It was like any other day in Neverland for any other fairy. The sun was glowing bright in the blue sky above, the sea crashed playfully upon the sandy beaches. However for one particularly small fairy the day was not so ordinary.

Tinkerbell was going about her day off as she would have any other, searching for lost things. Nothing could quell the excitement she felt with each new discovery she made. She had spent most of her morning searching the forest making her way toward the beaches by mermaid lagoon.

"My goodness!" Tinkerbell exclaimed "there certainly are a lot of lost things on the beach today." Thrilled with her vast discovery she flitted from one thing to the next, not able to make up her mind on what to take and what to leave for the time being. So many shiny and strange objects were scatted about for her to discover!

Not looking where she was going while flying backwards, she crashed with a thud into something rather hard. What was more shocking than her collision was the sound the thing she ran into made.

"Ow!" it cried out in a boyish voice. Looking up from where she landed in the sand Tinkerbell saw a human boy staring down at her. She was very surprised to see him, no humans ever came to Neverland!

"Hello there" He said quickly forgetting the pain in his head where she had crashed into him, "who are you?"

She flew around the boy twice, looking at him, before landing gracefully on his knee. He was a young boy, from what she could tell, no older than twelve. A great mass of orange hair covered the top of the boys head, his large golden brown eyes looking down at her.

"I'm Tinkerbell, who are you? How did you get to Neverland?" She was so excited never before had she been able to talk to a human. Could they even understand her?

"Tinkerbell huh? That's a funny name, I'm Peter, Peter Pan! So this is Neverland you called it?" Carelessly Peter stood up, leaving Tinkerbell to have to leap of his knee to avoid falling down again. "Well when I said I never wanted to grow up, I didn't think it would land me here. So what's fun around here?" He said looking eagerly to his new friend.

Tinkerbell had taken the boy around most of the island when she realized the sun had set low on the horizon. She had been enjoying her time with Peter so much that she had nearly forgotten her responsibilities back in Pixie Hollow. 'Oh dear' she thought, 'how will I ever explain to them about Peter?' She knew they would make him go back to the other world, and then she would never see her new friend again.

It was a rash decision she knew, but she saw no other way. It seemed to her that Peter belonged in Neverland, just as the other fairy's and herself did. She led him to an old hallowed out tree, she knew some of the Indians had made a large cave down below. It would be a perfect place for her friend to live.

"Wow Tink! This place is amazing! And look a little nook for you to sleep in also!" He said looking over to his little friend. "hey everything okay Tink?" he could see something was bothering the little pixie, but being a boy he felt he could shrug it off and everything would be fine.

"yes everything is fine" She said softly to herself. She had learned earlier that day that Peter only heard her as the ringing of a bell. How he was able to understand her, well that was one of the things that drew her to the young lad. He understood her better than any fairy ever had, even her friends. "Peter…" she stopped her self when she saw him fast asleep on an old dusty bed. Flying over she pulled a blanket over his form.

Just as she was about to fly into the little nook Peter had discovered, she was sure she heard him mumble something that sounded quite a good deal like, 'you can fly, all it takes is faith, trust…and pixie dust…' Smiling to herself she left him to his dreams and sought some of her own.