Hello again, Gundam fans. This is Maderfole. Maybe you know me. Maybe you don't. Hopefully, if you don't, you're interested in correcting that. Or at least interested in enjoying some good Gundam SEED fanfiction... I suppose I can live with it if you ignore me completely, though I beg you please to not take that path. As many of us fanfiction writers know, its very lonely and cold and slow if you don't have people whispering encouragement to you in your review column. Its not much that we ask for... a few sentences. Maybe a paragraph if you're feeling brave or generous... a single phrase if need be. Humans can't live without food and drink. Fanfiction writers also need feedback, damn us for our neediness.

Enough about that though. This is my second story on . Hopefully, if you're reading this one, you've read that one. It's called Chaotic Cosmos (its LONG, I'm warning you now, so be ready). If you are reading this, and you HAVEN'T read that, then now would be the time to remedy that, and I'll see you in a bit. Otherwise, trying to dive straight into Eden Disaster is going to be very damn confusing for you, and you probably won't like the story at all because of that. There's all sorts of people, places, and events that will be constantly referenced or encountered in Eden Disaster that have their origins in Chaotic Cosmos, including the romantic pairing for at least one major canon character. So please, if you are a new reader, trolling the site looking for something good... don't start here. Start there. Then come here. Tossing a review or two my way along the road would give you lots of good karma too. Everyone needs karma.

Some things to note before you start reading. Like in Chaotic Cosmos, there will be war-like action in this story. What does that mean? Violence. Death. Pain. Fear. Gore, though not TOO excessive on that, usually. There's less actively psychotic villians in this story, though my insane pyscho killer villian was actually one of the most popular characters in Chaotic Cosmos. Other things, especially since the major characters in this story are in their low twenties now: Adult themes. That means implied sex, nudity (though since its all text anyway...) and the various acts of physical affection between youngish people deeply in love with each other. Also there is talk about sex, though not extremely implicit. It also means implied/actual drug use, implied/actual alcohol use and the consequences of both. I try and be realistic... ignoring the effects of drugs and alcohol on young people isn't very realistic... its part of our culture, if not always a savory part. Theres going to be a lot of swearing. People in the military swear, constantly. People in general swear. If swearing or anything else I've listed offends you, I apologize but you shouldn't read my stories, because I'd hate to offend you.

Eden Disaster represents my first major steps away from the old canon, in essence taking you, the reader, from a world that had been totally based in Gundam SEED as per the anime series, and expanded outwards from there, into a story that is more my take on the Gundam SEED world and how it evolves. That sounds weird when I read it. Don't take it the wrong way. This isn't a crossover fic, this isn't a paranormal, alternate reality (other than the standard fanfiction alternate reality), this isn't some weird thing where the world doesn't make any physical sense. I'm just saying... there's going to be events in this story that shake up my rendition of the Gundam SEED universe in extremely long term ways. Be prepared for a trip, and for... ahh, what the hell am I saying? Read the story. If you like it, so much the better. If not, my soul will weep, but at least you'll have tried. That's all I can ask. Reasonably ask anyway.

If you have an idea. If you see a mistake thats glaring. If you want to see something happen. If you want to make sure something doesn't happen. Tell me. Please. Theres not much I enjoy more than bringing you, the reader, as fully into my world as I can. If you have an idea and I like it, theres a very good chance it will end up in the story. Maybe not quite as fufilling as writing a story yourself... but a lot easier on you. I'll also ask you for specific feedback every so often. Take it or leave it, but really... I want your help in making my stories better. Inspire me, so that I can inspire you. Thank you, in advance. Now... for a brief recap and introduction...


Its been five years since the end of the chaotic era of the two Valentine Wars in C.E. 73. Now the year C.E. 78, humanity has enjoyed an era of pece and prosperity unequalled since the very first years of the C.E. calender. With racial tensions much reduced after the dissolution of the Isolation and indeed many of the old Earth political empires, as well as the formation of the international governing body called The United Solar Nation, the transfer of ideas and technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. Money and raw materials flow up from Earth, stopping over on the Moon for prefabbing and banking, and are from there sent on to the PLANTS for final construction and investment. From the PLANTS industries all sorts of products that are unavailable or expensive to produce on Earth are sent back in large volumes, once more passing through the Moon first for consolidation and initial sale, then sent down to Earth to the final buyers. Other, secondary supply lines stretch directly from various nations of Earth to the PLANTS, or from the PLANTS to various orbital stations owned by Earth Governments, but the true life line and major artery of trade between those in space and those on Earth remains the Lunar cities and spaceports.

As a result of this economic shift, with most major heavy industries becoming spaceborn, there has come a dramatic shift in the political power that comes with economic viability. For the first time in hundreds of years, the nations making up the African Union have become truly wealthy and profitable, catapulting them from the dregs of second and third world status to the highest levels of first world lifestyles, seeing the blossoming of cities of skyscrapers where there had once been run down shanty towns, and sprawling technological or business centers crowding up alongside ritzy malls and world class hotels, where less than a half decade prior there had been only barely used farm or grazing land. Allied closely with the Lunar Cities, forming the Afro-Lunar Union, or ALU, the two former second or even third tier nations have become the new dominant economic power on Earth, taking a piece of over eighty percent of all trade profits between Earth and the PLANTS. If something is fashionable, expensive or desirable, then its a sure bet you'll find it in the ALU, a reborn merchantile empire in the modern era.

Of course, this shift in the balance of power does not sit well with everyone. Though peace and prosperity does reign throughout human space, for humanity to be ever fully content is quite impossible, and for someone's pie to get bigger, some else's must get smaller in return. The former superpowers of Earth, the Atlantic and Eurasian Federations, as well as the Republic of East Asia, had banded together after the fall of the Isolation, expecting to easily become the dominant partner of the USN, able to dictate terms and conditions basically as they saw fit, much like the old United States used to do to the United Nations in ancient times. However, with the advent of the Africa-Luna trade route, which handled more than eighty percent of all shipping from Earth's surface to space, and more than fifty percent of return traffic as well, turning the Victoria Spaceport into the largest such facility ever constructed, the Federated Nations of Earth, or FNE, found much of its economic might curtailed. Of course, they were still superpowers, and jointly possessed of a manufacturing base the PLANTS could not hope to match with a hundred years of expansion, but it was in the arena of quality, not quantity, that the PLANTS products defeated their own, much as the founders of Blue Cosmos had feared would happen.

This led to quite a bit of self righteous grumbling, about how things used to be better before, and how people "knew this would happen", even though, counter to Blue Cosmos claims, there was no widespread economic collapse on Earth. Quite the opposite really... it was just the super-rich and privileged nations that were suddenly falling out of the limelight a little, and the scale of their economic woe was actually much less than the wound done to their pride. Adding on to that was the reductions in military force across human space. The nations of the FNE were used to being the dominant military powers around, many of them had maintained standing armies sufficient to destroy any nation that wasn't also a superpower in a matter of days for centuries now, and now they no longer had that force at their disposal. There were strict limits in place that regulated how large an nation's armed forces were allowed to become, even limiting the number of expensive material assets, such as warships, vehicles and especially Mobile Suits, that each member state could have under its personal control. Of course, these numbers were based upon population, so the FNE still had the largest indiviudal army... it was just much, much smaller than they were used to... more a large security force than a real army, or so they were wont to complain.

Stringent regulations controlled many technologies, especially ones related to war. Nuclear powered Mobile Suits were limited to use by the USN forces only, and given the cost of miniaturizing and mass producing nuclear reactors, not to mention renewed environmental and political concerns, the USN employed very few nuclear Mobile Suits. Strategic weapons, whether they were nuclear, chemical, biological or EMP in nature, were all totally forbidden, and frequent inspections were carried out by USN inspectors to ensure that this most important of weapon bans was followed in both spirit and letter. The first step to preventing a war of mutual annihilation was removing the means to effect that annihilation in the first place. Policing the world peace situation was no particularly easy task... humans were by nature fracticious, and there were innumerable minor flare ups between nations large and small over the years that required the intervention of USN peacekeepers to maintain civility and keep people from thinking that they could get away with even minor expressions of war or hate mongering.

Taking recruits from all four major member states, regardless of Natural or Coordinator genetics, the USN forces also mixed men and women freely through all branches of service, a caveat demanded by the PLANTS and Orb and reluctantly agreed to by the ALU and FNE. There had been a few incidents... it would have been strange if there weren't, but by and large the USN was also a self policing force, and most such incidents were dealt with quickly and decisively enough. The day and age where women were seen as slightly lesser people to be coddled and protected was officially over, the USN declared through its policies. Having the standards be the same for men and women made many uncomfortable, but the USN's policy soon became that if you didn't want to serve within the rules, and couldn't put forth the effort required of you, then you were probably not USN military material in the first place. As a result of this unofficial attitude, there was a relatively higher concentration of Orb and PLANTS citizens in the USN military, as they came from cultures where gender and racial equality had been socially normal for decades or longer and hardly needed to adapt at all.

Each member state of course produced its own technologies and advancements, but each nation was also required to allocate a certain amount per year to maintaining and upgrading the USN forces a swell, ensuring that the USN remained at the very least technologically equal to the member states military's, at least on paper. Keeping up with Orb's rapid technological advancement was very difficult in reality, and more new technologies, of both military and civilian sorts, were coming out of the PLANTS than could be easily comprehended, but the leaders of the USN resolved not to fall into the mode of the old Earth Alliance, assuming that the gear it had used for decades would remain cutting edge... numbers mattered, but not nearly as much in the USN era as the quality of those numbers, and the quality of the equipment they had. Ten half trained men in Strike Daggers only barely equaled one well trained ZAFT Redcoat in an Elemental after all, and in some people's estimation that was an insult to the Redcoat. The production of "Gundams", i.e. highly advanced, semi-unique high performance Mobile Suits designed to be used by the most elite pilots a member state had to offer was strongly discouraged, but that stopped no one from attempting to build them anyway... and even succeeding in some cases.

Besides the always booming sector of military sciences, the new big thing to hit the technology markets of Earth and Space was Biotech... the manipulation of germs, viruses and the processes of life for all sorts of domestic and industrial applications. Largely a Coordinator dominated field, which surprised very few, given the genetic science steeped nature of their culture, various end products produced by the PLANTS included "Gunk Go Getter or G3", a widely popular engineered bacterial colony that consumed almost any sort of waste, whether it was chemical, medical, industrial or even human biological, and converted it to atmospheric friendly gases like oxygen and ozone, which of course had enormous environmental applications. Or the nigh fantastical medicine called "Curaga", after a magical healing spell from a popular video game series, which when applied as either a self salved cream or by immersion into a full body tank, promoted healing up to fifty times faster than could be achieved without it, including even nervous system damage or severe burns, assuming the treatment was applied before the body healed itself naturally. Curaga was astronomically expensive, as one might expect, and only the very wealthiest private citizens or major government organizations could afford to use it, and sparingly at that.

Outgrowths... or perhaps sidegrowths, depending on who you asked... of Biotech were more improvements in genetic science and the manipulation of the human genome, both before and after the womb. The rate of mishaps and miscarriages with regard to Coordinated pregnacies dropped by ninety percent over the course of the five years, and a "Coordinator Pill" was even developed that circumvented the usual strict personal regime of diet, exercise and outpatient treatments that had formerly characterized having a Coordinator baby. This made the process of having Coordinator children much cheaper and easier, with a resultant "baby boom" amongst Coordinators, though not everyone approved of the idea, and in some nations the "C-Pill" was made illegal to own, except with a medical waiver. Also often regulated to the grey or black markets were "Touch Ups", genetic manipulations of a person's genome when they were fully grown or otherwise beyond the state of the zygote and embryo. Touch Ups were mostly minor and cosmetic, little more than genetic tattoos... eye and hair color changes, skin color changes, even changing the shape of the eye or the feeling of one's skin was possible, assuming you paid enough money. Touch Ups were usually temporary, and could even be added or removed in as little as a few hours time, in an outpatient environment, adding a whole new variable to the fashion world, and one more thing for parents to disapprove of and forbid their children from trying, futiley.

Confined to the black market... and not the friendly one that tourists could sometimes access in the seedier parts of Earth, but the real, criminal black market, run for great profit by organized syndicates... were advancements in human cloning. Animal cloning was perfectly legal, and even starting to become widespread, as people use cloned meats to make up for food shortages, and wore or bought cloned leather clothing and furniture. However, religious groups, relaxed somewhat about the "Coordinator Issue", adamantly refused to budge on the idea of human clones, or even research into the idea, which some even called unholy or evil. But on the black market, assuming you knew the right people and had deep enough pockets, you could buy all sorts of byproducts of human cloning technology... replacement limbs, organs, even blood and reproductive tissue. One famous international incident revolved around someone who'd had the skin of a celebrity cloned and tried to replace his own with it... unsuccessfully, it was widely acknowledged. But the idea was there, and it was a well known fact about human nature that once something had been tried once, it was sure to be tried again... and again, and again, until eventually it would become commonplace, even if never accepted publicly by society.

Hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars were poured into the search for a cure to the Coordinator's ongoing infertility problems, but much like the search for the original cure for cancer or the persistent genetic diseases of several centuries ago, progress was painfully slow, almost nonexistant it seemed at times. Still, people doggedly held onto hope, aware that any problem could be solved, if you threw enough time, money and effort at it. Conspiracy rumors spread around constantly, saying that one government or another, even the PLANTS themselves, had actually secretly made breakthroughs that had fixed the problem and they were just hanging onto their solution to use as blackmail or to drain more money out of charities, but no one paid them much mind... such things were almost expected to be heard about any projects that ate up huge amounts of resources for little apparent result.

Another huge time and money sink that drew constant criticism was the renewal of the Space Race. Nowadays though it wasn't a race to see who could reach orbit first, or even set foot on the Moon... such feats having been long rendered obsolete. The modern Space Race revolved around Mars and the Asteroid Belt, as well as the closer and most stable moons of Jupiter. The PLANTS and indeed some Earth nations had been practicing the art of asteroid mining for some time now, but there was quite a bit of difference in peeling out a largish asteroid from the belt and returning it to a near Earth orbit, versus establishing long term mining and habitation centers in the Asteroid Belt itself, as well as on Mars. The first Martian cities were under construction, scientific and military enclaves much like their predecessors on the Moon had been. Funding was given out for projects focused on terraforming Mars, though such efforts were still in their infant stages... even for the PLANTS, there was a vast difference between constructing spaceborne self contained environments, even self sustaining ones, and changing the environment of an entire planet into something hospitable for unassisted human life.

Speaking of the PLANTS, they'd been expanding during the five years of peace. The increased demand for manufacturing and technological services from Earth, now that the PLANTS were finally their own sovereign nation, as well as the recent beginnings of a real population boom among Coordinators, both already living on the PLANTS and newly immigrating from Earth, had mandated the construcion of entirely new PLANTS, designated "E-PLANTS", for "Expanded Production Location Arcology for Natural and Technical Systems". Designated Centennial City, Epoch City and Millenium City, each of the first three E-PLANTS was almost seventy five percent bigger than the original version of the famed space hourglasses, and were designed for permanent populations reaching into the tens of millions, providing ample room for expansion of the PLANTS in decades to come.

Down on Earth, in Orb, colonization of another new frontier, long neglected since space travel became commonplace and the construction of space colonies became cost effective, was started up again, in response to a population and industrial/technological demand. Working closely with the PLANTS, borrowing heavily from the construction blueprints of the original PLANTS cities, Orb was well on its way to finishing the very first sub-oceanic city on Earth, known as Mare-Town, or more accurately Mare-Town Depths, for the actual underwater colony. Mare-Town on the surface was a seemingly man made island of a deep water harbor and support facility, which, like the tip of an iceberg, is really only a small part of the city itself. The Depths are connected to the Mare-Town harbor and support facility by multiple elevators almost identical in design to the main spine lifts on the PLANTS, leading down almost five hundred meters to a just starting to thrive city of 1.5 million citizens, mostly scientists and technicians, though everyday businesses are starting to creep in along with tourism. The entire city is surrounded by the trademark glass walls of the PLANTS, and the area around the city is kept brightly illuminated by spotlights during the day, allowing a breathtaking view of the ocean floor that few people would ordinarily be able to experience. Easily the most visible and well known Morganroete Armories project, Mare-Town and its Depths are watched closely by the entire Earth, as a possible solution to land mass population crowding may have finally presented itself.

Less visible, but no less well funded, was the Morganroete Armories Secure Testing Facility, buried a good hundred meters beneath the lowest levels of Mare-Town Depths. What better time or place to build a secret military testing ground than during the most massive construction project undertaken this century? Who was going to notice a few billions of extra dollars in construction costs on a project costing trillions? And it was hard to find a place more secure from survelliance, whether orbital or otherwise, than deep beneath a restricted access city that was itself a half kilometer below the ocean's surface. Thus it is to this facility, at this time and place, five years, plus or minus a few months, after the end of the Second Valentine War and the dissolution of the Isolation, that we return to the meat of our story and catch up with our favorite protagonists, reunited after almost a year apart, for a very special ceremony, courtesy of Dr. Erica Simmons, who was practically bursting at the seams with eagerness at the unveiling of her newest technological masterpieces.