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It had been precisely 9 months 3 weeks and 4 days since Edward had changed me and I was glad at that moment when I had been counting the days in my head that I had skipped the crazed newborn part of my new life and continued as a matured vampire. The main reasons for this of course were that I could love Edward like I thought I never would until I was at least over a year old and also of course I could be in the same room as my dad Charlie without fighting the urge to kill him.

I sat there silently in mine and Edwards chair at my not so new families house with my beautiful daughter sleeping soundly in my lap. This was the first night we had spent away from our little cottage in a while and suddenly at that moment a feeling of gladness swept through me that we were here. Although I was glad to spend some time alone with Edward I missed the rest of the family when we were away, especially Alice even though she annoyed me to the point I wanted to kill her sometimes.

While I gazed quietly at my daughter I thought back to the day that she could have been gone from my life for good or more accurately me from hers. As soon as I had that thought I wiped it away again, I didn't like to think about the Volturi and what had happened that day in the clearing. I knew that if I ever slept that would be the day which filled my nightmares.

While I sat there thinking I felt Edward sneak up behind me. I couldn't help but snigger to myself quietly. Why did he do this? Did he forget that I could hear as well as he could now? When he put his hands on my shoulders I pretended to be scared just so I could see that crooked smile of his that I loved so much. When I turned my gaze to him he frowned at me obviously knowing that he hadn't been victorious in scaring me. I couldn't hold in my laugh as it suddenly came out of nowhere.

"What's the joke?" Edwards voice replied to my outburst of laughter

"You." I replied

He leaned down to kiss me gently on the forehead and whispered in my ear

"You know its not nice to laugh at other peoples expenses."

I laughed again and the famous crooked smile I had been waiting for appeared on his face.

"Enjoy your hunt?" I asked him as I gazed into his liquid gold eyes.

"Not as much as Emmett." He replied "I told you he was messier than you."

As if on cue Emmett walked gracefully into the room in complete contrast with his clothes which were ripped and stained with blood from his earlier hunt.

"Deer?" I asked him jokingly

"How did you guess?" Emmett replied smirking

He glided from the room not even waiting for my answer, probably to change I figured. Edward laughed as he watched his brother and then brought his gaze back to me. I leaned my head up to kiss him softly on the lips which he returned just as carefully.

Renesmee started to stir in her sleep and I knew she would be waking soon. As if receiving a hidden signal Edward kissed me gently before turning to leave the room to prepare our daughters breakfast. Waffles I hoped, that was her favorite human food.

"I love you." I told him smiling

"As I love you." he replied and then turned into the kitchen doorway.

Renesmee continued to stir on my lap until she opened her eyes tiredly. She reached her hand up to touch my face and told me about her dream. I smiled at her as I watched what she had dreamt of last night and my smiled widened as mine and Edwards faces came into view. When she finished I leaned down slowly and gave her a quick kiss upon her forehead.

"Where's daddy" She asked me.

Renesmee didn't speak much she preferred to let people see what she was thinking rather than saying it so I smiled when she spoke to me.

"Daddy's in the kitchen making your breakfast sweetheart" I told her.

She jumped off my lap and skipped away into the kitchen to greet Edward. I smiled after her knowing that Edward was probably going to have to watch all of her dream as I did. The two of them entered the room a couple of minutes later, Renesmee holding in her hands a plate stacked high with waffles and I knew she would be occupied for at least 5 minutes. I smiled at Edward and we both sat side by side watching our daughter quietly. When she had finished she picked up her plate and stalked off into the kitchen to wash it, something Edward and I had encouraged her to do to save Esme from cleaning up. Something that she wasn't to keen on. Edward laughed at our daughters response to her chore. She returned to the room a couple of minutes later and pushed herself in between us. She was barely sitting when she was up again, leaping around the room.

"Jake!" she cried "Jake's here!"

She was right, as I listened I could here the sound of heavy paws making their way out of the forest. I hoped he would phase before coming into the house I needed to speak to him about today. Jacob was taking Renesmee out for the day to visit Charlie much to her excitement, but that excitement was probably due to the fact that every time she went to visit her Grandpa Charlie she got to stuff her face with cookies all day. Jacob entered the house a couple of minutes later in his human form. He ran to where Renesmee stood and she leaped up into his arms.

"Hey Nessie. How you doing?"

She stuck her tongue out at him not answering his question.

"Can we go now Jake!" she cried impatiently although he had only been in the house a couple of seconds "I want to see Grandpa Charlie."

I laughed at the picture in front of me. Renesmee was now tugging Jacob by the arm towards the front door. I turned to him before he was completely pulled out of the house.

"Don't be late back with her Jake, and please will you look after her?" I frowned

Edward chuckled at that last bit, he knew how overly possessive I had become of our daughter.

"I will Bells" Jacob replied grinning "And I promise we wont be late back."

I smiled at him and holding my breath walked over to give him a hug and gave my daughter a kiss before she left.

"I love you" she told me

"I love you too sweetheart, be good"

She waved at Edward and then vanished out of the front door. I slouched back to where he was sitting and he sat me on his knee.

"Don't worry about her love" Edward told me. "She's in safe hands, or should I say paws" He chuckled

"I know" I replied although not entirely convinced

He held me tightly in his arms and we sat together awaiting the return of our daughter.


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