Chapter 1: Hey daddy!

Naruto stretched his arms and placed them behind his head.

"Finally some freedom, I've been doing missions non-stop."

The nineteen year old jo-nin went to Ichiraku ramen for a nice dinner; ramen!

After stuffing himself he decided to go for walk; his special walk to be exact. And that means taking a peek in the Hyuga residence, hoping he would get a glimpse of the Hyuga heir; Hyuga Hinata. He's been doing this ever since… well ever since he managed to peep in the woman bath in the Konoha hot springs. Why he had done that; well simply to see Sakura naked. The toad sage sure had rubbed off on him, but unlike him Naruto mostly managed that no-one finds out. One time he even managed to get in by transforming himself into an old woman, an irritated old woman. He had been complaining about all kind of things, just like that old woman he had followed all day to make his plan work.

But when he had seen Sakura naked, a few days after he turned into that old woman, his eyes soon found a better target; the Hyuga princess. He barely managed to stay in his hiding spot and had to cover his nose, though that hadn't been much use.

So everyday, or at least when he had time for it, he walked his special route in the evening and would peek at the girl that was training in the garden on her own. From the roof of the building next to it he had a perfect view.

There was no difference compared to other nights tonight. Naruto stayed on the roof until the girl would go inside to go to bed. Then he would sit there on the roof, sulking she went to bed and made his stroll home. Though, although the blonde didn't notice since he was focussed on the beauty below, there was something different; someone was spying at him.


A light orange with red fox looked up at a blonde haired young man on the roof. "Yes, I am certain it's him," it said to itself and kept on staring at him.


"Let's do something fun, Sakura-chan," Naruto pouted as he, Sakura and Sai were walking down the street the next morning.

They had no missions today since Tsunade said they had done enough for the time being and would need a day off. So now the three were just walking, thinking of something they could do the rest of the day.

"And what do you have in mind?" the pink haired asked.

"Well…let's get some of the others that have no mission today and play some game or something, like strip poker," Naruto grinned with perverted blush on his face.

This quote made him get hit about 300 meters through the air.

"You are even worse than Jiraiya!" Sakura shouted as she shook her team-mate like he was just some item that won't be able to break.

"Sakura-chan, I was just joking," Naruto managed to say.

"Strip poker? Is that where, when you lose, you have to take of some clothing until you're naked? I would like to join that," Sai smiled and received a fist in his face.

"Ano, Sakura-san, is it okay to hit your team-mates like that?" asked a timid voice that made all three turn to see who it was.

Naruto immediately didn't know what to say. Just the appearance of the princess he looked at every night made him shut up. He merely stared at her, while she avoided his eye contact.

"This, Hinata, is to make sure their pervert level goes down somewhat."

"P-perverted?" the dark haired girl stuttered as she blushed a little.

"Yes, they wanted to play strip poker."

Now the Hyuga had turned full red and glanced at Naruto as if she asked 'are you really such a pervert?' but yet didn't say a word.

In the mean time Naruto had started to turn red because he felt suddenly embarrassed. He was hoping, or actually begging in his head, that Sakura wouldn't say playing strip poker had been his idea.

"DADDY!" the group heard a kid shout enthusiastic.

Of course they ignored it; none of them was a father. But suddenly Naruto got tackled in a hug and fell on the ground because of it.

"What the hell?!" he exclaimed in surprise.

The blonde looked at the girl that was hugging his legs.

"Daddy, I am so glad I finally found you," the kid said happily looking at him.

Naruto was in such a shock he couldn't say a word. Meanwhile Hinata was staring at him; processing the fact the girl that was hugging the one she loved called him daddy. Sakura was jawdropping while Sai seemed to be interested and wanting to ask 'when did you let your dick go for a walk down the path of a woman?'

Finally Naruto seemed to get back his speech.

"What are you thinking?! I am not your daddy!"

"Oh, you don't remember me?" the girl said sadly.

"OF COURSE NOT!" the blonde shouted as he tried to get rid of the young girl.

"Oh come on daddy, it's me Idzuna. Stop joking, it's not funny."

"I do NOT remember you and you are NOT my daughter!" Naruto said as he finally freed himself from the girl.

The girl sat on her knees on the ground while looking up at the blonde who in turn looked down at her with an annoyed expression on his face. Her eyes got all watery and then she burst out into crying. Sakura kneeled down and hugged the kid.

"Now now, don't cry. He doesn't like jokes unless he is pulling them himself, just leave that grumpy idiot be. Tell me Idzuna, how old are you?"


"And where are your parents?"

Idzuna pointed over at Naruto who threw his arms in the out of frustration.


Sakura stood up and glared at Naruto.

"Did you have sex when you were fourteen?" she asked on a dangerous tone.

"NO!" Naruto shouted in panic.

Seriously what was it with that kid?!

"Uhm, maybe we should go to Tsunade with her," Hinata suggested.

They all looked at her for a while and then nodded. Around fifteen minutes later they knocked on the door and heard Tsunade say 'come in'. They all entered, Idzuna holding Sakura's hand.

"Tsunade-sama, we have some kind of trouble," Sakura and looked down at the girl next to her.

"Oh, and who is this girl?" Tsunade asked with a smile.

"I'm Idzune," the girl said with a smile.

She then turned to Naruto and pointed at him whilst saying, "and daddy says I am not his daughter."

"That's because you aren't!" Naruto freaked.

Tsunade glared at Naruto.

"Did Jiraiya rub off on you that much?" she asked.

"I'm telling you, I am not her father!"

"YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE!" the girl stamp footed while crying.

"Baa-chan, do you really see me doing things like that when fourteen! Even with Jiraiya as my teacher at that time," Naruto said.

"Well I'll do a DNA check when I have time. Idzuna you can stay with me, Sakura or Hinata, who do you want to stay with?" the Hokage asked.

"I want to stay with daddy!" Idzuna said.

"I am not your father! And you cannot stay with me!" Naruto shouted.

"Fine!" Idzuna pouted and turned, "then I will stay with her."

She was looking at Hinata.


"Yeah, daddy was looking at you last night."

Hinata turned red while Naruto felt like running away the rest of his life. He tried to keep himself cool, but he was already freaking out because the girl kept saying he was her father.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. It is possible you have seen me near the Hyuga compound but I was certainly not looking at Hinata. What were you doing outside at that time anyway?"

Hinata suddenly became depressed when she heard that.

"Anyhow, Naruto you will take care of Idzuna until the evening," Tsunade continued.



"H-hai," Naruto stuttered.

"Ok, you're all dismissed; enjoy the rest of your day off."

They left the office; Idzuna was hoping happily. Glad she could spend the day with her father. When they were outside again, Sakura and Sai said their goodbye and left. Naruto looked at the girl that had now grabbed his hand.

"I see you tonight, Hinata," he sighed.

"H-hai, until tonight."

"BYE!" Idzuna said gladly while waving the girl of.

Naruto looked at the Hyuga leaving as well, although he didn't wave. When Hinata was around the corner he pulled Idzuna with him to Ichiraku ramen. This whole event made him hungry, not to forget grumpy and those two combined was a bad thing. After a meal of eight bowls of ramen he had calmed down somewhat, but was shocked when he saw Idzuna had eaten five bowls. During dinner though, the two hadn't said a word.

After paying, Naruto took the girl with him to the woods. He seriously had no idea what do with her.

But as soon the girl found out where they were going Naruto got dragged along instead of the other way around. He was surprised when she let his hand go.

"Now we can play in the way we should daddy," she said happily.

"What do you mean?" asked a confused Naruto while he was now standing still.

Then, to his big shock, the girl changed into an orange with red fox. He could only gape at her while trying to figure out what was going on.

"Come on dad, change back to your real form too so we can play. We haven't played in ages," Idzuna said playfully while wagging her orange with white tail.

Suddenly all became clear to the blonde and he sat down on the ground as he picked the fox up and held her in front of his face.

"Idzuna, is Kyubi your father?" he asked.

"Huh? What kind of question is that, daddy? You are Kyubi no Yoko," she smiled.

Naruto placed her down and looked at her, scratching the back of his head trying to think of how to explain this. Meanwhile Idzuna was playing with his other hand by hitting it with her front paws.

"Listen, kid. I am not your father and let me explain why before you start protesting."

Idzuna shut her mouth and now just looked at the young man in front of her.

"Your father, Kyubi no Yoko, attacked the village more than nineteen years ago. No-one was unable to stop him until the fourth Hokage, my father, sealed him away in me. That is, I think at least, why you think I am your father. You feel Kyubi's chakra in me, but I am not Kyubi. I am Uzumaki Naruto, Idzuna. So please understand that I am not your father."

The ears of the young fox girl were down in shock.

"D-daddy a-attacked Konoha?" she stuttered with widened eyes.

She transformed back to a girl, although she still had the tail this time. She clenched her hands to fist as the corners of her eyes were filled with tears that slowly rolled down her cheeks.

"Daddy would never do that!" she hiccupped in tears.

Naruto looked at it and couldn't stand to see the girl crying. He could only think about how it was to have no-one to comfort you, since he never had someone like that. So he gently got the girl by both her arms and pulled her closer into a hug. Idzuna was surprised and didn't breathe for a moment, but when she felt her father's chakra she closed her eyes and kept on sobbing in silence. Slowly she calmed down.

"So you're a demon fox, Idzuna?"


"You sure scared the hell out of me today, you know that? Calling me your father."

Idzuna pulled back a little and looked at Naruto.

"But… if you have daddy sealed in you, then aren't you my daddy?"

Naruto stared at her for a moment or two before he started chuckling. The girl merely kept on looking at him.

"Maybe a little," Naruto then said smiling and got hugged by Idzuna.

The blonde couldn't help to smile at this and returned the hug.

"Do you know why daddy attacked Konoha?"

"I have no clue, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, daddy doesn't like talking about his mistakes."

"Idzuna, why did you come to search for your father alone? Shouldn't you be with your mother?"

Now the girl hugged him tighter.

"M-mommy is no more, she was k-killed just like my brothers and sisters. I was the only one who could escape," she started sobbing again, "so I decided to go s-search for d-daddy where he was last found; the human world. He hasn't returned for almost two thousand years and I knew I might never find him, but-but I d-did."

"W-wait a minute, almost two thousand years?" Naruto asked puzzled.

"Yes, one human year is a hundred years for us demons in the demon world."

"Ah…" uttered Naruto surprised.

"You didn't know that?" the girl looked at him, her face wet from her tears.

"No, I don't talk a lot to your father. Only when I am in life danger and need some of his chakra and if he doesn't give me we both die."

Idzuna looked shocked, while Naruto placed her on the ground and stood up.

"But he was away for two thousand years how can you be born?"

"Demons can control when they want to get pregnant, they save that stuff that makes babies somewhere inside the body until later. Well that is if they want to."

"So you actually never saw your father?"

The girl expression turned sad, "only when I was very little."

"How is THAT possible?" the blonde freaked confused.

"Daddy is the Biju king, he can time travel. Although he doesn't do that a lot."

"Ah," Naruto mumbled understanding it all a little, "What did you normally play with your father?"

"Uhm… hide-and-seek and tag. Sometimes we trained," Idzuna answered.

"In that case," Naruto touched the girl on her cheek, "you're it."

The blonde ran away, leaving a confused girl behind. Soon she realized what was going on and went after Naruto as fast as she could. And once again Naruto was tackled when Idzuna jumped to his legs. He fell face flat on the ground, while Idzuna was swiping her tail with joy and laughed.

"You're it now, dad."

Naruto turned to look at the girl and sighed.

"Yeah… I'm it. You've got five seconds to run before I'm coming after you. Five…"

Idzuna quickly let Naruto's legs go and dashed away. Naruto grinned while standing up and got the sand and grass of his clothes. After that he quickly said four-three-two-one and ran after the girl.