Chapter 11: The best present

It was around 2 pm, the old Konoha 11 group had gathered into the office, excluding a certain blonde.

"Okay listen. Naruto's been missing since yesterday evening and we have no clue what he is up to. I want you all to look for him until you find him," Tsunade said serious.

"Did he run away?" Ino asked.

"I-I don't th-think he ran away," Hinata answered.

"Anyway he could have gone anywhere, so-"

"Who could have gone anywhere?"

They all looked around and saw the blonde they we're actually ordered to search. Not only that, behind him were two unfamiliar people and a fox. Akamaru growled to the fox, which paid the dog no attention.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata was the first one to speak.

The timid Hyuga girl was so happy she forgot everyone around them and hugged the boy as if he had been gone for a year.

"So… are they officially going out?" Ino asked.

"Uhm… yeah," Naruto blushed, "since yesterday."

"So who are the people with you, fox-boy," Kiba asked.

"You will never guess," Naruto grinned, while Hinata looked at the two Naruto had brought with him.

Hinata recognised one of them and looked at Naruto with shock, who smiled at her.

"Ku… Kishina...? You're alive? You are still alive?" Tsunade asked as tears welled up.

"Tsunade, it's been a long time I last saw you," Kushina smiled, "I was surprised when I heard Naru-chan saying you were the fifth Hokage."

Naruto sweat dropped when he saw his friends looking at him and started snorting. Hinata looked at him with eyes that told him she liked that nickname.

"Would you please not call me that in front of my friends?" Naruto asked, avoiding all the eyes that were looking at him, "it's embarrassing."

"Naruto, why did you run off yesterday?" Sakura then asked.

The blonde looked at his team-mate and smiled.

"Isn't that obvious? To find those two."

"Uhm why?" Tenten asked.

"Let me introduce myself," Kushina smirked, "Uzumaki Kushina."

"UZUMAKI?!" almost all of them exclaimed in shock and turned to look at Naruto again, who scratched the back of his head smiling nervously for some reason.

"She's my mother," he grinned happily, "And Kaito there is my grandfather."

"Yo everyone," the old man said smiling.

All of them just gaped at the blonde, except for Tsunade and Hinata.

"Hinata, why aren't you surprised about this?" Kiba then asked.

"Well I am surprised they are st-still alive but I knew it was Naruto's mother."

"How?" asked Neji, clearly still surprised.

"Oh… wait, are you Neji?" Kushina suddenly asked, what made Neji almost jump.

"How do you know?"

"I saw you when you were just a baby. After all you were born before Naru-chan and we were good friends with the Hyuga clan."

"Oh, was he a cute baby?" Tenten asked before she realised it and she slammed her hands on her mouth whilst blushing, what made Sakura and Ino giggle.

"Well to answer the question… I haven't been t-telling the complete truth," Hinata said shyly.

"What do you mean Hinata?" Tsunade asked.

"We were sent back in time by Kyubi, to find out what exactly happened."

"I am sorry I did that, Naruto, but the demon council wants to see what happened that day. You have to go back to the demon realm for a while so they can see it has all been the truth, they will read your mind. After that you can freely summon any demon you want as long as you concentrate on who you want."

"I sort of figured that out."

"Naruto, you already mastered that?!" Tsunade asked standing up.

"I've been to the demon realm short after I left you baa-chan. I've been there for uhm six months. Not long after I came back I was send back in time by Kyubi and Idzuna-chan helped him," the blonde explained.

"Wait… that is Kyubi?" Sakura asked whilst looking at the fox she found cute.

"I am miss pinky hair. Don't worry, I won't harm anyone."

After some more explanation and answering questions Kyubi disappeared and everyone left the Hokage office except for the Hokage herself. They all went their own way, while Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand and went with his face to her ear.

"How's Idzuna-chan?"

"She's alright, she's with my father," Hinata said as a nice shiver ran ups her spine.

Then they both noticed the soft giggling behind them and turned around to see Naruto's mother and grandpa.

"Almost forgot them," Naruto sighed a little embarrassed.

"You two look really cute," his mother smiled.

"Glad you think that, but let me introduce her properly. This is Hyuga Hinata-chan, the number one most gorgeous girl in whole Konoha."

Hinata turned crimson at this comment and she stared at her feet.

"I'm glad to meet you Hinata. I hope I can see your parents again soon."

"Uhm, we can go visit now," Hinata muttered, "but mom passed away a long time ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kushina said a little shocked.

"I-it's okay, you didn't know," Hinata smiled at the red haired.

So the group left to the Hyuga compound where Naruto was gladly welcomed by a girl that jumped on his back.

"DADDY!" Idzuna said cheerfully.

"Why is that every time your real father is back to the seal, you call me daddy, Idzuna-chan?" Naruto grinned.

"Can't I?" Idzuna said sounding sad and shocked.

Naruto got the kid off his back and placed her on the ground, whilst placing a hand on her head.

"Don't worry, it's okay."

"So you are Idzuna-chan?" Kushina asked as she kneeled down in front of the five year old.

"Who are you madam?"

"I am Naru-chan's mother."

"OH!" Idzuna let out as she looked over at the blonde.

"Naru-chan huh? It seems you never change, will you Kushina?"

Hiashi had appeared with a smile on his face. Glad to see an old friend back who was thought to be dead. Kushina stood up and smiled back at him.

"Hello, Hiashi. I am glad the clan council didn't make you hate my son."

"Oh to them it seemed like it, but whenever I had the change I would help him out without them knowing," Hiashi replied.

"Eh, wait… what about me staying here so often?" Naruto asked puzzled as he tried think of the reason.

"Well, they didn't know you were the fourth's child and I had to tell them to avoid problems but I demanded them not to talk about it to anyone, not even the people that know about it."

"Ah, thanks," Naruto put on his goofy smile.

"Naru-chan, you mean no-one knows?"

"More or less. My friends know now due to the council meeting. But I don't want people to think I am dad. I'm not him and I'll never be him."

It ended up that Naruto, Kushina and Kaito staid over for dinner and even slept there, because there wouldn't be enough place in Naruto's apartment.

Two days later Tsunade had an empty apartment for the three of them and also Idzuna. And with help of Naruto's friends it was soon liveable. Missions came and went and when Naruto had some time left after his mission, he would once again sit on the roof across the Hyuga compound, which made him able to look into the garden. If Hinata was out, he would wait until she noticed him, then jump into the garden and hug her.

His desire to kiss her grew with the day, but one thing stopped him from doing so and that was his fear she would get in a coma although her fainting around him had reduced.

Tsunade had yelled at the council for one hour straight, which caused all the council members to hide for their lives against the wall. Now none of them dared to threaten Kushina with death.

The blonde also went to the demon realm to show the demon council the truth of what happened when Kyubi was sealed in him. Lucky for Naruto though, he didn't have to stay long and soon found himself back in the arms of his lavender eyed love.


"Naru-chan, wake up!" came from the hallway.

"Stop calling me Naru-chan," Naruto groaned back as he turned around in his bed.

Sharing his home with other people was still something he had to get used to. Especially his new alarm clock; his mother. And not only that, the next part will soon run in and…

"COME ON NARUTO-KUN, WAKE UP!" Idzuna shouted cheerfully as she jumped on Naruto.

"Oof! Idzuna-chan, would you please get of me," said the irritated blonde.

Since Kyubi was mostly walking around in the house because Naruto liked it that way, Idzuna had been starting to call him Naruto-kun instead of daddy.

"Come on, it's a special day," Idzuna said as she jumped of him and dragged Naruto out of the bed.

"And what exactly is so special about today?" yawned the blonde as he tried not to fall while being dragged.

They reached the kitchen and Naruto got suddenly hugged by his mother after she gave him a kiss on his cheek, which caused him to blush for he wasn't used to such a thing.


"Eh…?" let the still sleepy shinobi out.

Slowly he started to realize it was the 10th of October and gained his usual goofy smile on his face.

"Thanks mom."

The four that were living in that house ate their breakfast with smiles that morning. And when time passed, Naruto's friends came over to party and congratulate him. He got a pile of presents; he even got some of some council members which surprised him a lot, but no matter how much he loved the presents he liked it more that everyone was there. That his mother was still alive and also had a grandfather left.

Kushina promised him to train with him and teach him new jutsu, which had made Naruto jump up and down cheerfully.

From Hinata he got a silver bracelet with her name carved in it. He had hugged the girl tightly after she gave it to him, both blushing like mad but smiling.

The party ended late at night and Tsunade was one of the last to leave, guided by Shizune. Although the shy Hyuga was still there… well still there. Naruto had grasped her hand and without anyone noticing he had pulled her with him outside.

"Why are we outside, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked no longer stuttering around the blonde.

"I just want to spend some time alone with my girlfriend," he grinned as he laid an arm around her shoulders.

Hinata again gained that blush that Naruto found cute looking as she laid her head against him and laid an arm around his waist.

After half an hour of just walking the two sat down on a bench. Sitting close to each other, they looked at the clear sky of that night.

"I have one last present for you, Naruto-kun," Hinata whispered, whilst looking down.

"Oh? What is th-mmm."

Naruto had looked to the side, but was suddenly lip locked with his girlfriend and with surprise he looked her. Yet the surprise only lasted for a short moment and while closing his eyes he kissed her back until both of them couldn't breathe anymore.

They let go and Hinata turned her gaze to the ground. Naruto only did this for a moment.

"That… that was the best present I ever got," he said softly and turned to look at the girl.

She was still looking down and the blonde smiled at this. Tenderly he laid his right arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer.

"Thanks Hinata-chan," he whispered in her ear.

"Can… can we do it a… again?" came from the timid girl that still looked at her feet.

Naruto laid his left hand under her chin and made her look up.

"As many times as you want," he generously smiled and kissed the girl.

~ End