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I didn't know what my next move should be. How could I kill another creature, even a sadistic one like Jane? For all I could know she hadn't asked for this life, it had been brought upon her just like it had with Rosalie.

But what if she killed me? What if she killed Jake? I knew I could never live with myself if any harm was to come to him and so I knew I had to follow my head and not my heart.

I also knew that Alec would fight back but if I took Jane then Jacob would take Alec although it was certain I would have to keep a close eye on the pair. Jacob was strong, I knew that but I dreaded to think of the outcome of those gleaming white teeth sinking into his skin. I couldn't lose anybody else, Jacob especially.

And so once again I made into my crouch ready to make my attack on the now alert vampires who stood before me, Jacob by my side his eyes filled with determination. This was his job, what he was created for.

I glanced back forward my own liquid gold eyes meeting with Jane's crimson red ones as she stared down at me her face lingering with slight confusion as I deepened my crouch but soon enough her stance mirrored my own.

It was only then when I smelt them nearby, the scent of other vampires. The Cullen's. Edward, and I was glad at that moment that I would no longer be alone. I knew that he would tell me the right move for me to make, the right path to choose.

The smoke by this time was unbearably thick and I stared around the clearing frantically searching for Edward and the rest of my family. I knew it was a pretty stupid and senseless move for me to make as with my back turned Jane's attack could come at any minute but I knew at this moment her and Alec were both as surprised as I was.

The seconds ticked by and my glance moved back towards Jane as I lost all hope that they were coming. Maybe it was a lingering scent from the countless times the Cullen's had passed through this area made stronger by the burning stench from the fire just inches behind where Jane and Alec now stood. Yeah that had to be what it was. They weren't coming for me. Why would they?

I suddenly became alert again as a hiss came from Jane's lips and I followed her gaze behind me where Edward was emerging from the smoky tree's the rest of my family following one by one behind him.

I looked up at him in shock as he raced towards me taking my had in his own . I knew the shock was visible on my face and so I looked away again, my eyes meeting the livid glare of Jane as she became aware of the situation, and then as if reading my thoughts I felt Edward's crouch slowly begin to form and so I copied finally realizing that this was what needed to be done.

But I couldn't help the guilt and sadness that spread through me as the realization of this surprise attack spread across Jane and Alec's faces. Could I be a monster? A killer?

I could smell the others nearby and I knew that if I waited until they got here things would end up much worse off than if I made my move now but Edward seemed to sense my hesitation as we cornered the two cloaked vampires who stood before us.

"You don't have to do this." he told me softly "you don't have to be a killer Bella."

And as soon as the words passed through his lips I knew what my next move would be. I stepped away from Edwards steady form beckoning him and the other's to stay where they where as I slowly moved forward towards Jane and Alec who looked on at the situation from the corner they had been forced into at our previous descend.

"Jane." I whispered softly reaching my hand out for her to take "you don't have to live your life this way."

Alec let out a hiss from where he stood beside Jane and reached out to take her hand trying to pull her away from my own hand which was now hovering just inches before her. She looked down at it briefly before her eyes met back with mine an emotion lingering in them which I could not make out.

"Neither of you do." I continued extending my hand out a little further than it already was. "You don't have to be a monster."

As I stared intently into her deep crimson eyes trying to work out the emotion behind them I was aware of a small twitch in Jane's arm like she was trying to make the decision whether or not what I was saying could be true. That she didn't have to be bad and I leaned my hand out even further until it was within touching distance with hers but the sudden movement startled her and she snatched her arm away and fell down into an instant crouch.

I suddenly felt overcome with a sudden sadness even though deep down I knew that this would be the final outcome so like Jane I knelt down into a crouch and prepared myself for her lunge. Her force knocked me backwards slightly but I knew I was stronger than her and so I done what I had to do. I moved my hands up towards her neck and with one quick movement the deafening snap of her head being removed from her now fragile body echoed throughout the clearing.

As I walked over towards the wild, burning fire I was only slightly aware of the restrain Emmett and Jasper had upon Alec from behind me but I tried not to focus as I threw the piece in the fire and knelt down beside it.

"I'm sorry." I whispered as the emotions began to overcome me once again "I'm so sorry."

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder as sat still by the fire and looked up into Edwards eyes as he pulled me into his grip.

"It's okay." he whispered softly in my ear "everything's okay now."

"But the rest of them? Edward I could smell them, they were close!" I exclaimed the panic rising inside of me at the thought of yet another confrontation.

"they turned back." he replied "They're gone Bella."

I felt my mouth fall open in shock as I let the information sink in. I couldn't believe that they would leave two of their own to save themselves.

"W-Why?" I mumbled knowing that Edward would surely be able to give me an answer but was disappointed when the words escaped his lips.

"I don't know love but its okay now, you don't have to worry about them anymore."

I Lifted my gaze away from his and around the clearing to each individual member of my family wondering what the thought of me right now, if they thought I was a monster but none of them met my gaze.

"Alec!" I suddenly blurted out as my eyes adjusted to the surroundings where I noticed he a long with Emmett and Jasper was no longer part of.

"he got away." Edward replied "Emmett and Jasper, they've gone after him."

"No!" I shouted "let him go, just let him go." I sobbed.

"Shh Bella love its okay, its all okay now."

And I knew at that moment that everything would be okay because I had Edward Cullen.


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