Final Fight: The Novel


Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fight. Capcom owns the rights to Final Fight.

Words of note: This here is a novelization of one of my all-time favorite beat 'em ups. I am well aware that there are some things explained in the "Street Fighter Plot Guide" in regards to plot points or certain things. But this here is my version and I am going to explain some differences in general.

1. Poison, in my story, is actually female. I am well aware of the deal involving her character being a... you know. Roxy is, however, a female, so there are no changes. Again, Poison is female in my story. This is my version.

2. Haggar has been elected not too long before this version happens. I know Capcom retconned this fact and was probably elected sometime before, but I am going by the American version in this one.

3. I was skeptical about certain parts regarding the thugs our beloved trio beat up, but I decided that the ones who were named actually play a role and probably come back and get beat up again while the ones who mainly get beat up are new recruits, members, or just some random Mad Gear thugs with no names.

That's about it. Enjoy!

Metro City, 1987

At the Mad Gear stronghold, a man in a wheelchair known as Belger is sitting his office, looking at the newspaper, reading an article about newly elected mayor, Mike Haggar's plans to make Metro City a better place than it has been. Belger then turns on the TV to watch the news.

"In other news today." Said the news anchor. "Newly elected mayor Mike Haggar had a press conference today and spoke about his plans to change Metro City for the better."

The footage of the press conference was shown on the TV screen. Haggar was shown talking on a podium with several microphones in front of him.

"People of Metro City", said Haggar. "It has come to my attention that I speak for all the citizens here in Metro City about the crime and corruption we have had for years now. The last mayor was unable to run this city the way he wanted to because he couldn't take all the crime in this city. I am well aware that this city hasn't been what it used to be for a long time now. For years, we've seen these streets ran by gangs. Drug dealers on corners, innocent people getting beaten up for no reason. It's time we make a change for the better. I know we can all make Metro City a peaceful city once again."

Several people were applauding for him, while Belger develops a serious scowl on face. He throws a throws a knife at a photograph he has of Haggar and his daughter Jessica. He then starts thinking of a plan.

"We had the previous mayor follow our rules," Belger thought, holding his hand against the lower part of his face near his mouth and chin. "There will be a way we can get our new mayor to work with us. I know just the plan."

He then takes another look at the photograph and takes a closer look at Jessica. He then calls one of his main lieutenants for a meeting with the rest of the Mad Gear gang. Belger calls someone on the phone.

"Damnd." Said Belger. "Call Sodom, Abigail, Rolento, and Edi. E, also get the others. We have something to discuss."

Meanwhile, Jessica was out on a date with Cody, her sweetheart since childhood. The two went to a movie and went to dinner afterwards at some diner.

"So how does it feel to be the daughter of a mayor?" Cody asked, with a smile on his face.

Jessica started to laugh a little. "Cody, stop! I get this a lot from my friends. You're not the only one who asks me this question."

"I know." Said Cody. "It just feels a little weird how I'm now dating a mayor's daughter."

"Come on, Cody." Said Jessica. "Nothing's changed. Just my dad is now the most powerful man of Metro City. Besides, I'm the same person you've known for years."

"Well, probably." Said Cody. "I mean, I think since your dad is now mayor, don't you think he would have less time to worry about our relationship?"

"I know my dad is skeptical about us being together." Said Jessica. "He knows about our feelings for each other and respects us. He has known you since we were kids. I think the reason he is a little overprotective of me is because ever since my mom died, he couldn't bare to see anything bad happen to me."

"Your dad thinks I'm dangerous, doesn't he?" Cody asked.

"I wouldn't go that far." Said Jessica. "I mean, he does like you, he doesn't have anything against you, but he sometimes thinks you're a bit of a loose cannon."

"How do you figure?" Cody asked.

"Remember the time you beat up Gunloc?" Jessica asked. "It's not like I can't blow off any guys, you know."

"Well, I do remember Gunloc." Said Cody. "I remember having gone backstage of your dad's shows and I think he did have some huge ego problems and thought he was a ladies man. Hell, even your dad kicked his ass. Besides, he was trying to get all over you."

"Yeah, that's true." Said Jessica. "But that was a long time ago. Besides, I begin to worry about our relationship, too."

"Why?" asked Cody.

"Except for tonight, we haven't really been spending a lot of time together." Said Jessica, taking a closer look at Cody's face. "Also, what is up with that bruise on your face?"

"It's really that noticeable?" said Cody, knowing that she is referring to the small bruise near his jaw. "I didn't think he would go too hard on that."

"What do you mean?" Jessica asked.

"It's just that I have been training with this new guy at the gym." Said Cody. "Lately, when we have been sparring, he seems to demonstrate some of his crazy moves on me. He appears to be some Japanese martial artist."

"Are you sure about that?" Jessica asked, with a worried look on her face. "It looks pretty bad."

"Relax, baby." Said Cody. "No need to get worried. It's not like I can't take care of myself if someone tries to get in my way and you know that."

"I know that." Said Jessica. "I'm just concerned. Lately, we haven't spending enough time together. Sometimes, I wonder if some of the criminals out there attack you, like anybody involved with the Mad Gears."

"Them?" said Cody. "I tend to stay away from those guys as much as possible. Besides, it's because of them that this city is such a hellhole."

"I hope my dad takes care of the city's problems." Said Jessica. "It's not like he can't do it. I believe in him."

"We both do, Jessica." Said Cody. "I know your dad pretty well. I don't think he'll let the citizens of Metro City down, unlike the previous mayor."

"We'll see what happens." Said Jessica.

Cody looks up at the clock in the diner which said 10:30 PM. "Come on, it's time for us to get going."

Cody and Jessica walk out of the diner, when someone in a nearby car is looking at them through binoculars.

"That's her right there." Said the thug with the binoculars to the driver with blonde dreadlocks.

"Good." Said the driver who saw Jessica enter Cody's car. "Looks like Cody and Jessica are leaving."

"Hey, Damnd." Said a thug sitting in the backseat of the van they're in to the driver. "Should we follow them?"

"Not yet." Said Damnd. "Give us a little bit until they get further. We're doing our boss a favor. I think our new mayor will play ball with us, dude."

Damnd starts laughing as do the other thugs in the van.

Later on, Cody pulls up in front of Jessica's apartment building.

"Want me to come in?" Cody asked.

"No, that's okay." Said Jessica. "I think I'll be safe tonight."

"Well, I'll call you tomorrow." Said Cody. "After you get off of work."

"I hope to hear from you, sweetie." Said Jessica, as she started to kiss Cody on his lips before she got out of the car.

"Bye." Said Cody. "Talk to you tomorrow."

Jessica waved at him with a smile on her face as she walked towards the door of the apartment building she lives in.

After Cody drove off, the same van from earlier pulled up.

Damnd and the other three thugs started going over the plan.

"Here's our plan, dudes. We go in there, get her. Take her back to the boss. We then send our new mayor a message telling him that he make a deal with us."

The other thugs nod their heads and smirk evilly.

Once Jessica got in her apartment room, she then took off her coat, and sat on her bed looking at some pictures. One of her and her father, another with her and Cody, and the last one which was taken when she was a lot younger with her, her father, and her mother Nancy, who had died a while back. She started to get a bit of a tear in her eye because she knows how much she misses her mother, same with how her dad misses her as well.

Damnd and his three thugs approached the doorman sitting at his desk reading a paper.

"Where is Jessica Haggar's room?" said Damnd.

"May I ask who's coming?" said the doorman.

"We're just some friends of hers." Said Damnd.

"I don't think she's expecting anybody, especially at this hour." Said the doorman.

Then one of the thugs pulled a knife and put it parallel to the doorman's face and another put him in a stranglehold.

"Don't mess with us, man." Said Damnd. "I'm going to ask you one last time. Where is Jessica Haggar?"

The doorman is obviously shaken by all of this. He tried his best to tell them.

"Apartment 312." said The Doorman, who was scared to death.

"Thank you." Said Damnd, who then started to laugh. "By the way, I think you need to change your pants."

The thug with the knife then came back to him and threatened the doorman once more.

"If you tell anybody about this, we're going to do something far worse than what we just did. Understand?" said the knife-wielding criminal.

The doorman then nodded his head and started to sweat uncontrollably.

Damnd and the other three thugs were right in front of the apartment door, ready to bust in and kidnap her.

"Ready, one, two, three. NOW! "

He then kicked the door open which then drew Jessica's attention and got out of her bedroom and saw Damnd.

"What's going on here?" said Jessica, with a scared look on her face.

"You're coming with us, Jessica." Said Damnd.

"Where are you taking me?! Who are you?!" said Jessica.

"You know who we represent." Said Damnd.

One of the thugs who was wearing an all blue denim outfit then gets out a bottle of chloroform with a rag on him and puts it toward her face.

"Sweet dreams, Jessica." Said the thug, as Jessica passes out.

"Excellent work, Jake." Said Damnd. "Simons, El Gado, we have to get going, now."

Damnd then picks up Jessica and starts carrying her over his shoulder. They walk down the hall and get into the elevator.

"Going down." Said Jake, the thug in blue.

They were in the main lobby where they once again saw the doorman. El Gado, the knife-wielding thug, pointed the knife at him and shook his head, giving him the signal to not try anything funny. They then opened the van and put Jessica in there, Jake and Simons were in the back with her, while El Gado and Damnd were in the front. They then took off to Uptown Metro City.

They arrived at the Mad Gear stronghold, which was a really tall building. Damnd and the others went towards the main door where Abigail, a tall and muscular guy dressed in white and sported a Mohawk, and Andore, another tall guy with long hair, were guarding the main entrance.

"Hey, Abby." Said Damnd to Abigail. "Tell Mr. Belger that we have the girl and that we're here."

"Don't call me Abby, Damnd!" said the tall guy.

"Whatever, Abigail." Said Damnd. "It's not my fault that you have a girl's name."

Damnd and the others started to laugh as they walk away, while Abigail starts to get mad. The other tall guy then started to laugh.

"Hey, Mr. Belger." Said Abigail, who was talking through the intercom. "Damnd is here with the girl."

"Splendid." Said Belger through the speaker. "I want all of you to come upstairs to the top floor."

All of the thugs all went into the elevator and headed upstairs to the top floor where Belger was.

Belger just got out of his office and into the big room where all members of Mad Gear were standing while Damnd carries Jessica into Belger's presence.

"She's a pretty little thing, huh?" said Damnd, who then started to laugh.

"She's bait." Said Belger. "Bait to have our new mayor work with us. He will obey us. I know he will. The last mayor did. There's no way he won't work with us."

"We have to send our mayor a message." said a man dressed in a cop uniform.

"Do you think our mayor is even aware that we have the force under our control, Edi. E?" said Damnd to the man dressed in the cop uniform. "It's not like any other cops on the force do any work to help clean the streets since you're a top cop."

"I believe Mayor Haggar is well aware of our command we have the city under." Said Belger. "We just need him to play ball with us. We have Jessica anyway, so we can't lose. Besides, Metro City needs us. I have my multi-million dollar corporation to help fund for us. I am the most powerful man in all of Metro City. So why does he think that he can help make this city a better place? We control this city."

An hour later, Jessica finally wakes up and finds herself tied up, as well as stripped down to her bra and panties. She looks up and doesn't recognize what's around her or where she is. Next thing she sees are two female Mad Gear members standing in front of her. One was Poison, who was wearing short hot pants, stiletto heel shoes, a leather hat and a really short tank top and has purple hair. The other was Roxy, same in appearance, but her hair was red.

"You are a pretty thing, aren't you?" said Poison. "But what does a handsome guy like Cody see in someone like you?"

"Hey, back off, Poison. Cody's mine." Said Roxy.

Jessica, already more scared than before, can't think of anything else but to ask the people around her one thing.

"What do you people want from me?" said Jessica, still shaken.

Belger replied, "It's now what we want from you. It's what we want from your father."

"What do I have to do with this?" Jessica asked, still very scared.

Belger started to lean closer while lighting up a cigar to smoke. He wanted to be really frank with Jessica.

"Your father doesn't know we have you. However, we want to make a business proposal with him. I'm sure he is well aware of what we did when the last mayor was in office. He didn't do a damn thing to make this city better, now did he? We want to be sure that it stays that way."

"My dad won't let you guys do as you please." Said Jessica. "You don't know him like I do."

"Really, now?" said Belger, starting to sport an evil smile on his face. "We will see about that. Damnd, get her into the room. We need to send Mayor Haggar a message."

Damnd, Two. P, J, Dug, and Bred took Jessica into a room where they have something planned. They put her on a chair, one of the others got out a video camera with a tape already in there.

"Okay, dudes. Start filming." Said Damnd.

"Man, she has some nice tits." Said Bred, as he leaned over and whispered to Dug, who then started to snicker.

"Okay, it's taping." Said J, who had the camera facing Jessica, and started to focus on certain parts of her body.

Then Damnd got on camera and started to give a speech, made specifically for Mike Haggar.

"Hello, Mayor Mike Haggar. We have your daughter in our possession. Work with us now or she is dead. Do we make ourselves clear? This is just business. If you work with us, we will give her back to you."

Damnd then started to laugh maniacally, right at the point when J pushed "stop" on the video camera.

"Great. Now all we have to do is send this tape to our beloved mayor." Said Damnd.

The next day, at city hall, Mayor Mike Haggar had arrived in his office, ready to go over some papers and plans to make the city better once and for all. Suddenly, his assistant, Janet walks in.

"Mr. Haggar? I found this in your mailbox. It says it's for you." Said Janet.

"Really?" said Haggar. "I wonder what it is."

Haggar then opens it up and notices it's a video tape.

"I'll watch this later. I'm pretty busy right now." Said Haggar. "Let me know if there is more mail that needs to be delivered."

"I will, Mr. Haggar." Said Janet. Afterwards, she then exited the office.

Haggar was going over some paperwork, but suddenly, his phone rings. Haggar looks over at the phone and thinks to himself "What is it now?". Haggar then picks up the phone and says "Hello.".

The mysterious caller than starts to talk, "Hello, Mr. Haggar. So pleased to make your acquaintance. Don't hang up! We have a little business proposition for you: Your daughter for your cooperation. And we'll throw in the regular monthly bonus to your salary we offered before."

Haggar then starts to wonder what is going on.

"What? What the hell are you talking about?!" Haggar asked. "What happened to Jessica? Who the hell is this?!"

"Not so fast, Mike." Said the caller. "You see that video tape in front of you? Put it in your VCR and watch it."

Haggar then picks up the tape and slides it in the VCR and starts to watch it and notices Jessica tied up, in her underwear, and gets the message from Damnd on the screen. Haggar then starts to get furious.

"You son of a bitch!" yelled Haggar, in brooding rage. "What have you done to her?"

"Nothing yet." Said the caller. "But we will if you don't cooperate with us. Listen to reason, man. Why make your job more difficult than it already is? Just let us do our thing like the previous mayor did. Besides, our boss says not to mess with us."

"Are you talking about… Belger?" Haggar asked, with a murderous tone in his voice.

"Hey, you try calling us out?" said the caller. "Like I said, don't mess with us. We run this city. You're just a pawn. Work with us, and we'll give Jessica back to you in no time."

"Don't hurt her." Said Haggar, with so much hate in voice. "Or I will hurt you, and you don't want to be hurt by me."

"You threatening us?" said the caller, who then started to laugh.

Haggar then started to get even more rage in his system and hung up the phone.

On the other line, the caller turned out to be Damnd, who has Jessica with him.

"Relax girlie." Said Damnd. "I think you're dad will open his eyes."

Meanwhile, at Tom's Gym and Training Facility, Cody was working out and training with his new friend and workout partner Guy, who is an accomplished martial artist. The two are engaging in a sparring session. Cody was demonstrating some moves on Guy, one involving a kick in which he comes at him sliding and doing a sidekick at the same time. He hits Guy, who seems rather impressed.

"Nice one, Cody." Said Guy, in a thick Japanese accent. "But can you avoid this?"

Guy then spins around for a quick second and comes at Cody with mean elbow.

"That was a good one, Guy." Said Cody. "I think I'm done."

They then exit the ring and give each other respectful gestures. Meanwhile, Tom, the gym owner gets a call.

"Hello, Tom's Gym and Training Facility." Said Tom.

"Hello, Tom, this Mike Haggar." Said Haggar.

"Hello, Mr. Mayor."said Tom, with so much enthusiasm in his voice. "I know that we know each other already, but I feel funny how I am talking to the mayor of..."

"Is Cody there?" said Haggar, not wasting any time. "I need to talk to him as soon as possible."

"Yes, he's here, hold on." Said Tom. "Cody, it's for you. It's Mike Haggar. He wants to talk to you, pronto."

Cody then goes towards the front desk, with his towel trying to brush off his sweat.

"Hello, Mr. Haggar." Said Cody. "I'm the middle of working out."

"Cody." Said Haggar. "Jessica has been kidnapped!"

"What?!" exclaimed Cody. "Who did this? When did this happen?!"

"It was the Mad Gears." Said Haggar. "I need you to help me take them down. Are you with me?"

"You bet your ass I am!" said Cody. "They'll pay for what they did!"

Guy then approaches Cody, who just got off the phone.

"Cody, is there something wrong?" Guy asked.

"Something wrong?" said Cody. "Yeah, there is something wrong. Jessica has been kidnapped."

"Jessica?" Guy asked. "Who is Jessica?"

"She is my sweetheart, ever since we were kids." Said Cody. "The Mad Gears must pay for this!"

"This cannot go unpunished!" said Guy, who feels determined to help out. "I will help you out on this mess."

"Thank you." Said Cody. "But I think me and Mr. Haggar have this taken care of."

"Nonsense, Cody." Said Guy. "No evil shall go unpunished. I will help the both of you."

Cody then had a look of determination in his eye and said "Okay! Let's do it!".