Prologue: Princess

A young girl rode through the Narnian woods on her horse named Cathmor. She stopped him in front a wooden door in what looked a boulder. She leaped from her horse and knocked on the door. A faun answered the door and bowed at the sight of her. "Princess, I was not expecting you."

"Mr. Tumnus, please!" the girl smiled. "Please do not call me princess. I am not rightfully a princess. I am only princess because that wretched mother of mine claimed the crown when Aslan disappeared. But I have come on with important information. My vision is coming closer and closer, Tumnus. You must be ready!"

The faun blinked at her. "Coming closer? How much closer?"

"Unfortunately, Mr. Tumnus, it is very soon. I'm sorry didn't come earlier! I won't let anything bad happen to anyone. This can change everything we have known. Are you ready to do your part?"

The faun nodded. "Anything to free Narnia once more, my lady."

The young girl laughed again. "Please, Mr. Tumnus. Enough with the formalities. I am only fourteen years of age. Call me by my name."

"I don't mean to be rude, but I have actually forgotten your name. It has been long since I have called you it."

"Cairistiona. That's my name, but I prefer to be called Cairi." she laughed.

Mr. Tumnus smiled at her. "Will do, Miss Cairi."

"Um, just Cairi. No Miss Cairi. It sounds way too formal."

"Cairistiona! Where have you been?" yelled her mother as she walked into the castle.

Cairi stared icily at her mother. "I was doing as you instructed, Mother. I was patrolling the woods to make sure that no Sons of Adam or Daughters of eve have appeared. You told me that everyday I am to patrol the woods of Narnia. Why is it, may I ask, that you are looking for humans?"

"Insolent girl!" cried the witch. "Don't you know anything? Anything of the prophecy?"

Cairi let a look of mock comprehension slide across her face. "The prophecy. So that's what this is all about. You want to make sure that they never come, or if they do, you'll have them killed."

"Ah." said Jadis. "So we are finally learning, are we?"

"Yes. And I think it is an excellent plan, Mother." Cairi lied smoothly. After twelve years of comprehending her mother, she had learned hot to keep her lies seamless.

"What say your visions, daughter?"

She would tell the truth this time. She had a plan to make sure that the four people would be safe. "They will be here before the week is out. That is all I can tell. No names, just faces. I will be able to recognize all of them as soon as I see them."

Jadis frowned. "Then, when you do find them, bring them to me."

Cairi bowed her head respectfully to her mother. "Of course mother."

Meanwhile, in the English countryside, a little girl lay in her bed while her brother and sister sat on the bed next to her.

"The sheets feel scratchy." she told her siblings.

"Wars don't last forever, Lucy. We'll be home soon!" her sister told her.

The other brother walked in the room. "Yeah, if home's still there."

The older girl sighed. "Isn't it time you were in bed?"

"Yes, mum." scoffed the younger boy.

"Ed!" snapped the older boy. He turned back to Lucy. "You saw outside. This place is huge! We can do whatever we want here. Tomorrow's going to be great!"

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