Chapter one.

I woke up, smiling at the feeling of cold arms wrapped around me. "Good morning." I whispered, and my smile grew at the tightening of these arms.

"Good morning." Edward whispered against my ear. I snuggled back into him, despite the cold, and stretched. "Tired?" he asked me, nuzzling my neck.

"No." I lied, getting up. "I need a human minute."

He didn't answer, used to my 'human minutes' by now. As I brushed my teeth, I stared at myself in the mirror. Looking much healthier now, though still a little pale, Charlie, my dad, was starting to let Edward come visit more often.

I shed my tank and sweats, and pulled on the jeans and long sleeved red-shirt that Alice had bought me as quick as I could.

As I stepped in my room, I rolled my eyes, seeing that Edward had gone home and changed. "Do you always do that?"

"Last time I checked, I wouldn't want to go to school wearing the same thing I wore yesterday." He smiled, pulling me in or a hug.

"I'm hungry." I said after my stomach had made it's presence known.

"No time. We're late." He said, grabbing my hand and tugging me down the stairs.

"What?" I gasped, grabbing my bag from the dinner table on the way out the door. I saw his silver Volvo parked outside and blinked. "How late?" I asked cautiously, knowing that he never brought his car unless we were needing a speed boost.

"We'll never make it in your rust-bucket." he said, jerking his head to my faithful truck.

I pouted and followed him, as he opened the passenger door for me. I slid in and he was in the drivers side in an instant.

We sat in silence for the five minute ride, with me gripping the seat in terror as he sped through the ice-slicked streets. "Please, please slow down." I whispered.

"You wouldn't care if you got a tardy?" he asked me, mock surprised in his voice as he smiled that smile that always seemed to dazzle me.

"No." I whimpered, shrinking my seat as we avoided Mrs. Newton by a foot. "Seriously, I wouldn't mind you slowing down."

He laughed and sped up, pushing 120. As he skidded into the school parking lot, I swore I could feel my heart stop beating as I stared with wide eyes at the clock. "Come on. We're going to be late." Edward said from beside me, outside the passenger door.

I shook my head, clearing the fog and gripped his marble hand in mine. "I don't think I can stand." I whispered, and he laughed, picking me up with ease and began the walk towards the school buildings.

We got through the day, as normal as we could get, before he began to strain during lunch. "What's wrong?" I asked, putting my hand on his as Alice walked back to our table.

he jerked his hand out from under mine, and I pulled mine back just as quick, hurt and fear on my face. "I'm sorry." He whispered huskily. "I need to go hunting. Soon." He said, looking away.

I sighed and nodded, "It's alright. You just scared me, is all. When are you going?" I wondered, staring into his coal black eyes.


"Oh. Well, I'll see you later then?" I asked as the bell rang, and I gathered my books.

He smiled at me, though it was a bit forced. "I still have to take you home." He reminded me, and that unknotted my insides a little.

I couldn't resist the wise-crack. "That doesnt count. You drive to kill." I said, shivering in mock-horror.

Alice swooped in just then and kissed my cheek. "Don't worry Bella. I'm going to be here. Jasper is going, and maybe Emmett. Why don't you come over for the weekend?"

Before I could open my mouth and answer, I felt more than saw Edward tense, though he was three feet away. "Bella!" I heard a familiar voice.

"Mike?" I whispered to Edward. He turned his smoldering black eyes on me. "Mike." I sighed in resignation.

"Bella! It's time for English! Come on!" Mike called as he came closer and gently tugged on my hand.

"Hold on a second." Edward snapped, making Mike flinch. I bit my lip to keep from laughing. "Bella." I turned my head and let my wide eyes rest innocently on his face.


He stepped forward and put his hand on the back of my neck, cradling my head as he kissed me. Then, he stepped away and walked off gracefully, with Alice traipsing after him, with her walk that would make a ballerina look like the city's hobo.

"What was that about?" I heard Mike grumble.

I just sighed in answer and began walking to the cafeteria doors, floating on cloud nine for the time being.

Rest in Results
For some reason, as I let my mind wander dring English, I knew that there was something wrong. The sudden hunting trip? He was hunting last weekend. The way Alice seemed, if it was possible, more Alice than ever. I round my teeth together and raised my hand, prepared to ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, just to clear my head, when I saw her by the window.

Victoria. . .