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Grains of Gold Sand

Chapter 20

A New Age


The remaining term was a grueling time for the seventh year students. Remus and Hermione were grateful for Ellen and John and the Hogwarts staff for watching baby Maggie. She wasn't just the apple of her parents eye but the whole schools, as well. It was the first time for a baby to be at Hogwarts and everyone was crazy about her.

The news of Sirius and Ginny took no time to reach the staff and students. Everyone was surprised to find out the play boy of the school was ready to settle down and had a child on the way. It was a heart breaker for the female student body.


Remus and Hermione walked out of their last NEWT's test of the year. They told their friends that they'd catch up with them later. They had to pick up Maggie from Professor Dumbledore. Hermione and Remus named him an honorary grandfather and Professor McGonagall an honorary grandmother to Maggie.

Remus gave the statue the password and it jumped aside allowing the couple to pass. They stepped onto the moving staircase and when it reached the top they knocked on the office door. They heard an 'enter' be called from behind the door. Remus opened the door and let Hermione walk in before him. She smiled and they stepped into the office.

Albus sat in the rocking chair near the window. Fawkes flew down onto the back of the chair. Maggie played with his Albus's long white beard. Hermione couldn't help but smile at them.

"There's my baby girl." Remus said and gently took Maggie from Albus. "How was she today?"

"An angel as always." Albus told the young father as he motioned to the couch. The couple sat down and waited for the Headmaster to continue. "Now, Professor Chase has decided to resign for personal reasons. I was wondering if you'd take the job, Remus." Albus had a small smirk on his face and his blue eyes were twinkling when he said Chase had resigned. He'd actually been fired but they didn't need to know that.

Remus looked down and smiled his daughter. Maggie yawned and slowly closed her sliver eyes. He looked up at the Headmaster. "Professor, no one would want to be taught by someone like me. Besides, my father is not doing as well as we hoped at the moment."

The twinkle in Albus's blue eyes dimmed at the news of John's health. He knew that the cancer was slowly attacking his lungs. Hermione and Remus had left the school grounds for days at a time due to his health. "Then your parents will come and stay here at Hogwarts. Remus you have your wife and daughter to care for. I know you will make a wonderful teacher. You know Maggie will be taken care of. She already has so many aunts and uncles."

Hermione chuckled slightly at the statement. She looked at her husband and nodded her head. Remus sighed heavily. He knew Professor Dumbledore was correct. He had his family to take care of and his parents would have Poppy's help in taking care of his father.

"I'll take the job Professor. On one condition." Remus said.

"And that would be?"

"Don't give Maggie anymore lemon drops in her milk." Albus went to open his mouth to protest but Remus raised a fatherly brow. "I can smell it on her."

Albus chuckled and nodded his head. He drew up the contract and handed it to the young man. Remus shifted Maggie in his arms. He took the contract from the headmaster. He read it over and nodded his head. Remus took the quill and signed his name.

"Thank you Remus. I'll handle everything from here. I'll set up rooms for your parents. I know Hermione already has a job offer at the Ministry." Hermione smiled and nodded her head. "I believe that's all." The couple took that as their queue to leave. Remus nodded at the Headmaster and they left the office.


Graduation had come sooner than expected for the students. They all sat on the Quidditch Pitch. The friends and families of the many students sat in the stands, watching their children and friends walk across the stage excepting their hard earned scrolls.

Ellen and John walked up to Remus and Hermione. They took Remus and Hermione each into a tight hug and congratulated the couple. Albus walked up to the family and smiled. He told them about Remus joining the teaching staff. He had set them up with their own chambers. Remus smiled shyly at his parents for not telling them the news.

Hermione looked around for her daughter and smiled when she spotted Ginny holding Maggie. The two red heads walked up to their friend. They nearly squealed that they had finally graduated.

Lily had a job offer at the book store in Diagon Alley. She quickly took it because she loved books. James was entering Auror training along with Sirius. Peter was offered a job as a councilor at Hogwarts. He happily excepted the job. Ginny was opening a children's day care in Diagon Alley.


Sirius and Ginny were blessed with twin boys they named Leo and Orion Black. The wedding was a simple affair at the church in Godric's Hollow. Albus preformed the ceremony. They lived outside of Diagon Alley.

James and Lily were married a year later and were expecting their first child, a baby girl named Sabrina. Later, they were blessed with a son named Harry. James had moved up in the ranks of the Auror's and was named Head of the Auror Department. They lived in Godric Hollow.

Peter finally married a young teacher from Hogwarts named Madeline. They had three children, a son named Ethan and two girls named Wendy and Lina. Their friends were happy for their friend. The small family resided at the school.

Remus became one of the most popular and respected professors at Hogwarts. Hermione moved up in her job to become the advisor to the Head of the Unspeakables.

Maggie was a loved and respected little girl at the school. She helped many of the professors. She had nearly read and studied just about every subject in the Hogwarts library. Remus and Hermione knew that she would grow to surpass anyone in the school. They had two more children, Teddy and John, four years after Maggie. The pack flourished well beyond any other pack known to date.

John Lupin died after his two grandson's were born. The cancer had finally taken its tole on his body. He had held on for as long as possible for his family. Ellen remained at Hogwarts until her own death three years later.

The first rein of Lord Voldemort became known. Albus put James and Lily into hiding at the school of Hogwarts. But sadly the Longbottoms where attacked, leaving young Neville an orphan to be raised by his grandmother.

The future was unknown but it would be lived to the fullest as long as they had their friends and families.

A wizard who stood in his office with a twinkle in his blue eyes knew that it had changed because of two young time travelers and a Timer Turner filled with Grains of Gold Sand.

The End

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