JPOV (flashback)

"Can you believe we've been together this long?" She asked me, her mahogany hair was blowing in the wind, and a smile graced her lips. After four years, I was still completely in awe of her beauty. Everything about her captivated me.

"Its funny that you should mention that," I started, my hand resting nervously in my pocket. The velvet box had been burning a hole there all day; I was just waiting for the perfect time to do this right.

She turned her beautiful face toward me, and I could see the small smile on her lips but the confusion in her chocolate eyes.

"Why is that?" She asked.

I moved to where I was in front of her, I was on my knee but since she was also sitting on the ground in front of me, she didn't notice what that meant.

"Bella, I love you, more than anything in this world, you know that. I was in love with you before we even got together, and I know I will spend the rest of my life loving you. Will you do the same?" I asked, as I finally brought out the box and opened it in front of her.

She gasped and tears flooded in her eyes. Her cheeks turned red (how I love it when she blushed) and she threw her arms around me and held me close. I let out a sigh of contentment.

"I'm yours" She whispered. Those two words meant more to us than most. It had been the words I first told her when we got together, whenever she asked me to go anywhere, whenever she felt insecure, and it was even the inspiration and name of the song I wrote for her. My heart raced, and everything was perfect.

I didn't care that we were nineteen and I didn't care that everyone would probably think we were crazy. All I saw was her, and all that mattered was her. I was ready to begin my life with the person I loved above everything else.

I couldn't stop the memories from coming, no matter how hard I tried. My plans for the perfect life were shattered only days after that.

I knew we shouldn't have been in the woods that late at night. I barely saw them before I knew what was happening, there were four of them. Their eyes were red, that shouldn't have confused me, but at that time, I didn't even know vampires existed. We were hours away from home, no one was there to help us.

Everything was so fast, one grabbed Bella and instantly I lunged, the biggest one grabbed me by the throat and threw me down. My head was spinning, and in an instant, Bella and the two attackers were gone, leaving two with me. I scrambled to get up, only to be pushed down again, and this time, the bigger grabbed my left leg, and the next thing I heard was a loud snap. The pain was excruciating, but I wouldn't let it stop me. I had to get to Bella, so again, I tried to get up.

"Bella!" I called out.

"You just don't know when to quit do you?" The smaller one laughed. His eyes were a little different from the others, but I couldn't place how. The pain was almost too much to bear. He grabbed me, and threw me on the ground. My head hit something hard, and I could feel the blood start to come out. That was the last thing I remembered until they were leaving. I was barely conscious and in so much pain that I couldn't even see.

"Are we just going to leave him here?" One asked.

"We don't need him, let's go!" The other yelled. Everything was quiet. I felt a sudden burning starting from my neck, I screamed out but no one was there, the last thing I could think of was Bella. I let them take her. I wasn't strong enough to save her! I screamed for her again, and then everything was black.


I didn't know how long it had been, but when I woke up, I couldn't even open my eyes yet. I inhaled and a thousand different scents flooded into me. This was different. The stinging was gone, I actually didn't feel anything. My first thoughts were of Bella.

"Bella," I mumbled, my voice was strange. It was smooth and sounded completely different than before. I had a small accent from living in Texas years ago, but now it was barely there.

"Carlisle, he's waking up," I heard another voice say, it was male, and it also sounded very smooth. I opened my eyes, and instantly I had to close them again, everything was so bright. I tried again, and noticed how everything looked different. More in focus, colors seemed more beautiful, everything was much sharper.

Finally I looked at the two men that were in the room with me. I had no idea where I was, or who they were, and suddenly, I was up and against the wall, crouching like I was an animal ready to attack. Everything happened so fast, all I had to do was think about moving, and instantly I was there.

The taller one with blonde hair had his hands up trying to show me he was harmless. All of a sudden I was hit with a bunch of different emotions. Fear, confusion, calm, understanding. How was I feeling this? Other than confusion, these weren't my feelings. They were coming from the two men before me.

"I'm Carlisle, and this is Edward. We found you in the woods and brought you back to our home. We don't mean any harm. You were attacked by two vampires and they bit you. We tried to get the venom out before it spread, but we had arrived too late. So we brought you here to help you," He said.

Carlisle's skin was pale and his eyes were gold. He looked to be in his mid to late twenties. I looked over to the other one, Edward. His skin was just as white, his hair was a bronze color that seemed to have a style of its own, and his eyes were also gold. He looked my age. He had a cup in his hands, and after I inhaled, all I knew was that I wanted the cup. I didn't intend on hurting him, so in an instant, I was before him, grabbing the cup from his hands, and drinking whatever was inside. I hadn't realized how bad my throat was burning until I had noticed the cup. I was thirsty, and whatever this was, the taste was unlike anything I had tasted before.

I could feel that I frightened Edward for a second, but it was short lived. He calmed down, and in a flash had another cup he offered to me, which I took greedily.

The next few weeks, I learned what my new life was going to be like. I was a vampire, I did not age, I didn't sleep, and all the natural human mannerisms were no longer needed. I didn't have to blink or even breathe. I could stand forever and not be tired; I had to avoid sunlight, because in it my skin would shine. My speed, strength, and senses were magnified by a thousand, and my diet would drastically change. Human food was now appalling to me; my only thirst was for blood.

My new family had a different way of approaching their thirst. Most vampires drank human blood, but the coven that found me only drank from animals. That way they could still live among the humans. We were in Alaska at the time; we didn't have to worry too much about humans here. My leg, which had been broken from one of the vampires that attacked me, was now healed. Everything was so different.

My family consisted of 6 other vampires. Carlisle and Esme Cullen were our "adoptive parents" to others. They looked so young that no one would believe they had five teenagers. Carlisle was a doctor who was now completely over human bloodlust, he was never even tempted. He was calm and gentle with everyone; I looked up to him a lot.

Esme was the sweetest woman I had ever met, instantly she took me in and regarded me as her son without hesitation. She is fiercely protective over all of us, and genuinely a wonderful person.

Rosalie was playing as my real sister, so my last name had been changed from my human name Whitlock to Hale. She was blonde, and very conceited. Others viewed her as the most beautiful girl in the world, but next to my Bella she was nothing. Deep down Rosalie was a good person, and she loved us all loyally, but she loved herself even more.

Emmett was my brother, he was big and goofy. You see nothing but muscle with him which is intimidating as hell until you start talking with him. He is the big brother that everyone wishes they had.

Edward was there when I first woke up and I could tell what he was like just from the emotions he was feeling. He was the fastest of all of us. He was incredibly smart and talented, loved to play music, and always kind and polite. He had a gift, he could read minds, which did get annoying at times, but eventually you learn to live with it.

Then there was Alice, the smallest of the group. She looked like a pixie with her short black hair that stood in every direction, but it looked good on her. She was smaller than Bella even which was hard to do, considering she was tiny also. She had a gift too, she could see the future. Not always, but she could see changes that were to come. It was a good gift to have living the life we were in.

My gift was emotions. I could sense them and manipulate them. Instantly I could tell that Alice had liked me, Rosalie was angry that I didn't find her attractive, and everyone else just had open acceptance of me.

They taught me everything I needed to know, and eventually I got used to the thirst and could control myself around other humans without wanting to attack them. Once that happened, I told them I had to leave. I didn't give them my reasoning, and I blocked my thoughts from Edward.

"I understand that you have to go, but please know that you will always have a place to come back to. You know how to get a hold of us, if you don't find what you are looking for, please come back," Esme said the day I was leaving. She looked so upset, all of them did. I didn't want to hurt them, but I had to find Bella.

I looked for a year, following any lead that I got, which wasn't much of anything. I went back home, but didn't go to see anyone I knew. My hearing was magnified, so just by standing outside my house, I could hear my parents. Our house was huge; they were both very well off. They spent more time working then they ever did with each other or even me for that matter. Finally, they were sharing something together, sadness. They spoke about me, and how they found my car, but never my body. They never found Bella's body either, fighting the urge to go inside, I left again. It was too painful.

After coming up with nothing, and feeling completely empty on the inside, after that year, I went back to the Cullen's. They, of course, welcomed me back with open arms, and that's where I have been ever since.

We moved around so we could live normal lives, Alaska was nice, but we all wanted to go somewhere else. We all went through high school passing off as juniors and staying till we graduate, then move on about a year later. I had been to high school a total of 17 times in the last 50 years, but something told me this year was going to be big.