A/N: Welcome to, Little Sister, which is the story of Jasper's relationship with Bella. It takes place during "Breaking Dawn," so there are spoilers throughout, but I'm assuming we've all read Breaking Dawn, or we wouldn't be having Twilight Withdraw and reading and writing to make the shaking stop... :D Here is the Outline for this story (all from Jaspers POV):

Book 1- Bella's Transformation

Book 2- Jasper and Bella Bonding (takes place after Renesemee's Born, before the Volturi)

Book 3- Alice and Jasper's Flight to Save Renesemee (Their journey to South America when they "disappeared" before the fight)

As with most first chapters, this one is mostly a "set up" chapter. More action and dialogue will follow. Another obvious statement: I don't own Twilight (but like everyone else, I wish I did!) Without further delay, here is CHAPTER ONE of "Little Sister."

Little Sister, Book 1/Chapter 1

Love rarely makes sense, at least to those observing it. My ability to read emotions confirmed that fact to me time after time. Parents often did not understand why their child chose a particular person to love—more often than not, the parents thought their child could do "much better." Humans also tended to judge their friends' prospective loves against their own standards, many times not understanding what it was about that particular suitor that made their friend so happy.

That was the key—each person has a unique sense of love, and others will never totally understand it. However, if a person is unselfish enough, they will see the happiness and completeness in the other couple, and that happiness will be enough to justify that union.

This is the case with Bella and Edward. I personally had never been able to comprehend—no, fathom, Edward's love for Bella. In the beginning, I was appalled by his attraction to her. Nothing against her personally—I had no issue with her. In fact, I had no opinion of her at all. She was just one of many faceless humans that we interacted with. His fascination with her seemed not only obviously quite dangerous, but unnatural as well. There was just something that felt wrong to me about it, although I was never able to fully figure out why. Edward did not take kindly to this particular train of thought.

Eventually, I came to realize that she would forever be a part of our family, so I learned to tolerate and even appreciate her. As a vampire, our temperaments and personalities rarely change. This was a slow process for me, but even that was not the final stage. The final stage was permanent. Finally, I ended up loving this unique and fragile human girl.

What changed, and what made me fall in love with Bella myself (in such a sweet, pure, brotherly way) was the way she completed our family—she completed Edward, she completed Alice, and in essence, she completed me. See, although I had found happiness with Alice, and a new sense of belonging with the Cullens, our family was never complete. That is, until Bella stumbled into our lives.

Bella changed Edward so completely that he became a different person. An apathetic, cynical, introvert became a gentle, hopeful, tentative being. This thrilled Esme beyond belief. Alice became a bundle of happiness (I appreciated this greatly—I am more sensitive to her emotions than anyone, and I always welcome her happiness, for more than one reason). The emotional climate of our home took a giant leap towards the positive side, even factoring in Rosalie's negativity on the subject.

I began to see how Bella really was good for this family. I warmed to her presence. However, it wasn't until after that fateful birthday party and the months after, when she rescued my brother and restored my family that I began to change my focus from her presence to simply her. I started realizing that she was not just a dispensable human that entertained my wife and my brother, but a unique woman who had many facets—she loved passionately, was fiercely loyal, always honorable, and totally truthful. She was relatively intelligent for a human and thought deeper than I gave her credit for. She was more complex than I ever imagined.

Sadly, even though I began to love this sweet little sister of mine, I never felt at liberty to really show her. Although her birthday party was a fading memory to the rest of the family, it was a day that I would never forget. It was another bold thread that would change my makeup forever. I could not forget it anymore than I could forget the day I met the Cullens or the day I decided to abstain from human blood.

Therefore, I had to show Bella love in more obscure ways. One of the few gifts I could safely give her were feelings of love, acceptance, and confidence, all feelings that I knew she desperately needed. I also made it a point to tone Rosalie's emotions down on the rare occasions that they started to take an annoyed turn. Even though Rosalie had stopped being as hostile to Bella after the Volterra incident, her natural tendency to be self-absorbed and self-righteous could not be changed. The rest of us did not take it personally, but I knew Bella was still insecure around Rosalie.

Then there was the day when we realized that an entire army of newborns had been created with the sole purpose of exterminating my little sister. Bella foolishly felt relief at this, and that was undoubtedly the most out-of-place and inappropriate feeling I felt from our family. The others' feelings of anger, outrage, and fierce protectiveness more suitably mirrored my own. The relief only came as we partnered with the wolves and knew that we would be successful in protecting our newest member. I threw myself into training the family and the wolves, another act of service to replace my nonexistent hugs.

I did what I could, but it never felt enough. This is why I could not wait for her to be changed.

I could not wait to give her a hug like Alice did. I wanted to comfort her when she made the inevitable "newborn slips." I wanted to play baseball with her and cheer her on when she could finally walk across a flat, stable surface and not stumble. I wanted to finally be myself around her like I was with the rest of the family. I would not be able to truly be her brother until she was changed.

I knew the transformation would be soon, in the next few days. Carlisle, Edward, and I had been talking about it, discussing all options, looking at it from as many angles as possible. Emmett and I had been pouring over books, articles, and Internet pages literally around the clock, looking for any information or clues to help with the delivery and transformation of Bella. Thoroughness was a life or death matter in this situation. The baby would be here one way or another within the week, and there was virtually no chance of Bella surviving the delivery. This would probably be the most prepared for, well thought out transformation in our history. I just prayed it would be enough.