When did I start feeling like this. Like all I wanted in the world was him. Like bombs could be spiralling down around me, plumes of poisonous gas bursting out into the sky, and still all I would, could think about was him. Deidara.

He burst into the room, his hair a mess, as if he'd slept in and forgotten to brush the usually pristine blonde locks into his immaculate ponytail.

"Sorry I'm late! My alarm didn't go off, and I slept in, hmm!" He panted, a crooked smile pulling across his nervous face.

"Three days in a row, Deidara. Get out." Our science teacher spat, moving to stand in front of him in three solid strides. "Get out of my classroom until you can learn how to get here on time. To the office. Now."

Deidara's smile faded, popping open into a horrified gasp.

"But Sensei! I-"

"No buts this time, you filthy little brat. Get. Out." Teacher snarled, shoving Deidara from the doorway and slamming the door into his shocked face.

Immediately the rest of the class broke into hushed giggles, entertained by the little performance. I didn't laugh though. I sank back into my seat, stretching my arm forward to skewer a fluttering moth to my workbook with an overly sharpened pencil. I ground it to death, dust sprinkling from it's splayed out wings and staining my paper. I smiled at this, and brushed it to the floor before my teacher noticed, avoiding another scene when he was in a bad mood already.

"Psst, Hidan." My lab partner Kakuzu whispered, nudging me sharply in the ribs, causing my to jerk awkwardly.

"I told you not to fucking do that. Some of us don't enjoy having your bloody elbow stuck inside them."

"Yeah, whatever." He dismissed me comment, carrying on to what he intended to say. "Hey did you catch the look on Blondie's face when Sensei kicked him out? Priceless!" He snorted, glancing up to make sure our teacher wasn't paying attention.

"Oh." I replied, looking out of the window idly, uninterested in gossiping about the scene I had just watched.

Kakuzu sighed. "Seriously, you're getting so boring, I wonder why I'm still your friend."

"I wonder that too." I replied icily, shifting in my seat to turn away from him. Everyone seemed to be getting on my nerves these days. I wished he would just leave me alone for a while, instead of being so in my face.

I heard him begin to answer with one of his snappy comebacks, but his voice was drowned out by the signal that class was over. Saved by the bell.

I decided to eat lunch on my own today, and began walking down the corridor to the library, not that I would read. I would find a corner to sit and eat on my own away from my loud friends, in silence.

I passed the principals office on the way to the library, but something made me stop when I saw the blonde kid sitting outside it, his fists clenched.

What was Blondie's name again? I never paid much attention to him… Deidara, that's right. Deidara was his name.

"You okay?" I mumbled, sitting next to him.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, I guess so. I just got detention tomorrow this time. If I'm late again though, I'll get suspended." He looked up at me, and tried to smile as he spoke.

"That's not too bad. Do you have to stay here for lunch or are you allowed to go?" I replied, looking away from his bright blue eyes.

"Um, I can go, but I don't really have anywhere to sit…" He trailed off. Ah. So he had no friends. No REASON to come to school on time.

"Come on. You can sit with me in the library if you want to." I decided, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to his feet.

"N-no, it's okay, I was planning on staying here…" He mumbled, blushing as I half dragged him down the rest of the hallway to the library.

I ducked in behind a bookshelf so the librarians wouldn't see us eating, their temper made Satan's wrath look like an angry house cat.

"Are we allowed to eat in here?" Deidara asked me, looking as if he would believe anything I said, no matter how ridiculous. I understood why, after all, he had been alone since the beginning of high school. Always the kid who yearned for friendship, but nobody wanted in their group. Always the one left out of class activities, working by himself.

"Er, yeah, but better be quiet anyway. If a librarian sees you, hide your food because, um… they'll try and eat it." I made up, mentally hitting myself for such a stupid excuse.

"Eh? They would do that??" He gasped, clutching his sandwich to his chest protectively.

I almost laughed, how gullible WAS this kid…

"Yep. But don't worry, if they don't see it your safe." I told him, flashing my teeth in a slightly sinister smile.


We ate in silence, not speaking to each other at all. A couple of times I noticed him open his mouth as if he wanted to start a conversation, but close it again when he couldn't think if anything to comment on. Eventually the bell rang sharply and I stood up to move to class.

"Um, Hidan…" Deidara started, raising his arm as if to stop me, but drawing it back.


"Thanks for letting me sit with you…" He blushed, picking up his bag.

"Anytime." I said, and went to my next class.