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Travel to Mirkwood

Voldemort was pacing angrily in his hide out. He had what he wanted. The main ingredient, but he couldn't get to it, to add it in the potion. And the foul being didn't answer his questions.

His magic didn't seem to have a grip on this being. He had to jump aside not to be hit by his own spells, as they just bounced off of the being. So instead of using magic he changed his methods to that of muggles, no matter how disgusted he found it.

Now, the being was unconscious in one of his cells and he had to find another way to get his answers.


The Order of the Phoenix has once more gathered itself. After welcoming everyone Dumbledore started with the questions that needed to be asked.

"Do you know more of what Voldemort is doing, Severus?" Dumbledore asked his spy.

"Yes, the deatheaters succeeded in opening the portal. Voldemort has just come back again with a being that hasn't been seen in our world, but whatever he caught the being for he still hasn't any success in what he is planning. The being seems to be immune to magic." Severus answered.

"A being that's immune to magic, you say? Interesting. Can you tell me more about this being?" Dumbledore asked.

"I haven't been able to get a good look at it, but it was almost human. If you didn't know better you would have thought so." Severus said.

"Well, we better keep an eye on him. We need to find a way to free this being. Also I want to know exactly what Voldemort wants with this being." Dumbledore said.

*** ******

It had taken them a couple of days of planning, before they were able to get away. Sirius was sure they had found out he was missing back in Imladris and he was sorry for worrying his father, but there were more important things to do.

He was now in dog form with Harry and some weapons on his back. Lucky for them they had found a map of Middle-Earth and found out that Mirkwood wasn't that far away. The problem was that getting there was more difficult than they had thought.

They had to cross a big river and when they arrived to the first trees they soon found out they had to travel far to the north to find what they were looking for. It was a good thing they had better eye sight then before, because the forest was a dark place. It reminded both of them to the forbidden forest on the grounds of Hogwarts.

They spotted creatures they had never seen before, tall creatures, short creatures, ugly creatures, and creatures that had the beauty elves were famed for, but the two elflings were careful not to be spotted themselves. They found out that elves could move very silently, their footsteps were as light as feathers.

"Now what?" Harry asked.

They were now close to where the deatheaters kept the elves imprisoned. They had managed to slip past the deatheaters that stood guard outside the palace and even managed to get all the way down to the dungeons.

"We need to free the elves first. We stand more of a chance if they fight with us." Sirius answered.

"Alright, do you know to unlock the doors wandlessly?" Harry asked.

"No, unfortunately not. We need to try to get the keys." Sirius said.

Getting the keys wasn't that easy, since the deatheaters took shifts at guarding the place and the keys were constantly with a deatheater that was awake.

"I don't think this is going to work." Harry said, as some more days went by.

"Then we need to find another way to open the doors, but first we need to get the deatheaters away from these doors." Sirius said, scratching his chin while he was thinking.

"Find something to pick the locks with and we need a diversion to lure the deatheaters away from the doors." Harry said.


It had been a week now since Helluin went missing and he started to worry. He knew Helluin had been practicing magic since the elves of Imladris had spotted him doing so. They also had seen him disappearing in one spot and appearing in another and that was what he thought had happened. He hoped that nothing bad had happened. He had lost his son once before, he didn't want to lose him again. But as the days had gone by, and the search parties had come back with no news, he had grown more and more worried.

He had sent word to his twin sons to go look for Helluin, as they had been the ones to find him the first time, but they couldn't find him in the near area's from Imladris.

It was when Galadriel contacted him that his worry grew even more. Gilmîr, the other returned elfling, was missing too.

'And you have no idea where they are?' Elrond sent mentally.

'No, they are out of my reach, but they can't have gone far.' Galadriel sent back.

'I hope so.' Elrond sent, then he broke the connection.

More days past by. Then he finally got some good news. In a vision he saw where the elflings where, but also saw what drove them there. He immediately sent his twin sons to Mirkwood. He himself went to where Aragorn was, since he had to give him something.

He knew Legolas was with him, so he could also give him the bad news. He hoped that by the time he arrived he would have some good news for them.