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The door of his office slid open and a figure stepped into his office before the door slid close. Koenma glanced up from his work, he took in the person clad in black.

Her black cloak trailed on the floor and a hood covered her face. Koenma watched as a slender hand reached up and tugged off the hood revealing her face.

Her features were delicate and slightly pale but still had a faint rosy glow, her onyx grey eyes glittered and her pale pink lips were pulled up in a faint smile.

Her blue black with silver streaks hair flowed down to the middle of her black in a loose braid. Her bang fell over her left eye and she lifted a hand and tucked the strand of loose hair behind her ear.

The girl nodded, her flowing hair fell down her shoulder and Koenma nodded as well as she stepped into his office. Her dark green slippers struck the cold, hard floor as she walked casually towards Koenma and stopped in front of his desk that was covered with towering piles of paper, Koenma stopped in his work and laid down his pen.

"It has been a long time, Koenma." The girl said, her eyes on the toddler that sat in front of her.

"I'm glad you came, Shizuka." The girl smiled faintly before she said politely.

"I would prefer that you do not call me by that name, please call me Rin instead." Koenma nodded and she continued.

"I have been told that you have information on the whereabouts of a friend of mine and my weapon is also here in your possession." Koenma crossed his arms in front of his chest as he replied.

"Indeed I do have the information you want and I also have your weapon, but I have also called you here for another reason." He paused before he said.

"I want to make a contract with you" Shizuka quirked an eyebrow as Koenma continued.

"I would like you to lend me your strength." Koenma crossed his arms in front of his chest and said.

"I would like you to participate in the Dark Tournament as a backup member for the Urameshi Team and also as their healer." Shizuka frowned and asked.

"Wouldn't it be easier if I just kill all the other participants?" Koenma shook his head and said.

"No, we cannot do that, for it will cause an upheaval. But you could aid us with your medical strength."

"Of course in exchange, I will give you what want." Shizuka's mouth straightened into a thin straight line as Koenma continued.

"You are well known through Spirit world and Demon world for your healing abilities and immense power. I would appreciate it greatly if you could aid us in the Dark Tournament for the sake of the Human world." Shizuka narrowed her eyes as Koenma finished and waited for her answer.

Shizuka twirled a strand of her hair through her fingers, her expression thoughtful. An image flashed through her mind, the back of a silver haired demon, the fox demon glanced back and smiled slightly when his cold, golden eyes fell on her. Shizuka closed her eyes and then finally looked up with a faint smile and replied.

"Fine, I agree with your conditions but after the Dark Tournament, I can do whatever I want." Koenma nodded and held out his hand.

"I trust you but I need to make sure that you don't break your word." Shizuka narrowed her eyes at Koenma who flinched slightly under her hard gaze. Her gaze softened and she sighed in defeat before she replied in a slightly annoyed voice.

"I understand, hurry up and get it done." She grasped Koenma's hand in hers, Koenma nodded and murmured.

"I'm sorry." Shizuka shook her head, waving away his apology and smiled as Koenma murmured a few words, a shimmering pale blue light snaked around their held hands before it vanished.

Shizuka drew her hand away and rubbed her wrist where a swirling tattoo encircling her wrist had appeared. She traced its elegant pattern with a finger and then shrugged her shoulders before Koenma lifted a remote and pressed the on button.

The screen in front of them flashed to life and showed four pictures. Koenma pointed to each of them and said their names.

"Urameshi Yusuke, Kuwabara Kazuma, Jaganshi Hiei..." He faltered and then said.

"and Youko Kurama or also known as Shuichi Minamino. There will also be another member but I do not know who it will be." Shizuka remained expressionless and nodded silently, her eyes had flashed fiery red for a second at the mention of Kurama's name.

"There will be a ship at midnight today, they will not know about you so you will need to explain by yourself if they ask, but do not reveal that you are a backup member..." Shizuka stiffened, Koenma paused before said seriously.

"Kurama has changed, he is no longer..." He was cut off when he saw that Shizuka's eyes had pulse scarlet, she managed a warm smile before she said.

"Thanks Koenma but I shall see for myself." Her voice rang with finality, Koenma sighed before he hopped off his seat and walked promptly to the door while saying.

"Come this way." Shizuka followed Koenma out of his office and into the vast halls that seemed to be endless. They passed the bustling ogres, they were all yelling and shouting, running around doing errands.

"Busy as usual." Shizuka said as they walked swiftly through the twisting corridors, finally they stood in front of a giant door that was covered with chains. Koenma lifted a hand and the chains clinked as they withdrew into the shadows, the enormous door creaked open and an unnatural mist billowed out and swirled around them like grasping tendrils.

Koenma stepped in, followed closely behind was Shizuka, the door slammed shut and Rin's lips curled up into a smirk at the sight. The room was about the size of half a field and the only feature in it was a raised table directly in the middle.

A scythe laid on a table, it was bound with chains and covered numerous sealing tags. The metal of the scythe was dull and tarnished, the elegant patterns on the long metal pole were faded and worn.

"Please stand back Koenma, it will be dangerous." Shizuka suggested and Koenma immediately stepped back towards the wall. She nodded in acknowledgement and turned towards the scythe.

"I will set up a barrier around this room and around you." Shizuka said as she stepped forwards, she lifted her hands and pointed it at Koenma who stood against the wall, immediately a shimmering barrier surrounded Koenma and the entire room.

"I need to be in my demon form if I am to reclaim it or I might die." Shizuka explained to Koenma who watched with interest as she tugged her cloak off and let it fall to the ground.

Revealing her in a chinese garb, there were two layers of clothes the outer layer was a deep emerald green that was lines with gold at the edge.

Around her waist was a dark emerald sash that was tied in a tight knot at the back. There were golden bells attached to the end on the sash that was bound around her waits and they tinkled softly as she moved.

The lower layer was a pale forest green, her pants only reached slightly below her knees but the piece of emerald green clothe that was in front and behind her fell further down to the middle of her legs. She lifted a slender hand and slid off the silver bracelet that dangled from her slim right wrist.

Koenma watched as it seemed to fall in slow motion, it clattered to the floor and spun before it became still. Her demon energy that was forcefully suppressed erupted as the seal was removed, the air around her cracked and an eerie mist surrounded her slim figure, covering her from sight. Shizuka opened her eyes, they were cold, hard and shone silver as her demon energy soared like a rocket.

The string that tied the end of her braid burst apart and her hair unravelled. As her hair tumbled down her back it became darker until it was shimmering ivory black, it grew longer and swept down past her hips and to the middle of her legs like a swaying sheet of black velvet.

Her pale face was framed with her black hair, her features were defined and delicate. Her left eye was half covered by her silky black bang that fell to her waist.

Her clothes became a flowing white, sleeveless yukata, the yukata fluttered apart in the furious gale revealing her slender legs up to her thighs. White slippers clad her feet, her nails sharpened and became longer and so did her teeth.

The sharp tips of her fangs jutted out slightly and pricked her bottom lip, she ran her tongue over them and smirked as she tasted a metallic yet sweet fluid.

Shizuka's lips curled up as she felt her power run through her body like new blood. Her demon energy was a shimmering pale violet laced that was streaked with gleaming blue, Koenma gazed with an open mouth at the beautiful glittering energy.

'W...What immense power!' Koenma thought in shock and Shizuru let out a light laugh at his thought.

Koenma stared at Shizuka's figure, he already knew about her tremendous power, but never expected this much. Even though he was shielded by Shizuka's barrier he could still feel her demon energy seep through the protective wall that surrounded him. It sent shivers up his spine and made his hair stand on an end.

It radiated from her entire body and then formed into a pair of dazzling angelic wings on her back. They arched up high and the tips brushed the barrier that she had made making cracks appear in them.

She let out a sigh, her wings spread out beside her as she stretched out her arms while purring contently.

"Ah...It feels so much better in this form..." Her voice was soothing and soft, it echoed with wisdom and power, she then turned slowly and padded soundlessly towards where her weapon laid.

Shizuka's eyes flashed fiery crimson as she lifted a hand over the scythe, the seals glowed and then dropped off from the scythe and turned to ash.

The scythe began to emit a menacing red energy, Koenma backed away further as a menacing, dark energy erupted from it with the force of a volcano. Shizuka was unfazed at the amount of power that caused the air to contort and twist like a different dimension.

She reached a hand over to it and grasped the smooth and cool handle firmly in her hand. The whole scythe trembled as she lifted it and grasped it with her other hand. She directed her demon energy into the scythe and it trembled as her energy coursed through it.

The evil energy it emitted diminished promptly as soon as it recognised its owners energy and soon it was also radiating with Shizuka's demon energy. It pulsed furiously as Shizuka ran her slender fingers across its smooth, cool surface, the places she touched shone eerie silver and flowed with power.

Koenma watched with amazement as Shizuka swung the scythe fluently around her body making it leave a trail of glittering violet and blue energy around her.

It whistled through the air and started to glow as if in happiness because it was in its true owner's hands. The scythe hummed and the sound vibrated around the room like a tolling bell.

Shizuka smiled and the scythe disappeared in her hands with a flash of pale purple energy. She sighed in regret as she bent down and picked up her fallen silver bracelet, she traced the sealing runes that were carved into its surface before sliding it back on. Her demon energy was immediately suppressed and her appearance returned to normal.

Shizuka fidgeted uncomfortably in her human form and strolled over to the pile of black that had been flung to the side. The barrier around Koenma and the room broke as she dragged it up and dusted her cloak before she swung it around her shoulders, it ruffled up and then settled snugly around her.

She pulled her hair out from her cloak and rebraided her hair, her fingers weaved through her bluish-black hair swiftly. She held the end as she pulled out a piece of string and tied the end of her hair.

"I shall be taking my leave now." Koenma nodded and then asked curiously.

"Is that silver bracelet the seal?" Shizuka nodded and lifted her hand to show Koenma the seal.

"It's a special type, allows me to stay in this form as long as I keep it on." Koenma peered at it and said.

"Meaning if it is taken off accidentally you will revert back to your true form instantly." Shizuka nodded in reply as she drew her hand away from Koenma.

"Be careful, someone might accidently break it, the other demons will most definitely recognise you and the news of your existence will spread through the whole of Demon world." Shizuka shrugged and replied.

"I don't really mind if they find out, I'm sick of hiding in the shadows and running away anyway." She smiled and then walked out the door, but before she did she raised her hand and waved a farewell to Koenma.

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