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"Orihime I--" Rukia started immediately, as she stared at the stunned, pale-white face of the girl she loved. She cut herself off when she realized there was no making what the girl had overheard go away. Her eyes became downcast as she tentatively asked, "H-how much did you hear?"

"All of it, "The girl replied softly, in a cracked voice. Rukia was just shocked there were no visible tears in the girl's eyes.

"I'm sorry… I-I…" Rukia fought to find something to say. She felt horrible, low, disgusting and all together miserable. "You must really hate me now…"

Orihime took a few steps toward her until they were face to face under the darkness. Rukia was terrified. She watched in anticipation as the girl raised her hand, fully expecting it to deliver a fierce and well-deserved slap to her face. When the hand instead awarded her cold, pale cheek a gentle, warm caress, Rukia was in shock.

"That's not true," Orihime said in a shaky voice as she removed her hand, leaving what was once a deathly white now a vibrant red. "It's okay," she whispered back to Rukia as she took a few steps toward Ichigo.

"I didn't meant to… but it looks like I really ended up hurting you Orihime…" Ichigo began to speak with some hesitance as the girl approached.

"It's not your fault, Ichigo," Orihime spoke quietly, her voice sounding somehow strained.

Ichigo shook his head, seeming adamant in his blame, "I agreed to go out with you even knowing I liked someone else… I can't see how it isn't my--"

"It isn't your fault!" Orihime cut the substitute shinigami off with surprising force. Her voice returned to it's meek quiver as she explained, "I was the one who was foolish. I admired you for your strength and compassion. I wanted you to love and protect me no matter the cost. When Rukia offered to help me get to you; I was happy, because I thought I finally would get what I want… but I lost sight of the fact that you both also have your own feelings and desires. I was just too stubborn and selfish to even consider that..."

"But Orihime, you couldn't have known--" Rukia started furiously, the self-deprecating look on the other girl's face inspiring anger.

"It doesn't matter, Rukia. I've already decided I can't stay the way I am. I can't be so naive. You can't just force two people to love each other, and no matter how strong it seems, one-sided love is meaningless in the end," Orihime spoke in a somber, dreary voice that didn't suit her.

"I'm sorry, Orihime. I know it disappoints you… but at least you understand… why it won't work," Ichigo said in subdued, deliberate voice.

"It's okay, Ichigo," the girl said wistfully, taking a few steps back away from him. "And I'm also sorry."

"What do you have to be sorry for?" Ichigo asked, shaking his head.

"Because I know you'll be disappointed also," Orihime said languidly. "Because, I think it will work for me and Rukia."

Rukia could feel her mouth gape open. Ichigo also looked surprised. The female shinigami was quicker to respond though. "Orihime, you can't be serious. My feelings, they're ridiculous. They're not something you should consider."

"Please don't say that. If you truly meant it when you said you liked me, please don't say that, Rukia," the beautiful human girl spoke with a certain force behind her gentle tone.

"But…" Rukia started, but trailed off when after sorting through her thoughts she found that she had not one to articulate. She decided instead to affirm her feelings to the girl's face. "I did mean it... I love you, Orihime."

"Then it's okay." Orihime smiled as she said this, taking a few more steps toward the other girl. "I love Rukia too. She's compassionate toward her friends, strong and confident, fun to talk to, and beautiful. She's a girl, but I don't think stuff like that should really matter too much when it comes to love… and I'm sure… that given time… Rukia is a person I could come to love even more than I do Ichigo…"

"O-Orihime…" Rukia started breathlessly, her heart beat erratic to the point where she could feel it. "Are you sure?"

Orihime took the final few steps up to the other girl and bent forward, placing a gentle kiss at Rukia's cheek. A winsome smile adorning her face, she said, "Yeah, I am." Rukia felt a euphoric sense of victory sweep over her.

Sudden movement brought the attention of both girls back to Ichigo, who had become more relaxed. His expression becoming closer to his typical one. He spoke when he realized he was being focused on once more. "I certainly didn't expect it to turn out like this… but if it makes you both happy, I'll gladly support it."

"Thank you," Rukia replied in a weak though genuine voice.

"That's not necessary," Ichigo said, shaking his head. He turned away from the girls before then saying, "You'd probably appreciate some time alone together now."

"I-it's okay," Rukia started, feeling insecure and guilty. In truth she did want to be alone with Orihime.

"No, I insist," Ichigo said as he began walking off.

"Bye, Ichigo!" Orihime called out to him with a wave.

"Take care, you two," the young man issued as his parting words.

"Right," Rukia said quietly, more to herself that to Ichigo, as he disappeared into the night.

Once Ichigo was gone, Orihime let out fierce sigh. She said in a soft, subtly humored voice, "I guess my first real date with Ichigo didn't turn out so well…"

Rukia smiled at her beloved and offered, "If you aren't too tired I can stay with you awhile longer and let the evening end on a little higher a note."

Orihime began to smile as well. "I'd love that. Me and Ichigo didn't eat very many of the sandwiches I made, so there's that if you're hungry."

"Sounds wonderful," Rukia longingly whispered, as she let Orihime lead her back to the picnic spot she had used with Ichigo.

Orihime laid out her cloth once more and placed her basket at the center. Her and Rukia sat at either side of it. Rukia immediately retrieved one of the girl's homemade sandwiches and bit into it. It tasted absolutely disgusting, but she savored every bite of it, wearing a smile.

"Is it good?" Orihime asked with anticipation.

"Yeah…" Rukia said slowly. It wasn't really a lie either. The food might have been nauseating, but sitting there alone with the one she loved, eating it, it was wonderful.

"Really!? I'm so glad! I'll have to make sure I remember this recipe!" Orihime brightly cheered, taking a bite into one of the sandwiches herself. This elicited an insecure laugh from the other.

"That's okay, Orihime… Why don't you stick with just experimenting..."

"You think?" The human girl received a nod from the other. "Right! I love finding new combinations!" she said with energy. Rukia gave a sigh of relief.

The two spent a while longer eating before Rukia decided to ask a question that had been lingering in her mind.

"Why did you come back, Orihime? What made you come back here after you and Ichigo's date was over?" she asked in a serious voice, with curious intent.

"While me and Ichigo were on our date, I saw you hiding over there. I wanted to ask you about it but waited awhile before heading back so Ichigo wouldn't find out… but of course by that time you and him were already…" The girl replied in an easy voice, smiling through most of the account.

Rukia had to wonder again if her hiding spot had been so completely obvious. She decided not to question it though. Instead she simply smiled and said, "I see. So that's it."

"Yup!" Orihime said with a nod.

"I'm glad things happened like they did tonight, even if I still can't believe it all," Rukia said in a warm affecting voice, as her eyes connected with her beloved's.

"I'm also glad they happened this way. It's better being with someone who returns my feelings," Orihime said, all the while smiling her beautiful smile.

These words should have made Rukia happy, instead they let surface the one worry that still plagued her. "You were able to say you loved me so easily, Orihime. How am I sure you actually mean it?"

"It wasn't as easy as it looked… After hearing you and Ichigo confess everything, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was thinking it over the whole time. In that time, I realized I could love you, Rukia, that it was fine with me, that you were a person who could make me just as happy as Ichigo could. That made saying it easy," Orihime answered in a gentle voice, maintaining eye contact with the other.

"And you're okay with me as a partner?" Rukia said in a low tone, averting her eyes momentarily.

"Tatsuki always said it was strange for one girl to like another girl, but I never really believed her. Love is a special thing. If two people have feelings for each other, nothing else should matter," Orihime said with confidence. Rukia smiled at the words.

"But even if you're okay with a girl, you have to realize that me and you… we live in separate worlds. Our relationship won't be a simple one," Rukia voiced her last concern.

Orihime closed her eyes before speaking. "I'm sure that will make things hard some times. Even if we can't always be together, I'd still be fine with that. With love, you can't let anything else get in the way."

"Yeah. You're right, Orihime," Rukia whispered in a loving voice.

At this point the conversation became more general, touching on many different subjects relevant to them both. It continued well into the night. Through most of it, save when they talked about the sadder and scarier of things, Orihime wore her brilliant smile. This made the hours seem to fly by to Rukia. Inevitably both girls were reduced to frequent yawning, and it was silently determined that their beautiful night together was at an end.

"Thank you. Now I'll be able to remember tonight, my first date with Rukia, as being something wonderful," Orihime said as the two stood, the picnic materials already gathered.

"Yeah it was pretty good, wasn't it?" Rukia said, staring intently at the girl.

"It sure was," Orihime chimed back.

"Could I add one last memory to the day?" Rukia asked in a level tone, not revealing her intentions.

"What's that?" Orihime asked, confused.

Rukia took a step forward to close the distance between them. Her arms went to the back of Orihime's neck as she lifted herself just slightly to connect her lips to Orihime's gently. After only a matter of seconds, Rukia withdrew, smiling as their eyes connected.

"That is something worth remembering..." Orihime cooed, her cheeks deep red. Rukia just smiled, feeling blissfully content.


A week passed without event. Over the course of that week, Orihime and Rukia spent almost every evening in each other's company. Their dates were varied; some intimate, some less than private. Many of them ended with sweet, gentle kisses like the first. Each one seemed beautiful to Rukia, leaving her filled with nothing but content; almost nothing, that is.

Rukia felt a little guilty about it, but she wanted to take things with Orihime to the next level. She was a little unsure of how to do so though. Orihime was more than a little dense; she almost doubted Orihime knew there even was another level. She almost wished she could suppress her wanting and keep things as they were so as not to press the gentle girl, but her desires were becoming strong; she wanted more than just tender parting kisses.

Exactly one week since their first night in each other's company, Orihime and her had met for another date. Like that first night, the girl brought picnic supplies under her arm. Rukia was surprised to find however, when instead of walking the short distance to the local park they had previously used, they boarded the train. Getting off at the very outskirts of town, Orihime then lead the other to another park, leaving her a little confused.

"Uh, Orihime, what are we doing? Couldn't we have just used the closer one again?" Rukia asked as the girl lead her.

"This one's better. There are more trees… and a lot less people…" Orihime said softly, her cheeks just slightly red.

"Well, alright, whatever you say," Rukia said, still confused. It was true, this park was larger, emptier, and more forested. She just didn't see why all that mattered.

After trekking a little ways further, Orihime happened upon an area she liked at the side of a small hill, surrounded on all sides by tall trees. She placed the cloth down and unpacked her food. The two of them sat down.

"This is a little nicer I guess," Rukia said, looking around. "So what did you make to eat tonight?"

"It's already late. I told you to eat before we left, right?" Orihime said, staring at the other.

"Yeah, I did… I'm just curious what you have in the basket," Rukia said, confused once more.

"Oh, these are just some desserts," Orihime replied. She removed from the basket two small cakes, one looked chocolate and was topped with strawberries. The other was white and encrusted with almonds.

"I see… so what sort of crazy ingredients you put into these, Orihime?" Rukia asked, smirking.

"This one here is chocolate cake laced with licorice; it has a chocolate raspberry frosting and is topped with strawberries," Orihime explained, pointing to the chocolate cake.

"Wow that actually sounds pretty normal for something you'd make… I'm surprised…" Rukia said as her eyes landed on the other cake.

"This one is kinda a spice cake made with lots of nutmeg, honey and vanilla. It has a banana cream frosting and is covered in almonds," Orihime explained the other cake.

"Hmmm…. that doesn't sound that horribly strange either, Orihime," Rukia said staring at the girl.

"And I have a thermos of coffee for each of us to drink along with our dessert," Orihime removed the last two items from the basked, placing one thermos before Rukia.

"Coffee? A-alright..." Rukia said hesitantly, taking a plate and her half of the miniature chocolate cake. She took a bite.

"This is really pretty good, Orihime," she said, for once not lying about the taste.

"I'm glad you like it," Orihime said in a soft voice, her face oddly red. She began eating as well.

When the first cake was done, they moved to the second. It was also quite tasty in Rukia's opinion going down with ease in comparison to the usual meals.

"Thanks a lot Orihime. That was great," Rukia said, smiling brightly at the completion of her desert.

"I'm happy you liked it," Orihime said in a coo, placing the basket aside and moving to sit right at Rukia's side. Orihime looked stunning. She had worn one of her cuter outfits; a soft, slightly tight pink shirt and a cute skirt, despite the date being a picnic. Her beauty was downright seductive to the point where it made the other girl nervous.

"You're really amazing, you know that, Orihime," Rukia praised beaming at the girl who reached out to let their hands clasp together and intertwine.

"Thank you," Orihime said softly, lovingly, holding tightly to her beloved's hand. "I'm really happy we're together, Rukia."

"Yeah?" Rukia looked at the girl who had started leaning on her shoulder. She pulled her hand from Orihime's grasp and wrapped her arm around the girl.

"Being loved, feels really special…" Orihime said in a light whisper. "It's even better than I would have imagined."

"It is nice, isn't it?" Rukia said in her own carefree whisper, holding the girl closer.

"I really love you… Rukia," Orihime tenderly cooed, looking up at the girl, their eyes connecting.

"Can I kiss you, Orihime?" Rukia asked, tentatively.

"Y-you don't really have to ask…" Orihime replied with a blush.

"But, if I do, I might not be able to stop…." Rukia said in a sensual fashion, drawing her lips closer to those of the girl she loved.

"What do you think I brought you all the way out here, where we could be alone without having to worry about anyone else, for?" Orihime blushed even more. Rukia's eyes widened in surprise; Orihime wanted things to advance as well? Her eyes narrowed again and she smirked as she realized how perfect this was. She let the last few inches between their lips disappear.

Orihime readily wrapped her arms around Rukia as they kissed. It started soft and gentle like all the others before it, but that didn't last very long. Both of them rapidly applied more pressure until Rukia couldn't take it anymore and let her tongue flicker out. Orihime, catching this gesture, mimicked it, allowing her own tongue to dance against her lover's.

Both tongues continued to brush against one another with incredible passion as Rukia found her hands ready to explore. They moved deliberately down Orihime's back and then to her waist. The stayed at her hips for a while before traveling up to caress the girl's beautiful soft bust. Orihime inevitably broke the kiss to moan at this new sensation.

Just as she had promised, Rukia didn't stop kissing Orihime. As soon as their mouths broke their lock, she began to place white-hot kisses at the girl's neck, while her hands slipped under the girl's shirt to continue their work at her breasts. After a number of cute moans were heard, Rukia decided to remove the shirt entirely, and after which the girl's cute pink bra.

Rukia stared in marvel at her lover's exceptional chest. Her hands went there like magnets and began to grope and knead the flesh recklessly. She kissed Orihime on the mouth once more ant then laced a few kisses along her neck before trailing down to get a closer look at the girl's large, shapely breasts.

Orihime let out a high moan as Rukia's tongue extended to playfully greet one of her semi-erected nipples. At the contact it and the other became fully hardened. Rukia let her tongue dance around the nub for some length before deciding to shower both of the beautiful mounds with tender kisses. After several minutes of this, she pulled her head back up and let her tongue find it's way into Orihime's mouth cone more, while her hands continued to caress the girl's chest.

During the kiss Orihime, made the next move. She began to tug at the simple blouse Rukia had worn for the date. Rukia pulled back enough to allow Orihime to remove it. Tossing it aside, Rukia unclasped her own bra, revealing her cute but less spectacular chest.

Orihime began to play with Rukia's nipples as they let the kiss continue. Once they were as rock hard as Orihime's own were, Orihime removed her hands and pressed her bust into Rukia's, taking her into a tight embrace. The feel of Orihime soft breasts pressing against her own exposed chest was incredible; Rukia noticed an increase in the saliva spilling out from where their mouths were joined.

Eventually Orihime broke the kiss. She bent down to Rukia's chest and planted warm, tongue filled kisses at either nipple. All the while her hands moved up the girl's pants until they were at the button, which they undid before the girl pulled away. Taking the hint, Rukia stood and removed the pants tossing them aside.

Sitting back down, the two kissed lovingly once more, Rukia's hands again unable to leave her lover's breasts alone. Eventually she was able to break one hand away from the incredible softness and allow it to trek downward to under Orihime's skirt. She rubbed at Orihime's thigh for a while before amassing the courage to feel the girls most private spot. The incredible warmth and moisture she felt there was enough to bring all other activities to a stop.

Rukia placed a few last kisses at the girl's neck and breasts, while her hands unzipped the girl's skirt and saw it removed. She admired the girl's pink panties, the center of which was a slightly darker shade than the rest, before pulling them off as well. Orihime showed surprising eagerness; spreading her legs wide, allowing her lover to observe every intricacy of her now exposed sex.

Rukia looked back up at her lover's face once more, observing the anticipant smile worn there. She smiled herself before diving forward, her mouth going without hesitation to the glistening pink slit at the center of Orihime's legs. She let her tongue move through it, causing the girl to quake and moan. She began to lick rapidly, her tongue moving with what speed it could muster, lining every inch of the already dripping flesh with saliva.

From the sounds she was making and the way her body moved, Rukia could tell Orihime was absolutely enthralled. She too was engrossed in this act of pleasure. The slippery texture of the girl's slit, the taste of her fluids as they hit Rukia's tongue, it was all incredible. Rukia thought her tongue would grow tire, but really it just grew more and more hungry.

Orihime's moans intensified as Rukia's licks became more centralized. Eventually Rukia's tongue became a furious flicker at the girl's clit. orihime cried in pleasure for a while before she lost control, writhing furiously as she let out high, hard moans. When it all subsided, she was left panting desperately. Rukia reluctantly removed herself.

"It feels… so good…." Orihime said between breaths.

"I'm glad you liked it," Rukia said, licking her lips before crawling over the girl and letting her tongue into her mouth.

They kissed for a while this time. Orihime seemed into it despite being short on breath. When it broke, Orihime said, "Now I want to try the same thing with you…"

Rukia smiled excitedly. "I'd love that," she said, pulling off the girl, and sitting back.

Orihime wormed into position between Rukia's gently split legs. Rukia saw her panties removed before spreading them wider for the girl. She then felt in anticipation as Orihime's breath grew nearer until Orihime's mouth was upon her sex. She shivered in pleasure as she felt Orihime's tongue work it's way slowly up her slit for the first time.

Each lick following the first brought a new level of intensity. Rukia couldn't hold in her moans. The gentle motions of the girl's tongue were too incredible. Each time it found her clitoris she couldn't help but kick or shake just slightly. When the girls' licks became faster her motions became more erratic. She could feel an incredible climax building within her.

After a few minutes of rapid licks, Orihime's tongue slowed and the girl pulled back. She licked and sucked two of her fingers and then used them to tease Rukia's clit. Rukia quivered slightly as the girl inserted them slowly. Her movements were not so slight when the girl began to move them around inside her, slowly at first, but with gradually building momentum.

Rukia was panting and moaning as she felt Orihime's fingers pulse in and out of her tender slit. The girl then bent forward to place occasional licks at the protruding pink nub at the top of the pink organ even further heightening the pleasure. After only a minute or so of this, Rukia hit euphoria, the pent up pleasure inside of her releasing like an explosion to shake her entire body in orgasm.

Orihime crawled up and kissed her lover tenderly while she still panted. Rukia held the girl as she whispered, "That was amazing."

Orihime blushed as she then said, "I don't want it to be over, Rukia."

"Then let's try something else now," Rukia suggested, happy to oblige. Orihime nodded and sat down next to the other.

Rukia repositioned herself so she was facing the other girl. She smiled as she draped one of her legs up and over one of Orihime's legs. She proceeded to wrap her other leg under the human girl's other. She looked at Orihime who nodded as if to say she understood. With that Rukia closed the distance between them so as their hot, lubricated slits were in scorching contact.

Rukia thrust herself forward, allowing her sex to groove across Orihime's. Shortly after Orihime did the same, moving her hips to groove up Rukia. They soon were thrusting in a rhythm, each thrust making the area where they were joined hotter and sloppier as they both began to moan loudly in unison.

Breathing, moaning, and the squelching sound of their sexes moving furiously with one another all combined to form an intoxicating symphony of sounds to which Rukia could loose herself. Every part of her body, every part of Orihime's body was moving with each consecutive thrust, as the friction force brought her closer and closer to bliss.

After many minutes of repeated thrusts of either girl's body, Orihime began to moan more hotly than ever. Her thrusts became more rigid as she let out some hard cries. This was enough to set off Rukia's own climax, her body shaking forcefully as her sex pounded a few last times against Orihime's. After it all, they both fell backwards, panting.

"It's almost too good," Orihime said between two heavy pants.

"Yeah," Rukia replied weakly.

"Thank you," Orihime said softly before crawling up to kiss her lover.

"You don't need to thank me," Rukia said holding Orihime in an embrace.

"Yes I do. You've given me so much, Rukia," Rukia insisted, a smile on her face.

"All right than. You're welcome," Rukia said with a soft laugh before planting another kiss on the girl's lips. She laughed again before adding, "But It's probably about time we get dressed and head back. Lying in the grass naked in the middle of a park away from home probably isn't the best idea."

"Right!" Orihime chimed as she stood rigidly and began to collect the clothing strewn about the area. The two dressed themselves and headed back home.

As she found sleep that night, Rukia knew that whatever danger loomed in her future, no matter what she faced, as long as that future contained this girl, Orihime Inoue, she would be content with it. That's what their love was.

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