Author's Note: I know it's been months, but this is the final chapter to this fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Cody, Guy, and Haggar got out of the subway into Uptown Metro City. All three walked with a lot of determination to end this whole thing. They had gone through a whole day of trying to take down the Mad Gear Gang but now it's time for the big one. They are going to take down the big boss himself, Horace Belger.

They walked down the streets and in front was a really tall building and they noticed a few Mad Gear thugs standing right by the door. One of the thugs looked up and then tapped the other to turn his attention to the trio.

Belger was sitting at his desk and looked at the TV monitors and saw the three outside. He then looks over at Jessica, who was tied up. "Looks we have some special guests for our party."

Meanwhile, the thugs approach the trio. "Is Mr. Belger expecting you?"

"Out of my way, asshole," said Cody, with a scowl in his eye. "Tell your boss that we're here to get Jessica back and that nobody will stand in our way."

"You want to fight?" said the thug, who looked ready to fight. He tried to punch Cody but his arm was grabbed and twisted by Cody, who then punched him in the gut and kneed him in the face.

Haggar picked up the other thug and delivered a major powerslam to the pavement. The thug was slammed so hard to the ground that he could not get up, though he was still conscious.

The trio walks in through the door, where more thugs happened to have been hanging out. The thugs surround the trio, but without hesitation, Haggar delivers a spinning clothesline. Cody then gives one thug a sliding kick which knocks him off his feet. Guy runs towards a thug and does a spinning elbow attack, and then a spinning kick in the process.

All of the Mad Gear thugs were out of commission and then the trio approach an elevator.

"Going up," Cody says while pushing the elevator button. All three men were very determined to end this once and for all. "Seems like we have a lot more assholes to deal with."

"Just stay calm, we will get to Belger soon," said Haggar, while taking a deep breath.

Guy didn't say anything. He was too determined for this to end that he didn't need to speak. His body language spoke for him.

The trio exit the elevator into a patio area that is at the very top floor of the building. It overlooks the entire Metro City skyline and nearby, there was Metro City Park, which has a couple of swimming pools and other activities. The patio also palm trees on the ledges.

The trio walked towards the door which was only a few yards away, only to be met with more Mad Gear thugs who were patrolling the area.

"Shit, how many more of these guys do we have to deal with?" Cody said. "It doesn't matter, let's kick some ass."

Cody attacks one thug with a haymaker punch to the face, which was enough to knock him out. Haggar jumped up and delivered a crossbody block to a couple of thugs. Haggar's immense power and strength was more than enough to incapacitate the criminals. Guy flipped right over one thug and grabbed him and then slammed him on his neck to the ground.

They realized that was all of the thugs that were there, so they then headed for the door. Once they got in, they saw that it was a long hallway which had framed pictures and shogun armor on display.

In a matter of seconds, Poison and Roxy, along with El Gado and Holly Wood approached the trio and began their attack, though Poison and Roxy have other plans.

"Cody, this is your last chance to be with a real woman," said Poison, very seductively.

"Yeah, you don't need that Jessica girl," said Roxy, putting her hand against his face.

"Come on, Cody," said Poison, trying to feel Cody's muscles. "What does a man like you see in a woman like her?"

"We can satisfy you more than she could," said Roxy, as her face was trying to get close.

Haggar and Guy couldn't believe what they were seeing. Haggar gives Cody a look that says "Don't fall for it."

"Back off, bitches!" Cody said, pushing the two off. "Jessica is my woman and I am not going to mess around with tramps like you!"

Poison and Roxy lie and the floor but look at Cody with disgust. "This isn't over, Cody!" Poison yelled.

El Gado came at Guy with a knife attack like earlier but Guy was quick to evade each stabbing attempt. Haggar went to work on Holly Wood. He tried to stab Haggar's bare chest but Haggar quickly grabbed his arm with the knife in it, snapped it which caused Holly Wood to scream in pain, but rather than leave him there in pain, Haggar quickly turned him around while still holding his arm. He put him in a double armed Chicken Wing and then delivered a Tiger suplex to him. It was enough to incapacitate him.

Guy was still fighting El Gado, but this time, El Gado was starting to get the upper hand. El Gado's stabbing attempts almost connected. He cut a little bit of Guy's arm, which enraged him in the process. Guy kicked the knife out his hand. Guy gave him a gesture that said "Come on! Fight me like a man!"

"You know what?" El Gado said, now realizing something. "I don't need a stupid knife to kill you. I will still kick your ass without a knife."

El Gado started giving Guy all that he could, several techniques that he had learned from Rolento. Guy is trying to avoid but is met with a hip throw. While on the ground, Guy delivers a sweep kick which knocks El Gado off his feet. El Gado falls on his head which knocks him unconscious.

As the three were walking down the hallway, Two. P and J come out of nowhere, but Haggar picked them up and smashed each other's heads together.

They pass by a window overlooking Uptown Metro City and they got closer to a door. Belger looks through a camera and sees the trio through a TV monitor in his office.

"Well, it seems like the party is just about to start," said Belger, while lacking at Jessica, who is still really scared. "I am afraid that you have to see your father and your boyfriend die a very unpleasant death.

The trio then walk through the door and are very impressed with the layout. The room was very big, with statues and everything. They got closer to an area where there are stained glass windows and rug on the floor. Suddenly, a chandelier drops.

"Cody, Dad, look out!" screamed Jessica, who was sitting on Belger's lap as Belger shot an arrow at the chandelier for it to drop on the trio. The three quickly jumped out of the way as the chandelier fell to the floor.

While the three were lying on the floor, they looked up and see Belger holding a crossbow on one hand and holding Jessica on his lap with his arm wrapped around her, while sitting in an electric wheelchair.

"Well, well," said Belger, with an evil smile on his face. "If it isn't our mayor, Mike Haggar. How nice is it for you to join us."

"Can it, Belger!" Haggar yelled and got up from the floor as did Cody and Guy. "I am not giving this city to you. We will NOT work together!"

"Oh, Mayor Haggar," said Belger, brushing off what Haggar just said. "Why do you think so many people join Mad Gear? They are disgusted that this city what this city has become. I am here because the people of Metro City need me."

"Bullshit!" Haggar yelled. "This place is a shithole because of you. I know that you have a lot of fronts around here. Fight clubs, drug dens, whorehouses, even gambling rings. You have a piece of everything. I know I will put this city back in order."

"We can work together on this, Mike," Belger said, and then looks at Cody and Guy. "By the way, why don't you two join me? I have seen the way you two fight, it would be a waste to kill you. Both of you are strong and have great fighting ability."

"Not a chance," Guy said. "We will destroy your gang."

"Let Jessica now!" Cody said.

"You three want to die, don't you?" Belger said, who then picks up his crossbow and starts to aim at them. He tries to choose who he wants to kill first.

Jessica then uses this time as an opportunity to break free. She elbows Belger right in the gut really hard, which then causes Belger to drop his crossbow. She quickly jumps from Belger's lap which then causes Cody and Guy to run and both deliver dropkicks to him and then Belger falls back and out of his wheelchair. Cody and Guy then approach Haggar, who is comforting Jessica.

Guy then notices something out of the corner of his eye, "Cody, Mr. Haggar?"

All four turn their attentions to Belger, who is seen standing up and then picked up his crossbow in the process.

"Now, now, the party isn't over." Said Belger, who then loads an arrow into the crossbow.

"You can walk?" Cody said, surprised over the whole thing.

"Yes, I can," said Belger, who then chuckles evilly.

"But you were in a wheelchair," said Haggar, still surprised.

"I just don't LIKE TO walk," said Belger, as he stood right by a window and started to aim his crossbow. "Prepare to die."

Cody then quickly reacts and delivers his sliding sidekick to Belger and once again, he drops his crossbow and then hits the window, giving it a little crack.

Cody then starts laying waste to him. Giving every attack he knows to Belger and delivers a brutal haymaker, which then causes Belger to break the window some more. Belger isn't knocked out, but is still a little out of it. Cody then gives him another dropkick which causes Belger to fall back and finally shatter the window and fall. Cody lands on his feet right by the window and Guy looks on as well as Belger falls to his death. Cody and Guy couldn't believe it.

Cody and Guy then turn around and see that Haggar is comforting Jessica some more, hugging her in the process.

"Dad, thank you so much!" said Jessica, as she was crying. "I was so scared. You really have no idea how scared I was!"

"Jessica," said Haggar, while still holding her. "All I can say is that I am glad that you are safe. If I had lost you like I had lost your mom, I could not go on living. I am very thankful that you're still here."

"I love you so much, Dad!" Jessica cried and is really relieved that everything is over.

"I guess we should be heading out," Cody said, as him and Guy were standing right next to the broken window.

"Okay, but are you sure?" Guy asked, kind of confused.

"It's the best for Jessica and me." Cody said as he walked away and Guy gave him a very confused look on his face as Cody walked off.

As Cody is walking, Guy then starts following him. Jessica looks up and wonders why Cody is walking.

"Excuse me, Dad," said Jessica, wiping off the tears from her face. "I need to go talk to Cody."

"Okay, sweetheart," said Haggar. "Go ahead, I'll wait."

Guy was still following Cody, into the hallway and into the patio area. From a distance, Jessica yells "CODY!"

Guy then jumps over Cody and right in front of him and delivers a few punches and kicks to him which knocks Cody down in the process and then quickly jumps out of Cody's range. Jessica then approaches Cody as he gets up.

"Why were you leaving?" said Jessica, as she puts her hand on Cody's chest.

"I am a man who can't live a normal life," said Cody, as he holds her hand. "If you can accept that, then come with me. We'll live like no one else can, Jessica!"

"Oh, Cody! I love you so much!" said Jessica, and then they kiss.


Author's commentary: I know that I had put off finishing this, but I am glad that I finally did it and I seriously didn't think it would take me this long to finish it, thanks to computer problems in the past, as well as writer's block. I will say this, I might consider doing novelizations of Final Fight 2 and/or Final Fight 3, but I won't take as long to finish them like I did this one. I hope you all enjoyed this.