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I may be the one in the dress. . .

Felix loves times like these because it betrays what everyone thinks of him. A lot of the other nations look down on him for the way he talks, the way he acts, and especially for the way he some times dresses. But it's all for fun.

They don't know him well enough to know that; only he does.


That's why Felix loves times like these. Times with him.

They used to happen a lot before Ivan came and pulled them apart but then he didn't see Liet for a long time. It was a lonely time which he regretted allowing to happen. But that's in the past because Liet is back with him.

Under him.

He's under him moaning wantonly as Felix pushes himself into the brunet's entrance. He moans in pleasure and then shifts to lie down on his back, pulling Liet on top of him. He likes this position bet because he can see Liet's face better.

Liet's blushing now, his cheeks pink as the two pert little nipples on his chest that Felix loves to lick and kiss. And to nibble sometimes too.

"I-I don't know why you insist on wearing that." Liet says suddenly, ruining Felix's concentration. "It looks silly, and feels weird."

Felix grins though, using one of his hands to play with the hem of the dress he's currently wearing which is bunched up around his hips. It's a deep green, like Liet's eyes, one of the reasons he chose it. "Oh Liet; like I may be the one in the dress but you're the one taking it up the ass."

To ensure that his point was made, and clearly, thrusts his hips up burying himself further inside the other. This causes a strangled moan of pleasure to escape Liet. And it's obvious he's gotten the point because he's quiet after that, except for those sexy little moans Felix loves so much to hear.

After, when their finished and Liet is lying curled up to him sleeping peacefully Felix smiles to himself.

Yes, even though the world may look down on him Felix doesn't care. Because the only person that really matters doesn't really care how he dresses, even if he does complain every once and awhile. But Felix doesn't care because he knows Toris loves him. And that's all that matters.