Author: Sparta

Title: Pride of the Urban Jungle

Pairings: RJ & Casey (Main) Theo & Lilly (a few others might make an appearance too so keep your eyes peeled)

Rating: R

Categories: Slash/Mpreg

Series: Parenthood

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Crossovers: Jungle Furry/Lightspeed Rescue/Wild Force/Ninja Storm/VR Troopers

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 8/?

Completed: No

Summery: Casey was a nobody Cub until he was chosen to be a Ranger, now he must deal with saving the world but could his painful past with Jarrod Aka Dai Shi put his future with RJ and his team in danger.

Chapter Summery: Carter see's that Casey's struggling so he steps in with a little help from some old friends, but Carter's unaware that a challenge has been made

Episode Use: Mine

Authors Notes:

Rookie in Red

Casey wasn't perfect but he was stronger then he had been, with Danna's help he'd managed to clear the poison from his system. But still Carter was worried; while Casey had been recovering, Carter had taken over his duties as Red Ranger while Ryan had taken over in the kitchens. Ryan had quickly become popular bringing in more customers for RJ and more headaches for Carter.

At the end of the day, Carter was worried about how far behind Theo and Lilly Casey was, he was also worried about the lack of respect Theo had for Casey and now himself. Carter wasn't impressed with the local bad guy ether; Jarrod was one thing but after speaking with RJ about Dai Shi Carter was seeing a big problem coming Casey's way. That's why Carter was now stood at the till dressed in a JKP uniform waiting for a very special arrival.

"What are you planning Carter?" asked Lilly as she and RJ joined Carter, who just smiled.

"As good a teacher as you are RJ you're too close to Case, just as I am so I've asked some friends to help out," said Carter as the door went and Carter went to work.

"Welcome to Jungle Karma Pizza, I'm Carter. Laugh Myers and I'll shoot you" said Carter with a smile as several of the past Red Rangers entered JKP, Carter showed them to a table in the back of the room, sitting along side them Jason spoke up.

"So what's up Carter? Your message sounded urgent though it didn't go into depth?" said Jason as Wes, Tommy, Eric, TJ, Cole and Andros agreed. Carter sighed and watched the others as they fussed around the kitchens.

"Look around and tell me what you see?" asked Carter as his fellow Red Rangers looked confused but still looked around.

"I see people eating Pizza while several crazy teenagers race round serving them," said Eric with a grunt.

"See the girl on the till?" asked Carter as they nodded and looked in Lilly's direction.

"Their Yellow Ranger, the snooty one with the Pizza in the corner is Blue, the youngest one working on the counter doing the paperwork that's my brother Casey and their Red Ranger" sighed Carter as Eric chocked on his drink.

"Yeah the crazy hippy is their mentor, but it doesn't help that Casey's only just joined them and is years behind them. Theo their Blue Ranger has no respect for Casey, Lilly the Yellow still thinks Case is a baby and well RJ's to close to Case to help him really" sighed Carter as he looked up at Jason.

"They are at each other throats constantly, Casey is just trying to fit in and he's getting killed. It also doesn't help that the host of the new big bad is Casey worst nightmare, Dai Shi's host Jarrod and Casey have a past he's the father of Casey's son Penn.

I almost killed the bastard years ago for abusing my brother and now he's back and letting Casey know" growled Carter.

"Don't worry Car we'll do what we can" said Eric with a smile as he stole the last slice of his and Wes's pizza.

"Hey mine," growled Wes

"No mine you eat meat I don't" said Eric as Wes got in a huff

"It's the couch for you tonight Myers" laughed Carter

"Try the SUV more like it" said Wes as Eric scowled at him

"Don't worry Eric you can have my tree" said Cole with a smile making Wes fall off his seat laughing and Tommy chock on his drink. Eric glare at both of them

"Having fun"

"Yes" said all other Rangers as Eric growled unaware they were being watched.

"Who the hell are they?" demanded Theo as RJ and Lilly joined him.

"If I had to guess I'd say the original Red Rangers," said RJ in an all-knowing voice as he passed by leaving Lilly and Theo stunned.

RJ headed up to the loft to check on Casey who was happily playing with his son, RJ smile as he stood there watching them RJ suddenly got the urge to pick Casey up and carry him off to their room until Casey was pregnant to him.

"He's a good mom isn't he?" asked Carter as RJ jumped and blushed

"Yeah" said RJ as Casey looked up and smiled at his brother.

"Uncle Carter" yelled Penn as he raced over and threw himself at Carter.

"Hey Cub what are you up too?" asked Carter as he picked up his nephew making Eric gag in joking and Tommy coo.

Carter thumped Eric on the arm as Penn leapt into Tommy's arms, making the older Ranger laugh as Penn pouted at the ex-evil green Ranger.

"So much for you rep as the evilest Ranger that lived" said Jason as Tommy growled

"Sorry Tom that died the day you became a Mom" laughed Leo as Tommy refrained from sticking his tongue out at the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger.

"Should I ask Car?" asked Casey as he watched the older men dressed in red.

"Case we need to talk" said Carter as he pointed toward the back garden of the Loft, nodding Casey followed the group as RJ was left with Penn.


Casey was a little nervous as he took his seat as the older men took up a picnic bench in the background. Case I've been her a few days now and I've seen things that would make Zordon roll in his grave, behind me Case are my friends but they are also much more.

Each one of them have lead their team into battle not knowing if the would come back, but each one of them knew one thing they knew their teams were behind them. Be truthful Casey can you say that of, Lilly, Theo or RJ?" asked Carter as Casey hung his head and shook it.

"Casey don't worry some of us more then other…...," said Jason as he looked at Eric who had the sense to blush

"…have had a problem with one or more of our team mates, but in the end we worked it though" said Tommy as Eric put his arm round Wes's shoulders.

"I think it's time for some introductions," said TJ as Jason and the other agreed after seeing the look on Casey's face.

"Right you know your brother; I'm TJ Red Turbo Ranger/Blue Space Ranger. The mouthy one with the leather gloves on is Eric Myers Red Quantum Ranger please don't ask about the Q Rex, his lover Wes Collins is the young man on his right and the Red Time Force Ranger, on his left is Tommy Oliver and Jason Scott the first Red and Green Rangers not to mention two of Zordon's children……."

"Zordon was the mentor to the first few Ranger teams before he gave his life for us," said Andros sadly, as he remembered the pain of that day.

"You did what you had too Andros" said Jason comfortingly, leaving Casey confused 'Later' mouthed Carter as Casey nodded.

"Though in Tommy's case kid just call him the Rainbow Ranger, he's been more colours then any of us. Though he's happy being a Red one for now," laughed Eric as Tommy flipped Eric the bird.

"Anyway the young man on Carter's left is Leo Red Lost Galaxy Ranger; next to him is the youngest of us Cole Evens the Red Wild Force Ranger…"

"You and him share a few tricks," said Carter as Casey looked at him

"….and last but by no means least is Andros the Red Space Ranger I think that covers all of us" said TJ with a smile as the other all came out with stupid comments.

"Basically Case I've brought us together to help you catch up with Lilly and Theo and hopefully get Theo off your case," said Carter as Casey nodded dumbly.

"Casey your brother cares a lot for you, currently we call them the Rookies in Red but basically they are the Red Rangers from past teams. Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive are preparing themselves for a mission off world taking their spirt quests, since you're an active Ranger you can't leave but it doesn't mean we can help you" said Tommy as Casey smiled.

'Trust them Cub, I like them though the Jungle child unnerves me. He has a spirt like myself, but his is untempered and truly wild'

'Yes Iger this is going to be fun'


The day passed without a hitch for Casey, he was looking forward to his first lesson with the older Red Rangers. Picking up Penn he carried him toward the local basketball court where he was meeting them, what he found surprised even him.

The older Rangers where happily playing basketball, while a group of men around the same age watched from the sidelines with a group of children. Casey smiled as he recognised one of the men as Ryan his brother Carter's partner and his niece Sydney in his arms.

"Casey" yelled the little girl as Casey approached letting Penn race over to play with the little girl.

"Hey Case" said Ryan with his usual charm as he picked up his water bottle

"Hey Ry, enjoying the view I see" laughed Casey as he looked toward the game.

"Hey Carter might be the hottest player their but you can't blame a guy for enjoying the view when they refuse to put their tops on" laughed Ryan as Casey agreed

"Who are the new guys?" asked Casey as he sat back and watched the newcomers

"Right you've got TJ's wife Ashley and son Jack, Andros's husband Zhane and sons, Ziggy, Ivan and Bridge. Then you have Kai Leo's husband and me of course. You've met Wes Eric husband well that's their two kids Charlie's the eldest and that Skyler next to her and lastly is Cole's husband Merrick and their daughter Elizabeth but most call her Z," said Ryan as he introduced Casey to the group.

"Nice to see you've met the family, right rookie are you ready for your first lesson?" asked Jason as Casey stood up proudly and nodded

"Yes bring it on," said Casey as Eric smiled

"Morpher" said Eric as he put his hand out leaving Casey confused

"To be a true Ranger you must first learn to focus your natural powers and skills before adding that of the Ranger to it," said Eric as Casey nodded and handed him his Morpher

"It's only when we are truly vulnerable that we learn what we are truly made of" said Cole with a smile as the other agreed.

"The fortune cookie's right" said Eric with a laugh as he took Casey to one side


RJ stood in the shadows as he watched his mate and the older Rangers as they interacted.

'Jealous much Pup? Carter has a point you're too close to him Pup you've failed twice to pull Theo on his behaviour. Let Casey learn from those who can teach him what you can't'

'Your right I just don't feel safe with him being on his own with them, there power alone is stronger then Dai Shi'

'So is Casey's but without his confidence Casey is not a leader, the older Rangers would not have interfered if they did not deem it necessary that is their laws'

RJ let out a sigh he knew that Howler was right and he was overreacting, he knew that the older Red Ranger would be good for Casey and he did the confidence boost.

"You can come out of the shadows Wolf Master you have nothing to fear from them, they mean no harm to your Pack," said a voice from the shadows.

"Master Lunar" said RJ as he jumped, Merick smiled as he and his wolf spirt walked towards him.

"Lunar was worried that you would do something stupid Pup, so I give you this warning once the Red Rangers are a part of my mates Pride so are part of my Pack harming them may cost you your life. Now that's over with join me," said Merrick as they walked to join the others as they watched.


Several days had past since the Red Rangers had taken over Casey's training and even RJ had to noticed the change in Casey, his confidence was sky high and his skills greatly improved but RJ was also aware that Casey was becoming worn out quicker.

RJ was worried about his mate but when the call came in, RJ's worries where benched as Casey returned to his duties as leader of his team. The older Rangers stood by and watched, they were impressed as Casey took the lead and put his new skills into play.

They were still unimpressed with Theo's lack of respect but they gave him his due, in battle their differences where put aside as Theo followed Casey's lead. The battle was swift but impressive, as the Rangers returned to JKP.

"Nice work" said Eric and the other Red Rangers as the still in Ranger Form Ranger's returned.

"Who are you?" growled Theo though his helmet

"Eric Myer's Red Quantum Ranger and you have a major attitude problem kid," growled Eric making Theo backed down.

Theo was about to say something when suddenly everyone's attention turned to Casey just as he collapsed in front of them.

"DANNA CASEY" yelled Carter at the top of his lungs as panic ensued.


Casey's head was pounding as he came round, it took a few minutes for Casey to realise that he was in RJ's bed. Groaning he tried to sit up.

"Hey watch it kid" said TJ as Casey felt like he was going to throw up

"Not on the uniform kid or I'll kill you" said Eric as he pulled a face

"Why do I feel like the Q Rex has sat on me after using me as a chew toy?" asked Casey as everyone laughed.

"Because your hormones are unbalanced," said Danna as she entered the room.

"What?" asked Casey as everyone looked at Danna

"Casey judging by your test result, your fainting spell outside was caused by the imbalance in your hormones caused by your current state," said Danna

"In English?" asked Eric

"Casey your pregnant" said Danna as all eyes turned to RJ

"WHAT?" asked RJ as he signed knowing Carter was about to kill him.