons.

"You know, Sides, you're gonna die first," Ironhide grinned.

"Hey, at least I go down fighting!"

"Did you ever stop to consider that it might not be by the hands of the enemy?"

"I hate you." Sideswipe glared.

Flying tools of torment
Will penetrate the sphere

"Don't you think this is a bit excessive for taking on five enemies?" Astrotrain asked suddenly, looking across the line.

Erupt the rock of ages
Bringing final fear

"Are you nuts? Each of those five are probably ten times more powerful than Optimus is himself. Do you really have to ask?" Sunstreaker lifted his word to peer at it nonchalantly.

Instruments of destruction
Tools of powerplays

"Well yeah, cause there is like five of them and like fifty to a hundred of us. I say overkill to the extreme,"Astrotrain replied with a huff.

It's a violent eruption
Existence drips away

"Prepare to be surprised," Ironhide cocked both of his main cannons, their ends glowing orange and blue.

What's it really matter
When nothing really counts

"You know, lately there is nothing that could surprise me anymore," Astrotrain suddenly said with a shake of his head. The weird had finally made its way to Cybertron. It was only a matter of time.

"Enemy incoming at 2 o'clock!" Sideswipe called out. Immediately, everyone looked and pointed their weapons. For over a breem, everyone waited. Nothing came.

Grave eternal darkness
When drained of every ounce

"Sideswipe, stop with calling out nonsense." Sunstreaker growled, "There isn't any coming yet,"

Sideswipe kept his gaze in the direction, even when everyone else groaned and kept their optics elsewhere, preparing for the enemy, "Slag, incoming!" he called again, switching his stance. Again everyone turned their weapons to where he stared. Again, nothing came, "Sideswipe, knock it-" Ironhide was about to chide Sideswipe for being wrong when a sudden blast of weapon fire went right for his shoulder, knocking him back, nearly onto his aft. Sideswipe watched him stumble, "Now do you believe me?" he pointed his weapons and fired, along with everyone else.

And when the nightmare's over
The final from the storm


"Hey, do you think they are prepared for us?" Sideways called out as they dodged the incoming lasers, missiles and bullets.

Dust of all creation
To ashes we transform

"More targets to take down," Brawl yelled back as they approached. None of them seemed to get hit yet as they flew on, aiming for the group that had been gathered for them to pick apart. Bonecrusher fired at Ironhide. He hadn't expected it to hit, however, "Score!" he called out when the Weapon Specialist nearly fell backwards.

"I say they were prepared," Blackout said as he took a hard turn left to avoid getting hit. He felt the pings of bullets hit his armor.

The four moved in and out of the cannon fire as they got closer, all of them firing back, hitting some weaker bots as they pulled up. Flogging them would make this easier, especially taking out the weak ones first. They continued to strafe as they dodged bullets and laser fire.


Galvatron made his way over other cities and saw the planet seemed to have been cleared out. He assumed that they were all in Iacon. This would make his plan easier that was for sure and the other four could keep them busy while he hunted. He headed right for Kalis. If he knew Shockwave at all, the dolt would still be there.

On his way, he passed right over Vos and to his surprise, he saw a Seeker and a ground pounder. Just then, he got a message in his processors. His wing dipped in surprise.

"Very well," he said out loud as he slowed down and came in closer to the two going through Vos. He fired at Sunstorm, who veered upwards to avoid the fire, but not without getting clipped in the wing, causing him to leave a smoke trail in his wake.

Barricade saw Galvatron coming and flipped in the air and transformed, turning she started firing at him as he swooped over her once. She continued to fire as he took off for the skies once again. She expected him to keep going, what she didn't expect was for him to come around and aim right for her.

Had he gotten bigger than he was before?

Sunstorm turned and fired on Galvatron once more but the bullets and missiles seemed to bounce right off of him, 'Slag, what is he made of?' he thought to himself.

It seemed everything happened at once. Galvatron transformed and landed on Barricade's chest with his feet, causing her to hit the ground hard and snap her left shoulder mount clear off. They both slid with the force of inertia and Sunstorm transformed from jet-like mode to his robot mode. He charged at the two, using the speed behind himself and aimed for Galvatron's side to try and spear him off of Barricade, but a large clawed hand came up and swatted him away as if he was nothing but a fly.

"What have we here," Galvatron hissed as he looked down upon Barricade. His grin became wider, "Beta, now nice it is to see you," he purred.

"Get OFF of me you fucker!" Barricade struggled hard, but his weight was just far too much for her. She tried to squirm her way out from under him but he merely squeezed her harder until she sparked at her joints as he grinned down at her.

"Well with my luck, I'll have you all before Unicron even gets here!" he hissed as stepped off of her and used his hands on her shoulders to keep her there while he got in her face.

"Then kill me already and get it over with already!" Barricade hissed, trying to pull out from under his death-like grip.


About a half hour into the battle in Iacon, Starscream and the others had been alerted to the four that were incoming and had since returned to help. He immediately noticed that forces had already suffered large losses, but not without disabling Brawl.

Vector Prime had been engaging Sideways with Maximo when Barricade finally came back. Starscream had been on the ground, firing at one of the Unicron groupies when he turned and saw her. He instantly gaped at what he saw. She was sparking madly and one of her shoulder mounts was busted. Her chest plate was severely scratched and torn up, "Ratchet, First Aid! Barricade needs immediate assistance!" he cried out.

"I can't Starscream; I got my hands full as it is!" Ratchet yelled back over the fray, not even looking up from his work on Silverbolt. Starscream saw Barricade teeter and ran to her, catching her before she fell. First Aid responded, going to the two, "Primus, 'Cade, what happened to you?"

"Galvatron found me and Sunstorm… in Vos,"

"Sunstorm?" Starscream cringed at the name, "Where is he now?"

"I don't know. I didn't see him after Galvatron knocked him from the air," Starscream shook his head sadly at the news, "why?"

"Sunstorm is… my brother,"

"You… have a brother?" she asked with a half laugh. Funny she could make a laughing matter out of something so strange being that she was barely able to hold her own weight.

"Yes… is it so hard to believe?" Starscream growled. He looked around at the fight that was taking place, "Listen, I have to get back to the battle, First Aid, take care of her, get Hook if you must," First Aid nodded as Starscream leapt back into the fray.

The medic brought Barricade to the ground so he could work on her easier, "What happened to you?"

"Don't worry about it, just get me repaired so I can help the others," Barricade snapped. First Aid cringed at how harshly she replied.

"Very well, give me a few minutes, 'Cade. Patience is a virtue,"

"Not right now it isn't!"


Galvatron, meanwhile, had found the Decepticon HQ in Kaon. Shockwave knew he was coming by the computers that had seen him and locked down the building, but it didn't deter the menace from blowing his way in. He turned when Galvatron entered into the main room. He was clearly unimpressed with his headquarters being beaten into like it was.

"Well hello, Megatron, how good it is to see you again," Shockwave deadpanned, "…Not."

"It's Galvatron to you, weakling," Galvatron stepped forward, "in my culture it would be well within my rights to dismember you,"

"Well isn't that… sick," Shockwave sneered.

"I wonder," Galvatron growled, his mace appearing in his hand, "have you ever wondered why you feel the need to protect Kaon so much? Haven't you ever wondered why you feel the need to guard Cybertron?"

"It's my job," Shockwave replied stiffly, backing slowly, his optic never straying from the mace, "And since you are no longer in command of the Decepticons, it falls to Starscream or me."

"You're truly an idiot, Shockwave. Too much logic crammed in that single minded processor of yours." Galvatron suddenly lifted his arm and lashed out across the computers and monitors, slamming into the wall besides Shockwave, "Where is it, Shockwave?"

"And you have lost your mind, Galvatron–" Shockwave stalled a moment, realizing that Galvatron had asked a really strange question, "Where is what? What has happened to you?"

"Oh no, Shockwave, my mind is quite open, unlike yours!" he swiped again, destroying more of Shockwave's computers and room, "Now tell me where it is!"

"What are you talking about?" Shockwave asked, leaping out of the way from the devastating mace that nearly clocked him in the head.

"Are you really so blind, Shockwave? Didn't you ever wonder why you felt the need to protect Cybertron so much?"

Shockwave shook his head, not knowing where Galvatron was getting at. Galvatron only struck out again, aiming to take down the Commander of Kaon. If Shockwave didn't tell him what he wanted to know, then he would kill him and torture one of the others for the information he desired.

"You'll be the first one I take down!" Galvatron growled, this time aiming to decapitate the Kaon Guardian. Shockwave dodge the attack once again, this time diving for the exit that Galvatron had made. He had nearly made his way out when he felt the mace come down on his back. A loud screech filled Kaon as he screamed in pain, "Die, Shockwave!" Galvatron dislodged the Mace, Energon spewing freely from the wound and lifted his arm to destroy Shockwave, but the guardian managed to escape the deadly mace, disappearing further into the building. He heard the footsteps of Galvatron on his tail and went for the exit of the building.

As soon as he was clear, he took off, hell bent for Iacon, knowing his troops were already there. If anything, Galvatron would follow him.


Shockwave made his way to Iacon in record time. Optimus had seen him coming and waved him down, "Shockwave, What happened to you?" he asked, seeing the Energon dropping from behind the guardian. Shockwave nearly crashed into the others as he landed haphazardly, sliding to a stop in front of them.

"Galvatron got into the Decepticon Headquarters in Kaon."

"I figured this would happen. Hook can take a look at you."

Just then, Soundwave spun, seeing Shockwave standing there, "Shockwave!" He barely remembered that he was one that he hadn't checked thus far, "I need your assistance while Hook repairs you, have you a minute?"

"Well, since I really can't go anywhere – ouch!" he hissed as he glared at Hook, "Be careful would you!" he then turned back to Soundwave, "Yes,"

Soundwave broke from the fray and stepped up to him, Hound was already helping with repairs as Hook approached, looking the Commander up and down, "Turn around," he said. Shockwave did as asked. While Hook worked on him, Soundwave walked up behind him and instantly grabbed him by the arms, pinning him to his own body and snaked his appendages around his body, "You need to open your chest plate, Shockwave,"

"Isn't that a little dangerous?"

"I will protect you, Shockwave," Optimus said as he backed up in front of the two, blocking what the two were doing from view. Shockwave did as asked by Soundwave, and Soundwave proceeded to connect to him. It didn't take long for him to root through his mind and to his surprise, he came across the firewall, "Prime, hold him and hold him good," Soundwave ordered. Optimus turned and grabbed a hold of him, "Is he one of them?"

"Yes he is, which one, I will give you two guesses," He said as he brought up the other appendage and busted the firewall with ease. Shockwave let out a screech and flailed. Optimus nearly lost his grip as the Commander flung his arms out violently. A few seconds later, Soundwave disconnected from him, Shockwave's single optic turned green. He didn't move for a long moment, looking around.

"The Keeper of Primus himself," Soundwave said almost in awe, "hurry up, Hook, he's needed on front lines!"

"Hey, either I take my time, or he dies from loss of energon, shut up and let me work!" Hook growled, kneeling down behind Shockwave to work on pierced lines.

"Galvatron said… Oh Primus!" Shockwave jerked, "He's going after Vector Sigma!"

"What?!" Soundwave furrowed his optic ridges in dismay, "No!" the telepath then ran from them, headed to find Alpha Trion.

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"Hurry and find a ditch we can use!"
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What?! Would you just... just shut up and hide!"

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