Ah, I knew it. He wasn't coming. How silly I looked, sitting at the grimy metallic table on my own, waiting for a boy who probably wouldn't turn up anyway. Maybe he did intend on coming, but ran away when he saw my half naked figure, only dressed in a pair of long black pants sandals and my mandatory Jashin necklace. Anyone would, it was only natural to avoid someone as threatening as me. I scraped my chair back a little, the metal legs screeching noisily against the concrete. I was ready to stand and leave when I noticed the familiar blue eyed boy wandering towards me. So DID turn up. Brave kid.

"Hi!" He beamed, plopping in the chair opposite me and sliding forward onto his elbows. Wow, I could see now why some of the crueller kids called him a girl. He really did look like a woman, dressed in a pair of long shorts and a sleeveless blue shirt the same shade as his eyes, which were adorned with eyeliner it seemed. His hair was neat today, and he seemed refreshed compared to how tired and scruffy he was every morning at school.

"Hello." I replied, sinking back into my chair and stretching away from him.

"So, 3 weeks off school then… I hope your parents weren't too angry, hmm…" He said, his expression drooping in regret.

I don't know what compelled me to do it, but I suddenly felt as if I should lie to him.

"Oh, they were. Furious, kicked me out of the house in a rage." I replied casually, noting his horrified expression. In truth, I hadn't seen my parents since the divorce a few years ago and had been living alone in my apartment ever since. They had little to do with me now days, and occasionally sent me a small sum of money and a letter asking how I was. Which I did not reply to.

"Oh, oh my god, I'm so sorry! Do you… do you have a place to stay?" He gasped, covering his mouth in shock.

"Well, last night I stayed with a friend of mine, but I don't think they can afford to look after me. I'll probably be on the streets from now on, but that's okay. I don't mind that idea so much." I lied, even throwing in a pitiful smile to tug on his conscience.

"Please, stay with me! I have room in my apartment, it's small, but it's better that the streets I can tell you that!" He begged, standing suddenly and bowing his head in shame.

"I couldn't… I'd hate to cause so much trouble to you… and what will your parents think of someone like me in your house?" I replied wistfully, looking to the distance and putting on what I hoped was the right expression.

"Oh no! You could NEVER be a trouble to me!" Deidara gasped, clutching my hand and causing my heart to skip a beat. "And besides… I don't exactly live with my parents now either…" He sighed, a curious expression passing over his face for a moment.

I sincerely hoped my fervent blush did not give me away as I fumbled to regain myself and give him an answer.

"Oh… well, only if you let me help you out by cleaning and cooking a bit… I couldn't let you do all that yourself after helping me so much." I answered him, knowing full well that I would not help out with anything and would probably be the most useless guest he could have wished for. Hah.

His answering smile was so radiant it almost knocked me off my chair.

"Mmm! Now, let me treat you to some ice-cream!" He grinned, still clasping my hand between his own. I tugged it away quickly, knowing that even though I knew we were only friends, that would not be the obvious conclusion passers by would jump to when they saw us.

"Uh, sure. Go ahead and choose something for me then." I mumbled, standing and beginning to walk down the street as Deidara dashed to buy our ice-cream and catch up with me before I disappeared round the corner.

"You like strawberry? It's my favourite." Deidara said, handing me my ice-cream. I strongly preferred vanilla, but decided against telling him this in the case it would hurt his delicate feelings and ruin my chance of.... of what?

"Yeah I guess so." I replied, shoving my spare hand in my pocket and tacking a bite of the creamy treat before it melted.

I walked in silence for a while, watching as Deidara licked his ice-cream slowly, letting the dribble of strawberry flavoured solution run down the cone and into his fingers, continuing down his arm long after I had finished my own cone. A drip of ice-cream fell from his chin, and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to lick it off for him, to feel his soft lips on mine, to run my tongue across his teeth… ugh! We were both boys, for Jashin's sake, and I certainly was NOT going to have stupid fantasies about a boy I didn't even… like. I shook them from my mind and regained focus on Deidara, who to my surprise had finished his ice-cream and had wiped the dribble from his hands and face with a wet wipe.

"Ahh~ It's so hot today, let's go back to my place and turn on the fans, hmm!" Deidara whined, slumping against a brick wall and causing me to stop. So he hated the head, huh. I noticed a bead of sweat on his face, and decided it might be an idea to go back to his place before he died of a heat stroke or something. It just might be possible with this kid.

"Okay. Which way to your house? Are you gonna tell me or what, dammit." I frowned, watching him wither in the sunlight.

"Um, it's two blocks that way." He pointed towards the way we were headed anyway, and began to lead me towards his destination.

When we got to Deidara's apartment, I almost took a step back at the blinding cleanness of the inside. My initial though was that the mass of cleaning products he used must have gotten to his brain, no wonder he was so ditzy. Stupid kid.

"Sorry, it probably isn't as clean as where you came from…" He spoke, breaking the silence and shuffling his weight awkwardly between his legs.

He must be kidding. I almost told him right there and then about the cockroach infestation I had, the stained carpet immersed in old, unwashed clothing and the festering sink full of dirty washing up I could never find the motivation to clean.

"It looks tidy to me."

"Oh?" he beamed. "I'm glad you think so."

He bounced to switch on the fans and open the windows.

"Um, Hidan? Do you mind sharing a bed or would you prefer I slept on the couch?" He asked nervously, unsure of what my answer would be.

I knew if this were an exam, the correct answer would be 'Oh no, I'll sleep on the couch, Deidara. Don't you worry about me.' But of course, something once again compelled me to give the answer I wanted, not the answer I should obviously say.

"I don't mind sharing a bed. Why don't you go take a shower while I make us a cup of coffee."

Deidara smiled lopsidedly, and nodded, relieved at my answer.

"Sure. That sounds okay to me. The coffee machine in the kitchen." He nodded, gesturing towards the built in kitchen and darting off to take a shower.

I heard the water begin to run, and finished my coffee, clanging the mug onto the bench and moving to inspect the bed. It was as I had hoped, a large queen sized bed neatly made for two already. I sat down on the edge and waited for the blonde teenager to finish his shower.