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1 – Goodbyes

~ Bella ~

I hated goodbyes. I never saw where the good was in goodbye. Goodbyes meant parting. Leaving. Possibly not seeing each other again. And I hated the thought of it.

Flight 5J513 is now ready for boarding.

I stood up and slung my carry on over my shoulder. "I promise I'll call, Mom. So much you're gonna get sick of talking to me on your phone."

Renee smiled through her tears and hugged me. Her eyes were rimmed with red, and they looked puffy. Hmmm. She must have been crying all night. "Please take care of yourself, sweetie."

I laughed. My mother was never the mature one between the two of us, and I always ended up taking care of her and being her mom. Mixed up, I know, but I didn't really mind. I loved her to death. "Really, Mom, you need to worry about yourself more than me. Don't forget to pick up your jacket at the dry cleaners this weekend, okay?" I turned to Phil, my mother's boyfriend. "Will you make sure she eats something other than microwaved food?"

Phil smiled and gave me a hug. "Of course, kiddo. Take care." I could see he looked teary-eyed too.

I smiled. Phil was a good guy. I was glad my mom had him.

The last call for boarding of my flight was announced. My cue.

"All right, guys, this is it," I said, trying not to think of the tears that were threatening to fall. "I gotta go or I'll miss my plane." I gave them each a last hug and proceeded to board the plane.

"Don't forget your medication, Bella," my mom called out. "And say hi to Charlie for us."

I smiled and waved in acknowledgment.

I sighed as I walked past the smiling flight attendant. The flight from Phoenix to Port Angeles was sure to be a long one for me with only my sullen thoughts keeping me company. I plopped down on my window seat and tried to find a comfortable position. I had boarded pretty late, so after a few minutes, the plane took off. I gazed out the window as the plane shot into the air, thinking of the life I was leaving behind. Not much of a life, really. Just my Mom, Phil, and the Arizona sunshine. I didn't have too many friends since I was on the shy side. After watching the place where I grew up disappear beneath me, I put on my headphones and closed my eyes, listening to the music, wishing it would soothe my nerves.

I wonder what Forks will be like now, I mused. Forks was a couple of hours drive from Port Angeles. It was where my father, Charlie, lived. Mom left him there when they got divorced sixteen years ago, when I was only a year old. I'd spent every summer there until I was about twelve because the point of summer was the sun, and Forks hardly had any. So technically, I hadn't seen my dad in five years.

Now I was seeing him again. Maybe for the last time.

Saying goodbye to my mom had been really difficult. I wasn't crying in the airport because I had to be strong for her. Now I let the tears spill. I wiped my cheeks and sniffed quietly. I couldn't help but feel like that goodbye was the last goodbye. I didn't think I'd ever see my mom again.

My mom sent me to Forks so I could spend time with Charlie, saying that Charlie misses me tons. But I knew what was really going on. She sent me to Forks to say goodbye to Charlie too.

She didn't want me to miss saying goodbye to my dad.

She wanted me to see him, spend time with him. Before it was too late.

Before I died.